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Spend Your Blood!

category hungary / romania | economy | opinion / analysis author Friday July 21, 2006 18:33author by Barricade Collective - Barikád Kollektíva Report this post to the editors

Today fourth of the wageworkers (1 million persons) in Hungary are working as black labourer. They are totally exploited and exposed who won't get any bourgeois rights, when they accomplish the retirement age (in fact they usually die before this). They are pensionless and don't have any health insurance - afterwards devils of the body, the laughing capitalist bacilli of the diseases will carouse on them. Spend your blood in order that capitalist factory can operate on!

Barricade Pamphlets, July 2006

Spend Your Blood!

Spend your blood! - says the Red Cross's morning advertisement to the early risers. The bourgeoisie usually takes his appeals seriously since - beyond the humanist gesture - they promised that they are going to bleed us in fact and are going to draw blood from us more acutely. Latter-day vampires are not frightened even by daylight.

The elections in 2006 were won by the social democrat-liberal bloc, so the MSZP (Hungarian Socialist Party) cleans up the subvention of 969,2 million forints go with this, just as the liberals (Alliance of Free Democrats) do with the 282,0 million forints and the herd of grasshoppers makes a move to guttle our future. The government, referring to the deficit of the state estimate plans huge increase in prices as from autumn. It came in handly for the right-wing opposition that social democrat-liberal bloc won the elections with the reticence of the real item of state estimate and of state debt - so the right-wing is gaining in popularity now, accordingly this conservative rout stands a chance at the local government elections. On May Day the trade unions also came out of their shells: they called those few hundred cretenized workers who can't live without trade unions to demonstrate against breaking of the law by the so-called "employers" and for "equitable wages". The Bolshie clowns of the Attac demonstrated together with the trade unions and were emulating each other at their "carnival". Behind this emulation lies the increase of membership, collection of party due go with this and putting forth of corporate system.

Today fourth of the wageworkers (1 million persons) in Hungary are working as black labourer. They are totally exploited and exposed who won't get any bourgeois rights, when they accomplish the retirement age (in fact they usually die before this). They are pensionless and don't have any health insurance - afterwards devils of the body, the laughing capitalist bacilli of the diseases will carouse on them. Spend your blood in order that capitalist factory can operate on! According to the official statistics during the first quarter of 2006 workplaces in 4600 cases trespassed the rights in relation to work hours and made us stay there. These numbers are childlike because in fact there are a lot of unascertainable overtime which are usually not payed. The trade unions demand lawfulness at the workplaces. Contrary to this we would like to enjoy the dialectics of the self-organizing process of the proletariat: we want to see blazing parliaments and prisons, banks burnt-out, capitalism burnt down!

In general the bourgeoisie in Hungary have lost against the countries of ex-Bolshevik zone in the competition for regional investments. As this zone wants to be conform to the Europian Union the ruling class needs a lot of advances and investments. Motorways were built and now are being built too in order that the inflow of capital can accelerate. However, speculations with Forint and advantage made by wage cuts are not adequate to finance the deficit of the budget and of state estimate, while the wolves of capital in other countries are demanding their share from the bourgeoisie in Hungary. Meanwhile the position of the Forint is getting worse compared to Euro, so the situation of the economy is worsening. The debt of the bourgeoisie in Hungary in foreign currency is huge, which is also running up the state debt, so the importation is expensive and the profitableness of exportation is decreasing. The Hungarian economy strongly depends on importation hence the expensiveness of it affects the budget disadvantageously and in the present case they can't compensate this by advantage from exportation. So they are devolving this disadvantage to us.

The government, referring to economics plans huge increase in prices in all the spheres of everyday life as from autumn. The capitalists continue their competition while the pauperization of working class extends. They have to increase their return hence they steepen the tax (general purchase tax and the tax of the revenue products) from 15% to 20%, so the price of the following things is going to increase: public transport, petrol, tobacco, alcohol, gas, elekctricity, foodstuff, and etc. The lowest degree of increase in price will be 10% and the highest 30%. The government has to step the productivity up and decrease unemployment (while the unemployment rate is getting higher, so they weigh on the active workers), black labour in order to get more money. But for the latter they have to keep minimum wage down. Spend your blood! Medicine prices are on the rise, longer work hours, fees at higher education, quicker judicial process, pulling by taxation authorities (now they have 500 new assessors of taxes to do this more effectively) in order that bourgeoisie can win the day as soon as possible and you pay! Spend your blood in order that our vampires can enjoy their alienated philander at their banks meanwhile we can "enjoy" the reality of earthquakes, floods, heat-apoplexies which are made by capitalism.

Lately there was a survey on the television in connection with the so-called "economical reforms" (in fact increased exploitation of the working class). 84% (sic!) of 6038 respondents said that these measures are necessary. In case the respondents were bourgeois it's not amazing, but it may be that the workers are falling for the trick of Canaan, which takes tolls before future salvation. So now they "die of starvation" in order that the new godship of capital, who is named Moloch, may improve their living standard. On the contrary factories were closed from Henkel to Mizo dairy at Pécs, lay-offs are continuous: for example lay-off of 12500 wageworkers is planned from public servants, and of more than 10000 from education. Due to the mentioned measures the bourgeoisie hopes plus income of 350 milliard forints this year and of 1000 milliard next year.

From the years of "change of power" we have been witnessing the floundering of the bourgeoisie in Hungary (a few from the most conspicuous examples): increase in petrol prices done unprepared during the so-called taxi-driver blockade, bank consolidations done amateurishly, deficit came from stopping the building of metro No 4., privatisation done slap-dash, unsecured pay-raises, building of motorways. These are the causes of that wave of indebtedness which is heightening the pauperization of working class. To hide this from us they feed nationalism: the 50th anniversary of the proletarian revolution of 1956 is coming hence the American President during his visit in Hungary eulogized this "national war of independence". This planned marketing policy also strengthens the national pride (and the saint family of Bolsheviks, social democrats, Nazis, conservatives and liberals) and the historians of capitalism can continue scribbling their dirty chronicles. The "convival grandiosity" of Bush's speech is shadowed by the expedition of capital against the proletariat in Iraq (the proletariat in Iraq, Mexico, Chile, Afghanistan, etc. is fighting against the hell of capital just as the proletarians did in Hungary: left to oneself). Spend your blood in order that the workers do not connect the problems emerging locally with the general crisis of capital, what is not cyclical but permanent. Spend your blood not to associate the proletarian actions in France with your miseries. Spend your blood in order to believe that the continuous demonstrations, strikes, revolts in Latin America are just spectaculars in the media and enter the rooms of alienation in time on Monday morning.

In Hungary the smelters went on strike in June at Diósgyor, they demanded higher wages, there was a strike call at the air-carrier but they have not started the work stoppage yet. The nation-wide trade union alliances held a demonstration against the planned economical measures not long ago. 4000-5000 workers demonstrated but they objected only to the government and still have faith in democracy. Nevertheless the first frank persons have appeared. In spite of that they criticized the government in low-keyed manner, pointed out that the reigning system is favourable for the bourgeoisie: "The well-situated, who earn during one year as much as the ordinary man all through his life, don't have to fear". More accurate phrasing is needed and it will be good! The extreme right opposition is also worming its way, its activists are present everywhere. It's obvious that this political gang is also incapable of solving the problems of capitalism just as its left-wing twin brother since these are not regional specialities but general tendencies.

Capitalist system wants more and more profit, it extends its services to all spheres of life, on the other hand it "practises economy" and tries to employ less workers thus to step up exploitation. The number of workers dropped out from capitalist labour market is getting bigger all over the world - they constitute the crowd condemned to die of starvation. At the same time it's obligate for the capitalists to exploit as many workers as they can because in this way they can step up the output and consumption. It's obvious that they are incapable of solving this contradiction. Beyond the high unemployment rate there are also the wars of the capitalists, their epidemics, the ecological apocalypse and we workers are the passive victims all of these. Our entire mechanical life is confined to the organization of everyday reproduction: work, consumption, tolerance of disciplining, maintaining of our alienated acquaintanceship, schooling of future labour-power. We became domesticated animals educated by bourgeois ethics, alienated mechanics using the things of false consciousness. The capitalist globalization wants to weaken the working class therefore it tries to divide us and pit workers against workers (in general this attempt is successful…). It has to negate its negation in order to be able to profess itself. It has to divide and separate workers because this is the prerequisite of its existence. In the so-called time of peace there are more wars than ever, therefore it's time to internationalism overcame and by overpassing lamentation we have to destroy capitalism. Each and all of the debates, analyses, revolts, sabotages, strikes, etc. have to meet each other sooner or later on the "roads" of self-organizing of our class. We have to be able to organize ourself on the basis of the communist programme by organic centralisation in order to abolish all countries, frontiers, and other boundaries! This report was also written with this in view. Avanti!

Barricade Collective

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