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Greece / Turkey / Cyprus | Workplace struggles

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May Day 2019/İstanbul

category greece / turkey / cyprus | workplace struggles | news report author Freitag Mai 03, 2019 02:24author by DAF - Devrimci Anarşist Falliyet Report this post to the editors

As Genç İşçi Derneği (Young Workers Associtation), we were in 2019 May Day protests in Bakırköy. We raise black and red pancard on which the sentence of Lorenzo; "Every storm starts with a single raindrop". As a memory of anarchist comrade Lorenzo who had been murdered in Rojava, we use his sentence to raise the anger of the young workers.


As Genç İşçi Derneği (Young Workers Associtation), we were in 2019 May Day protests in Bakırköy. We raise black and red pancard on which the sentence of Lorenzo; "Every storm starts with a single raindrop". As a memory of anarchist comrade Lorenzo who had been murdered in Rojava, we use his sentence to raise the anger of the young workers.

With our marches and with our slogans, we tried to show the organised strength of workers. The workers who are self-organised, the workers who use direct actions.

With our slogans, we reminded the anarchist history of the May Day.

We, as DAF, were in the walk to strengthen the voice of the workers.

We salute all comrades May Day,
Long live anarchism
Long live revolution

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gider1 imageYoung Workers Association's in the streets in May Day 22:35 Sa 05 Mai by GİDER 0 comments

We are young workers from shopping malls, cafes', bars, restaurants, fast food shops, and other working places. We are waiters, clerks, carriers, cleaners, stand stuff... We are young workers in service sector. We are workers exploited with the fastness and the intense of the work of capitalist system.

ese.jpg imageSome words about the Solidarity Fund of ESE 17:56 Mo 10 Aug by ΕΣΕ Αθήνας 0 comments

The Solidarity Fund of the Libertarian Syndicalist Union (ESE Athens) has been in operation for 5 years. The idea for a permanent solidarity fund was born, when on the 31st October 2009 we gathered after a music night, 1060 euros, which we sent to cover the legal expenses of 6 arrested members of ASI (Anarchosyndicalist Initiative of Serbia).

pegasus_large_t_1301_106228890_0_1.jpg imageSolidarity with 595 cleaning workers 18:24 Sa 06 Sep by Dmitri (republishing) 0 comments

The European Network of Alternative and Base Unions expresses its support and solidarity with 595 cleaning workers of the Greek Finance Ministry who were dismissed on September 17 2013 to put the cleaning service in the hands of private subcontractors.

meydangazetesikazova.jpg imageFrom Istanbul to Thessaloniki Occupation, Self-Management, Production 19:07 Mo 11 Nov by Özlem Arkun 0 comments

They are Kazova workers, resisting since January 31 and now producing while resisting. They are the ones who are trying to change the world as well as their lives which have totally changed since they were put on leave for a week on January 31.

ert.jpg imageGreek public broadcasting shutdown 05:28 Do 13 Jun by Thrasybulus 0 comments

The surprise closure of the public broadcaster ERT provokes anger and a general strike as thousands are fired. [Italiano]

01052013sisli02.jpg imageMay Day Resistance in İstanbul 23:51 Do 02 Mai by Devrimci Anarsist Faaliyet 0 comments

Last three year, turkish state gave permission to the workers union to “celebrate” May Day in Taksim where is one of the symbol square for revolutionary people because of its place in Bloody May Day history in 1977. Turkish state forbid Taksim Square for May Day this year same as three years before. During this “legal” May Day years, state tried to make people forget the real meaning of May Day. We know that May Day is the rebel day of the oppressed ones, workers and revolutionary people. It is the day we raise the anger against state and capitalists. This year state changed its strategy for May Day. The governor of İstanbul ban all transportation in the city, set up control points for the ones who wants to protest the situation.

966965949952945.jpg imageInvasion of angry Shipyards workers to the Ministry of Defence 21:30 Do 04 Okt by Dmitri 0 comments

Invasion and an attempt of occupation of angry Shipyard workers to the Ministry of Defence

kilkizz.jpg imageGreek hospital now under workers’ control 20:50 Do 09 Feb by working class s... 1 comments

Health workers in Kilkis, Greece, have occupied their local hospital and have issued a statement saying it is now fully under workers control. [Castellano] [Italiano]

pyles_ths_fwtias_apergia721x1024.jpg image΅Workers break away from reformist unions 20:36 Di 17 Jan by atgr (Dimitri republishing) 0 comments

Today, January 17th marks a very important date in the recent history of labour struggle in Greece – responding to, and in solidarity with the struggle of the workers at Greek Steelworks, the six Labour Centres of Greater Athens (Attica) and the Workers/Employees Union of Athens have called a city-wide strike.

textPlatform of Struggling Workers! 08:47 Do 20 Mai by Platform of Struggling Workers! 0 comments

For donations in Dollars:;

For donations in Euros:;

more >>

imageGreek Steel Workers Strike - Greece on the verge of revolution? Think again... Aug 01 by Workers Solidarity 0 comments

Undoubtedly, Greece is the country that has suffered the most during this last and totally unrestrained wave of liberalization and fierce devaluation of labour which has been sweeping Europe since the start of the financial crisis in 2008. At the same time there are a multitude of political anti-systemic oppositional forces which have managed to maintain a living presence in Greek society.

imageWorkers’ struggles in the private sector in Greece Jan 06 by Kostas Svolis 0 comments

400 workers in the steel factory of Aspropyrgos (near Athens), Halyvourgiki Inc. v Citigroup Global Markets Limited, are in their 60th day of striking, as their struggle is becoming almost emblematic for the working class of the country. Many solidarity actions, as well as events that aim at the economic and political support of the strike are taking place every week in neighborhoods and cities.

textH ταξική συνείδηση Aug 14 by Νίκος Γιαμαλάκης 0 comments

Άρθρο στην «Επί τα Πρόσω» της Ελευθεριακής Συνδικαλιστικής Ένωσης, Νο 8, Καλοκαίρι 2005

imageStop the persecution against the women cleaners Feb 28 0 comments

On March 13 is put on trial the cleaner Vaso Gova after a complaint of a police officer. The same policeman is already on trial for serious injuries against two women cleaners Evangelia Alexakis and Vaso Gova attacked on July 10, 2014 during a peaceful protest of  fired cleaners to the Ministry of Finance.

imageGreece: Robin Wood aren’t alone Apr 09 0 comments

We who sign this text as collectives struggling in practice for the self-management, as work collectives, declare that in this way Robin Wood workers are not alone. When you hit one of us, you hit us all. We support with all the strength of our solidarity the struggle of Robin Wood. Self-management for us is not empty words and promises from above, but a road of struggle of those of the bottom for a life with dignity here and now and a vision for an emancipated society. A society and a world of freedom, justice and dignity.

imageWe start the engines of self-management Mär 03 MACG (personal capacity) 0 comments

We demand the government to show us when the assets of a company deteriorate… Why when former employees been paid their arrears the property is changed, and when the bosses sell out machines and made money is not? We understand very well what is happening, how the bosses managed the business. In 20-30 years in that same workplace, we saw so many that no-one can imagine.

We, the former and current employees of the company E.Papadopoulos - N.Pagouras SA, are determined, and our momentum is our right. We do not give up the struggle. We do not give away neither our accrued interests nor our compensations.

imageAthens: the bookworkers strike Jun 26 MACG (personal capacity) 0 comments

News from the bookworkers strike called on the 18th of June (Athens - Greece)

imageAgainst bosses' immunity Mär 12 0 comments

We are determined to continue the struggle we have been waging for the last two years, drawing strength from the solidarity that has been shown to us in practice during all this time by trade unions, workers’ collectives and local assemblies.

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