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For the Libertarian Alternative

category italy / switzerland | anarchist movement | policy statement author Monday November 10, 2014 02:19author by Alternative Libertaria/FdCA - AL/FdCAauthor email internazionale at fdca dot it Report this post to the editors

Final motion approved by the 9th National Congress of the FdCA

The 9th Congress of the FdCA, held at the Cascina Cingia commune in Cingia de' Botti, Cremona, on 1 and 2 November 2014, hereby decides to adopt and adapt the name of the Federation in Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA, both on a national and international level. [Italiano]

For the Libertarian Alternative

The 9th Congress of the FdCA, held at the Cascina Cingia commune in Cingia de' Botti, Cremona, on 1 and 2 November 2014, hereby decides to adopt and adapt the name of the Federation in Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA, both on a national and international level.

1. As a political organization of class-struggle militants and libertarian revolutionaries in Italy, Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA places and its political action within and directs it at the exploited classes and society, according to values and basic positions such as:

  • the class dimension, that is to say the capacity to be part of a struggle and relate to organizations and other bodies and mass struggles in the light of a materialist analysis of the relations of exploitation and power;
  • the practice of direct action, that is to say the construction of force ratios and of the conflict from the grassroots of the people in struggle, within the collective class consciousness expressed by the participants in the struggle;
  • the practice of self-organizations, that is to say the claim by those in struggle to autonomy, by impeding interests that are external to the collective grassroots consciousness from conditioning its orientation or from imposing a group of leaders;
  • the praxis of organizational dualism, that is to say the correct relationship with all mass organized expressions (trade unions, grassroots bodies, movements, committees, etc.) with the aim of fighting the support of non-political bodies and organizations for political organizations, transmission belts, ideologism and spontaneism, and instead favouring a process of osmosis and reciprocal enrichment with autonomy of roles and political and social objectives.
2. The role of Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA, as a revolutionary political organization, is therefore one of
  • considering itself as a necessary political funtion in the development of class consciosness as a hope and praxis for the egalitarian and libertarian transformation of society;
  • mediation between the militant membership, in a continual search for the unity and homogeneity needed to carry out alternative politics, to elaborate alternative strategies and to live and live in the change;
  • mediation between the anarchist project and those involved in the class struggle, because it is the task of revolutionary libertarian militants to be the historical memory of the proletariat's historical interests, to bring anarchism back to the centre of the class struggle and the people involved in it, to "demonstrate" the consistency between the struggles for equality and freedom and the anarchist project;
  • mediation between revolutionary anarchist gradualism and gradual conquests:
    • in order to open up always more spaces of freedom and counterpower within civil society;
    • on anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian programmatic objectives.
3. Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA thus intends to carry out its political action for
  • the right to a social alternative and experimentation;
  • the struggle on the ground for increased space for participation against social exclusion and against the repression of struggles;
  • the labour struggle in favour of social justice (wages, rights, services, etc.);
  • demands regarding the quality of life, habitat, consumption and self-produce, international solidarity;
  • the building of a network of the social left which can take its strength from practices and proposals with means which are, for us, consistent with the ends and which can also act as a revolutionary and anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist front;
  • the construction of synergies for libertarian politics (coordinations, networks, alliances, multiple and pluralist poles, revolutionary and anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist fronts.
4. In the short term, Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA intends to
  • contribute to the defence, development and extension of the class movement of workers, supporting all forms of self-organized struggle in which the autonomy of the workers is expressed with demands that break with the compatibilities of the current capitalist restructuring and with legislation that damages union rights, for the development of a conflictual trade-unionism within the workers' movement;
  • contribute to the development and rooting of combative movements against war, liberalism, the exploitation and commercialization of people and resources, the reduction in slavery of women and men, sex discrimination and patriarchy, bringing to them an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian praxis and content;
  • contribute - in the ways and with the content that is typical of revolutionary anarchist communists - to the rebuilding of a composite opposition movement against the governments involved in the capitalist restructuring in Italy and Europe, so that the defeat of austerity policies comes about in the streets and in the workplaces without falling into the electoral trap;
  • contribute to the development of the international anarchist communist movement, by supporting the Anarkismo network and strengthening relations with sister political organizations on the basis of political projects and projects which spread the thought and action of anarchist communists, libertarian communists and class-struggle revolutionary anarchists;
  • contribute to the development in Italy of a libertarian front in order to spread the anarchist social project;
  • contribute to the building of a social front of opposition forces in order to accumulate a capacity for struggle and counterpower and increase the ability to build the libertarian alternative.

Alternativa Libertaria/FdCA

Cingia de' Botti (CR), 2 November 2014

Final motion approved by the 9th National Congress of the FdCA

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