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Athens: the bookworkers strike

category greece / turkey / cyprus | workplace struggles | press release author giovedì giugno 26, 2014 20:33author by Dmitri (republishing) - MACG (personal capacity)author email sylyp_vivliou at yahoo dot gr Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

Called on the 18th of June

News from the bookworkers strike called on the 18th of June (Athens - Greece)

On Wednesday the 18 June, was a day of strike action in the book industry. Our Union together with  several colleagues from other worker's unions, collectives of workers and of the unemployed, neighborhood assemblies, student unions and other initiatives, in total over 200 people, began a series of strike actions.
From early on in the morning, round about 8 o'clock we began with strike picketing at bookstores and publishing houses to be found at the juncture of Solonos and Ippokratous street (Hristakis, Tsigaridas, Sakoulas publishers, Livanis, Pyrinos kosmos). At the same time leaflets where shared to passersby's, whilst through our sound speaker system you could hear songs and strike announcements.  Following this, at about 11 am, we proceeded with a strike barrage of the bookstore Politia. At the same time as this strike action took place, our strike gathering began at the street corner of Solonos and Asklipiou street, where from 12 o'clock and after began our strike march. The march moved through Solonos, Benaki and Stadiou. Our main banner wrote "Down with labour conditions from the middle ages - organisation and collective resistance from below in every workplace". The march arrived after awhile at the ministry of labour. Our long standing request to meet with the leadership of the ministry was not accepted.
Our next stop for our demonstration was outside the bookstore IANOS, where during the last few weeks a struggle has taken place against the use of undignified scanners which have been forced upon employees so as to increase competition for individual sales. Furthermore we marched once again across Stadiou street with a banner which wrote "Class solidarity is the weapon of the workers, victory to the struggle of the cleaners". We arrived at the ministry of economics, at the point where the fighting cleaners are gathered. We did this as a small gesture of support for their struggle and as an effort to join our struggles on a cross industry basis. During our meeting we shouted together with cleaner's chants, whilst through our loud speakers which exchanged fraternal salutes and spoke of the content of our struggles. Also we offered some financial support to their struggle from money that we had gathered during the duration of our mobilisation
Once more, a week before, during the process of preparing for our strike, we called a meeting-discussion of unpaid employees from the book sector, during which information was shared on what is going on in several workplaces and the moves made so far from our side. Also we discussed in detail on how we will continue to fight unpaid work. We call on all colleagues who suffer "unpaid employment" to come in contact with our union, so as to fight together a common battle
The strike called on the 18th of June 2014 is about another battle which we fought with dignity, with a preparation that took time, with efforts to connect the struggle with other similar battles of resisting employees - unemployed and other sections of society, with faith in the righteousness of our struggle, with conviction that with a unifying, fierce, and persistent struggle organised by ourselves, we can win.
This strike was an important landmark in a permanent, multifaceted struggle across several fronts, which obviously continues. 
 PS 1. We would like to keep in touch and learn your news.
PS 2. You may send messages of support for our union's struggle for workers rights and decent pay at


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