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Mashriq / Arabia / Iraq | Anarchist movement

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Mediterranean meeting

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | anarchist movement | debate author Mittwoch September 18, 2019 18:04author by KAF - Kurdish-speaking Anarchist Forum (KAF) Report this post to the editors

Mediterranean meeting

We salute every one of you and hope you all are keeping well and being active towards achieving our goal, anarchist/socialist society.

Comrades, please allow us to address this letter to every individual, groups and the Mediterranean Anarchist Federation.

Dear Comrades,

We salute every one of you and hope you all are keeping well and being
active towards achieving our goal, anarchist/socialist society.

Comrades, please allow us to address this letter to every individual,
groups and the Mediterranean Anarchist Federation.

We noticed for the last two or three years, we have had very little
contact or no contact at all from some. There had been hardly any news
of what you have been or currently doing. We believed it was not our
aim or intention that this had been the case of feeling isolated and
lack of solidarity. We believe that after the Tunisian, Greek
conferences of anarchists’ federation in 2016 our contacts seem to have
been completely cut off. Because of that we think after 2016 there was
no effort to set up any more general meetings, conferences physically or

If what we said above is true, it may be right to say that we all can
justify or having an excuse for not trying to set up the gathering like
the one we had previously. Obviously this is not blaming or criticising
anybody or any organisations/groups. In fact we just want to bring it
to the attention of every one of us and all the groups that we really
need to raise our spirit, make every effort and try harder to get out of
this isolation and this frosty position.

Comrades, the Kurdish-speaking anarchists, are active in countries such
as Iran, Iraq, Syria; we as (KAF) have regular meetings almost every
week on line. Our meetings cover many questions, anarchism idea and many
aspects of anarchist activities. In the meantime we use the social
networks and Kurdish websites in spreading and introducing the idea of
anarchism through short posts, articles or translating anarchist
pamphlets and books . Also, we are a part of the local anarchist groups
in the country we live in, going by the anarchist slogan “Act
locally,think and solidarity globally”. On the basis of that, we
actively participate in the local groups and activities.

Comrades, after a long discussion between ourselves we have reached a
conclusion that if we cannot get together like how we did between 2012 -
2016 physically, we can at least continue to have more or less the same
thing on-line. We can set up a network, use workable ways/means for
that. As you know nowadays there are so many ways that we can use; some
of them much safer than the others in term of security.

We believe setting up this kind of network, extremely important and
necessary to be aware of what is going on, talk about the social
movements, protests and demonstration and also our duty toward each of
them to support and having solidarity with them. In addition to learn
from one another and sharing our knowledge, experiences and working
under the main slogan/principle “Act locally think and solidarity

If any of you is happy with the above suggestion please let us know. In
the meantime we think it is a good idea to copy this letter to secretary
of International Anarchist Federation so that they can forward it to all
the anarchists groups and the Mediterranean anarchist federation. You
are welcome to send it onto other individuals/groups that you think is
necessary and are not yet known to us.

We believe the debate and discussion among the groups and Mediterranean
anarchist federation will be a part in the debate and activities of
international activities and solidarity. In the same time this effort
can be a bridge for contacting with Asian, African and European
anarchist groups and anarchist federation.
We awaiting your response and hope in a very near future we can restart
our contacts to strength our unity and anarchist comradeship's.

With warm solidarity
Kurdish-speaking Anarchist Forum (KAF)
Date: 15th August 2019


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