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For Berkin Elvan

category greece / turkey / cyprus | anti-fascism | news report author Thursday March 13, 2014 20:09author by DAF - Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF) Report this post to the editors

The name for riot

We have lost our Berkin. He was shot by police in Taksim riots while he was going to buy bread from the market. He was in his 15.

Turkish state is still terorizing the life. After the economic scandals of the government were come into open, they are raising the repression.

There has been clashes whole around Anatolia and Mesopotamia.

We won't forget our Berkin and we won't forgive.

This is the statement of Revolutionary Anarchist Action


Berkin: The name for the Riot

March 11, 2014

At the end of last May, the flame of the riot, which has been triggered at Taksim Gezi, against the capitalist exploitation, police violence and state terror, was all around these lands. At the anniversarry of the 15-16 th June Resistance, millions were on the streets for freedom. Yet the state, with its familar reflex, smothered the streets with gas, and attacked to all of the people whoever on the streets.

In the morning of 16th June, a boy went out to buy some bread, at Okmeydanı which is one of the most vital points of the resistance, and he never came back. Because one of the murderers of the state ordered to shoot at this little body, and another one targetted
and shooted Berkin on the head.

From that moment till now, they said Berkin is sleeping. But he wasn’t, he had been
resisting to death.

We waited everyday, with hope, Berkin became the name for hope.

His brothers, sisters, youngsters were everyday on the streets, Berkin became the name for the street.

For 269 days, Berkin became the name for resistance.

And this morning, Berkin became the name for immortality.
The police of the state killed our Berkin.


Was it just because he was on the street at that moment? Or because he took a piece of cobblestone from the ground and threw it to those murderers?

We don’t know, but we know one thing: The state kills.

This state killed seven comrades of Berkin, killed Ethem, Ali İsmail, Ahmet, Medeni, Mehmet, Abdullah and Hasan Ferit during the Taksim-Gezi Riots.
It killed; because those ones spread the wind of resistance to all over these lands.
It killed, because those ones waved the flag of the riot and turned the wind into the storm.

This state killed the brothers and sisters of Berkin, killed Enes, Ceylan, Uğur, Yahya, in Kurdistan. It killed because they were the children of the lands where the war of the state against the Kurdish people was going on.

It killed, because the state was killing the children of the people which he can not destroy by assimilation.

The power is killing our brothers, on these conditions riot is inevitable.

To Anarchist Revolution with Action

Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF)

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Employees at the Zarfati Garage in Mishur Adumim vote to strike on July 22, 2014. (Photo courtesy of Ma’an workers union)

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