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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle to the backdrop of the end-of-the-world "status quo" and as catalyst in our region*

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | community struggles | news report author Monday December 15, 2014 17:47author by Ilan S. - AAtW, a-infos, Ahdut (Unity)author email ilan.shalif at gmail dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

Bili'n, Ma'sara, Nabi Saleh , Ni'lin, Qaddum, Sheikh Jarrah

The old world order, in which US interests in the region East of the Mediterranean let Israel - a bastion of the US - continue with its Zionist settler colonialist in the 1967 occupied Palestine, has ended. Europe has started to advance its own interests, which are not in accord with the Israeli bastion. The independent steps of Europe are enhanced by its public opinion against Israeli colonialism to which the joint struggle in the West Bank contributes a lot. It was the approach of the imminent crisis that forced the Israeli Prime minister to call for elections, to save himself from the normally-timed election when the crisis would be the main agenda. The murder of the Palestinian minister of the popular struggles has focused attention on the ferment and rising of the popular non-armed struggles of which Israel is contemplating suppression with systematic use of live ammunition. [Italiano]
Bil'in, 12.12.14. Photo: Hamza Burnat
Bil'in, 12.12.14. Photo: Hamza Burnat


05/12/2014 Friday DEMO.Around 50 persons took part in today's demo.
A group of journalists were targeted by soldiers who threw gas at them. A female ‪#‎journalist‬ was lightly ‪#‎injured‬ on the head.
Soldiers used hails of rubbers bullets at continuous ‪#‎shooting‬ speed and tear gas canisters from their jeeps.
It is needless to say that gas once again entered our village.
The Occupying forces are doing their very best to make ‪#‎Palestinian‬ lives UNBEARABLE on their own HOMELAND,but this can only strengthen our fight for ‪#‎FREEDOM‬ and our LOVE for our BLESSED HOLY LAND".
The lousy wind was not friendly. It did not carry the wind away or to the Israeli armed ones. It was not the usual tear gas as it brought agony to the lungs mainly - not the eyes.

12.12.14 - Today I got in Bil'in my weekly fix of tear gas. Ten Israelis, a dozen internationals joined the Bil'iners in a march towards the separation wall. As usual lately, the Israeli state force prevented us from even approaching the route of the removed separation fence. However due to the help of the friendly wind a few of us succeeded in defying the clouds of the tear gas and come nearer to the old route. Due to miscalculation a tear gas canister greased my left foot but with no damage. After an hour and a half of confrontation most of us returned to the village leaving a dozen or so of the youngsters to continue the confrontation.

Al Ma'sara resists....

12.12.14, Ziad Abu Ain's blood will not go in vain, protesters chanted slogans praising martyrs that have fallen in the struggle with the Zionist occupiers .
Tens wounded due to the brutality of the Israeli army, locals and International supporters attacked viciously as they marched to the village's confiscated lands .
PSCC calls for all activists to stand their ground and fight in honor of our martyr.

Nabi Saleh

8-Year-Old Girl Is Palestine's Newest Citizen Journalist
Jana Tamimi is the West Bank's youngest citizen journalist and is documenting the resettlement of her town by Israeli settlers.
short video report about Jana Tamimi who is documenting Israel's occupation of Nabi Saleh. Jana is 8 years old and been participating in Nabi Saleh's protests for several years.
05/12/2014 As today’s weekly demonstration was about the end and the youth were about to disperse, an IDF officer and a sniper started walking towards them. This ignited some stone throwing and one of the boys was shot with live ammunition (“tutu”) in his leg. Only then IDF forces left the scene. The office and sniper were carrying only stun grenades and live weapons with them. Other than the clear attempt to provoke the demonstrators, this is another example of how IDF soldiers’ are increasingly using live ammunition to disperse demonstrations in Nabi Saleh and other villages.
Haim Schwarczenberg
David Reeb

Haim Schwarczenberg: In the aftermath of the death of Ziad Abu ‘Ein, residents of Nabi Saleh took the streets to protest his killing and carry on his fight against land annexations and settlements. Abu ‘Ein died shortly after an Israeli soldier assaulted him during a peaceful march in Turmus’aya the day before. He was the Palestinian minister in charge of the popular struggle against the wall and the settlements, and was admired by many for his integrity. Villagers and solidarity activists marched from the center of Nabi Saleh towards its main entrance carrying posters with the slain minister’s photo, and also chanting the names of the village’s own martyrs, Mustafa and Rushdi Tamimi, killed by the Israeli army during local protests. The IDF attempted to disperse the protesters using tear gas canisters. No major injuries reported.
David Reeb


12-12-14 watch:Video shows part of the weekly protest against Israeli apartheid wall in Ni'lin taking place last Friday 12.12.2014, showing Israeli soldiers firing tear gas grenades randomly at houses of villagers of Ni'lin


An Israeli army sniper just shot the cameraman of the Palestine television channel with silenced line bullets!
The weekly demo against the occupation in Kafr Qaddum begun
A few minutes ago in solidarity with the Italian and Palestinian comrades who were shot in the chest without provocation nor warning and hospitalized in last week's demo.
Amnon Lotan
Abdallah Qaddomi
Avi Shavit "The weekly demo in Kafr Qaddum is as violent as ever, with barrages of gas, rubber coated bullets aimed at unarmed protesters, putrid skunk water sprayed on houses and trees with intent of terrorizing the entire village for their just protest against the road block and land theft. But the village knows how to answer these hostile and aggressive intruders with resistance and they know it well."
Abdallah Qadomi

Sheikh Jarrah

Haim Schwarczenberg
IDF escalates violence towards protesters: In recent weeks, I have witnessed on several occasions a worrying trend in the way the IDF opts to handle popular protests in the West Bank: In addition to tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets, the army now deploys well-positioned snipers that target protesters with live ammunition, hence the recent sharp rise in injuries (many of them severe) from bullets.

Don’t say we didn’t know #431

The IDF has increased the use of live ammunition against Palestinians demonstrating or throwing stones.

On Thursday, 20th November, 2014, an IDF jeep drove into Deir El-Hattab (east of Nablus). The soldiers claim that stones were thrown at them. They shot live bullets towards children in the vicinity. A youth standing nearby was hurt in his leg by a live bullet. He was taken to hospital.

On Friday, 28th November, 2014, the weekly demonstration against closure of the access road to Kufr Qaddum (west of Nablus), took place. Soldiers nearby shot tear gas towards the demonstrators. Afterwards, they shot rubber coated bullets and live, 0.22” caliber ammunition. Two demonstrators were injured in their chests, and one of them in the hand, too. They were taken to hospital. Ten more demonstrators were injured by rubber coated bullets. Four required hospitalization.
Don't Say We Didn't Know 432

What actually happened there?

On Sunday, November 30, 2014, Mahmoud Al Kadi of Rahat was arrested. Before his arrest he called his family from a bus stop near Sderot and said, "I'm on my way home". As he failed to arrive, his family called him a few times to find out where he was. Finally a policeman answered and informed them that he was in custody at the Kiryat Gat police station. A relative who arrived at the station with some food for him heard him screaming. The policemen notified a friend of his: "Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock he will be brought before a judge for extension of remand". While Al Kadi's wife waited for him at the court, she received a phone call informing her that her husband had committed suicide and that she should come to receive his body.

The family came to the police station and demanded an autopsy, in order to know the cause of death. The police refused. The family appealed to the court, requesting an autopsy. The judge ruled to have the autopsy. The police contested. The judge accepted the contestation. The family turned to the district court and continued to demand that a pathologist on its behalf be present at the autopsy. The district court accepted the demand and ruled that a Jenin pathologist be present. After the autopsy it was ruled that the report be issued in two weeks. On Thursday evening, following the autopsy, Mahoumd was buried.

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