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Palestine-Israel, The joined struggle in a decisive year*

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | community struggles | news report author Tuesday March 10, 2015 00:42author by Ilan S. - AAtW, ainfos Ahdut (Unity)author email ilan.shalif at gmail dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

Bil'in, Ma'asara, Ni'ilin, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, South of Hebron Hills, Sheik Jarrah

The minimal pressure of the imperial power on Israel to soften its pressures applied to the would be transfered Palestinians of the 1967 occupied areas have its results (more in the west bank than in the Gaza Ghetto). The about 100.000 Palestinians of the occupied territories are employed by Israelis. Most of the roadblocks were removed. The rebellion of the Palestinians in the west bank is channeled mostly through a small minority of activists in the joint and separate week end activities. People are like holding their breath to see if the culminated crisis in the international arena will yield a significant break throw. Mean time, the persistent week end struggles - though in a diminished intensity in Bil'in, Ma'asara, Ni'ilin, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, South of Hebron Hills, Sheik Jarrah... with sporadic struggles in other locations. [Italiano]


“....The most important thing that changed is the culture of the people of Bil’in, says Abdullah Abu Rahmah, an activist in the village’s Popular Struggle Committee, which organizes the protests. “Over the years we have managed to free our minds from the occupation. The Israeli occupation is not just soldiers standing on our land, it is the control of our thoughts, it is the fear that every Palestinian has when staring down the occupation. And we have overcome that, the fear of the soldiers, of police, the Shin Bet, the courts — we express ourselves freely and act to realize our rights. In Bil’in, we are educating the next generation not to be afraid.” Abdullah Abu Rahmah

Ten years of popular resistance in Bil'in - 20-2-2015 - Today marks the 10th anniversary of weekly demonstrations against the Israeli Apartheid Wall in the West Bank village of Bil'in. There have been more demos and actions than the 520 Friday protests of Palestinians from the village and other parts of the occupied west bank, accompanied by Israelis (mostly with the anarchists against the wall initiative) and nearly always international solidarity activists - always marching towards the route of the barrier that cut the lands of the village.

This Friday dozens of participants suffered from tear gas hurting the eyes and inhalation during the march as the Israeli forces attacked us long before we reached the old route of the separation fence (blocking us the last few months from approaching the separation wall that replaced it). Few times the soldiers used jeeps to chase demonstrators towards the village using lot of tear gas canisters and rubber bullets as due to the strong northern wind they failed to disperse us. Some members of families who live nearby also suffered from tear gas.

During the demo - in addition to the usual chants and flags we held pictures of children who are detained in Israeli jails, especially the one of a sick 14 year old child Khlid Alshaikh.
Hamza Burnat

Did you take take part in a protest in Bilin during the last 10 years? #Did you take part in any local protest somewhere in Palestine? #Did you take part in a protest somewhere around the world? If the answer was yes and there's a picture of you during the protest, upload the picture with the sentence: I will be a part of the tenth anniversary of the popular struggle in Bilin and will take part in the protest on the 27th of February 2015. If the answer was no, don't miss the chance to express your opinion about refusing the occupation. Write: I will take part in a protest for the first time in Bilin on the 27th of February 2015, the tenth anniversary of the popular struggle. Let's all participate together in this protest to end the occupation, Bil'in Popular Committee against wall and settlements
Friday 27-2-15 Just Returned from the ten year anniversary demo in Bil'in. About 80 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall initiative, with hundreds of Palestinians from the village, near by villages, and Ramalah and some internationals. We Marched at noon from the center of the village towards the new separation wall.
This Friday they let us come near the gate of the wall before starting to shower us with tear gas.
The east wind was friendly to us so the soldiers had to come and confront the demonstrators. 5 were arrested - 3 Israelis and two Palestinians. Few were injured - including two who were taken to hospital.
We returned tired but with satisfaction.
David Reeb

Bil'in, 6-3-15: After closing 10 years of struggle against the occupation and the separation wall we started the eleventh year of struggle. Seven Israelis and dozen internationals converged with the activists and youth of the village at the Abu Lamun oak groove (we were prevented to reach for months). Minutes after we stared the demo the Israeli state forces started to shower us with tear gas. As the eastern wind prevented them from dispersing us, they came with armored cars and forced us to return most of the way to the village were we stood firm till the army cars left the area and we returned to the village with another small victory.


Protest 06.03.2015 - soldiers fired several live bullets at 2 protesters who managed to hide well and avoid being killed, all they did was using mirrors to reflect the sun light on the face on the sniper to make him lose his focus and not be able to snipe any protester.
however, 2 protesters were injured as a result of getting shot with rubber coated steel bullet and other dozens of suffocation of tear gas canister.

Gate of Jerusalem

Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC) activists maintain for weeks their presence at the ‪#‎Jerusalem_gate‬ in the confiscated land of al izarya...
The gate has been demolished for the ninth time in a raw and more are following.


Friday 20-2-15
Friday 6-3-15 was very hard day in Kafr Qadoom began in early morning at 10 o'clock when the Israeli army storm the village with 3 jeeps and bulldozer and about 20 soldiers from the army and police border.
they shoot many tear gas canisters towards us and inside houses so that tenths of suffocated cases were happened and all of them treated by the teams of PRCS who came from Qalqilia.

Jameel Hilmi Shtaiwi 17 was shot by rubber bullet in his left leg , and Hikmat Shtaiwi 36 while he was trying to protect his face from tear gas canister has his thumb broken and went to hospital for treatment. The march began as usual after praying with hundreds of Palestinians and friends from Israel but the army didn't give us the chance to walk more than 200 m when he began to shoot tear gas canisters , rubber and live bullets. Clouds of smoke from canisters caused 42 suffocated cases
Dear whatever happened we never gave up


Saturday 7-3-15 Hundreds of women on both sides of Qalandiya checkpoint: Israeli citizens on one side and Palestinians on the other.
Marking international ‪#‎WomensDay‬ and protesting against the Israeli occupation

Don't Say We Didn't Know 442
One of the ways to rob Palestinians' lands is to apply Draconian interpretation to Ottoman land laws. The Ottoman law stipulates that land that has not been tended for several years becomes 'state land'.
Palestinians of the village of Al Shuyukh, north-east of Hebron, planted 300 fruit trees on their land. The Civil Administration required them to leave the grounds, claiming that the land had been declared 'state land' in the past.
--------------- ------------- -----------
On Wednesday, February 11, 2015, government agents escorted by police arrived at the Negev Bedouin village of Um Battin, near Tel Sheva, and demolished a structure. The next day they came to the village of Tel Al Malah near the Nevatim army base, and demolished a house.

Don't Say We Didn't Know 443
On Tuesday, February 17, 2015, Israeli army forces entered an area belonging to a Palestinian of the village of Tyassir near Tubas (northern West Bank) and uprooted 9 dunams of olive trees, claiming they had been planted in a nature reserve.
--------------- -------------
On Thursday, February 19, 2015, government agents escorted by police had a demolition day in Bedouin localities in the Negev. They destroyed a structure in Rahat and proceeded to demolish Al Arakib yet again.
Don’t say we didn’t know #444

Izbet Tabib

On Thursday, 26th February, 2015, residents of the Palestinian village ‘Izbet Tabib (east of Qalqilia) together with some of their Israeli supporters demonstrated near the access road to their village, near Highway No. 55. They did not block the road. Suddenly soldiers arrived and without any warning started shooting tear gas grenades at the demonstrators.

----------------- --------------------

On Sunday, 22nd February, 2015, government representatives escorted by police arrived at the Bedouin village Sa’wa, east of Hura, and demolished four homes.

On Thursday, 26th February, 2015, they arrived in the Bedouin village Tel ’Arad and demolished two structures.

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