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Israel burned the stew

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | imperialism / war | opinion / analysis author Saturday August 02, 2014 01:12author by Ilan S. - Anarchists Against the Wall; A-Infos; Ahdutauthor email ilan.shalif at gmail dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

The present Gaza war was started before the actual shooting, by Egypt's blockade of the Gaza Strip, intended to break the rule of Hamas due to it being a part of the Islamic Brotherhood movement. [Italiano] [Türkçe]

Israel burned the stew

The present Gaza war was started before the actual shooting, by Egypt's blockade of the Gaza Strip, intended to break the rule of Hamas due to it being a part of the Islamic Brotherhood movement.

Israel has given a powerful boost to the developing crisis by obstructing the agreement of Hamas for a Palestinian unity government in return for an agreement according to which the Palestinian leadership of the West Bank will provide the funds required for wages to Hamas personnel in Gaza and prevent the complete disintegration of Hamas as a significant factor in the Gaza Strip. Israel's motive for this was the certainty that such an agreement would increase the pressure to retreat back into the territory it occupied in 1967.

As a substitute for this agreement and to prevent the disintegration of Hamas, Israel intensified its attacks on the Gaza Strip in the hope that it would initiate a stormy crisis of confrontation that would be resolved at its end by the consolidation of an independent but weakened Hamas rule in Gaza. Hamas responded to the failure of the agreement by diminishing its efforts to prevent the more radical organizations from firing rockets into Israel.

Israel, for its part, used the kidnapping and killing of three young settlers to increase pressure on Hamas in the West Bank and increased attacks and assassinations in the Gaza Strip. Hamas responded by firing rockets and missiles at Israel, which reciprocated with pervasiveair attack.

When the stage of air attacks failed to achieve their purpose because of the stubborn refusal by Egypt to fulfill its part - the easing of the blockade on Gaza - and by the refusal of Hamas to stop the fighting without an agreement on significant relief of the blockade, Israel began a ground assault phase.

Though Israel is beginning to come under international pressure, including that of US, to stop fighting it still refuses to commit itself for even minimal relief in the closure that will provide Hamas with the ability to survive; Egypt too continues to contribute its share by refusing to commit itself before the ceasefire for a significant easing of the closure.

In response to international pressure on Israel to end the war against Hamas, Israel now insists it must continue to demolish the attack tunnels dug beneath the Israeli-Gaza border (that will be used by Hamas to attack Israel if it violates the agreement that will be reached about easing the closure).

Now, the success or failure of Israel's main purpose that an agreement will be formulated for the relief of the closure on Gaza that will allow the independence of Hamas in Gaza is to be decided. It is still not clear if Hamas' power will be weakened or actually increase following the agreement on significant relief in the closure.

The purpose of continuing the war is to bargain for the price required for the rehabilitation of Hamas rule in Gaza and who will pay it: what will be the share of Israel and Egypt in the relief of the closure and who will supply the necessary funds for the continued functioning of the Hamastan ghetto in the Gaza Strip.

In light of the insistence of Hamas to reject a ceasefire before agreement is reached on a significant removal of the closure, given its military ability to persist, and given the refusal of Egypt to commit right now its share to the diminishing the closure, Israel is pushed on the one hand to increase the ground offensive and on the other hand begins to raise the possibility of intervention by an international inspection power in the occupied territories (beginning in Gaza) which up until now it had objected to fiercely.

The balance of bloodshed, which includes ten Israeli soldiers killed in recent days and increased pressure from the United States to enable the survival of Hamas which is very important to its regional strategy, brings much closer the moment of truth when Israel will recognize its defeat in this round.

Ilan Shalif

29 July 2014

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