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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle monthly convergence starting this Saturday in Nabi Saleh*

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | community struggles | news report author Tuesday December 10, 2013 05:13author by Ilan S. - AAtW, ainfos Ahdut (Unity)author email ilan.shalif at gmail dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

The joint struggle of the anarchists against the wall with popular comities of the villages which persist in weekly struggles was promoted first time when a joint comity was organized and sporadic joint actions were organized by it. This month another promotion was done and a monthly convergence of all the activists involved - this time in Nabi Saleh was done. This week, the intensifying of the Israeli transfer efforts of Palestinians and the struggle against it was focused this week on the Praver plan to transfer in one step 40,000 Bedouins within the 1948 border. There were demonstration in various location in Israel picking in the more than thousands participant in Hura at the Bedouin region. The social struggle within israel which was al along the last two years in very low intensity seems to collect some momentum. [Italiano]


Palestinians, international and Israeli activists demonstrated in Bil'in near the separation wall. The soldiers tried to prevent us from approaching the gate in the wall but part of us succeeded to pass them. There they threatened us and used tear gas to make us go away but we persisted there for long minutes till they forced us to gradually move away. After an hour the end of the demo was declared by the organizers and the unofficial confrontation between the shabab and the soldiers continued for nearly two additional hours.

Friday 6-12-13 A Palestinian man holds a portrait of late South African president Nelson Mandela as he stands in front of Israeli soldiers during clashes during the weekly protest against Israeli occupation and the apartheid separation fence/wall. Rani Abdel Fatah
Habibi Abed Alqader Mohamed Abu rahma 19 years old was arrested: . A photographer was injured by tear gas canister in his chest, Dozens of citizens and foreign peace activists suffered from tear gas inhalation.
photo: Issam Rimawi


"Dear friends every Friday is the worse am so sorry: This Friday the Israeli army put check point in the entrance of the village and announce it closed military area and didn’t allow the media and ambulances and internationals from entering kufr Qaddum.
Our march began at 12pm but the army didn’t allow us to reach the usual place and began to shoot tear gas canisters towards us directly. Bashar shtaiwi 43 was injured in his stomach and Naser Braham 43 in his arm, in addition to tens of who suffocated by tear gas.
The clashes were very hot and strong because the army attack the village and the clashes happened between houses. The army targeted my house and damaged the glasses of the windows and attached another house in the same way. Hundreds of tear gas canisters, sound bombs and rubber coated metal bullets were shot during our march today.
to see the video please visit this link
Murad Shtaiwi"


Friday 6-12-13
Al-masra press

Nabi Saleh 6-7/12/13

Friday, Dozens of Palestinians with internationals and Israelis of the anarchists against the wall marched in Nabi Saleh against the Israeli occupation, and marked 2 years since the death of Mustafa Tamimi with a march that began at his graveside. Mustafa was shot in the head at close range with a tear gas canister during the weekly demonstration in his village in 2011. On this matter today the Israeli army announced stopping the investigation over who killed Mustafa claiming that the soldier who fired the gas canister did not see Mustafa.

The Nabi Saleh popular committee invites activists to join them on Saturday for an event marking the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the struggle as well as commemorating the martyrs Mustafa and Rushdi Tamimi.

The new monthly convergence of the activists of the joint struggle in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum and Ma'asara happened in this Saturday. It started with speeches includin in memory of Nelson Mandela. A tribute to Nelson Mandela in Nabi Saleh. "We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians".
After the speeches, the Palestinians, Israeli and international solidarity activists, marched down the road to the spot where Tamimi was shot, where they stopped and spelled out his name with stones. The procession continued to face the IOF soldiers near the checkpoint, and from there, to the valley across from the confiscated al-Qaws spring. IOF responded with barrages of tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets and stun grenades. No major injuries reported.
Haim Schwarczenberg
Israel Puterman
David Reeb
Nabi Saleh chase away IOF soldier 7.12.2013


Tel Aviv

Tuesday evening 3-12-13, 200 participated in a social struggle activist convergence near the national theater compound.

Saturday, hundreds converged in center of Tel Aviv to protest the Prawer plan to transfer 40000 Bedouins to ghettos in one strike after doing it gradually along the years to half the Bedouins of the south. The protest was also about the suppression and arrest of participants of the previous Saturday demo at Hura. After a long while we started marching in the main roads at the center of town and around the national theater compound.


Don’t say we didn’t know #391

A midnight ago IDF put new road block at the entrance to the village.
’Izbet a-Tabib is a Palestinian village, east of Qalqilia, mostly inhabited by 1948 refugees from Dubsur (next to Ra’anana). Thirty three of its homes have received demolition orders. Two have already been demolished. A few months ago, the school received a demolition order as well. So the residents erected a protest tent near the school.
On Sunday, 24th November, 2013, the IDF put a road block at the entrance to the village for an hour and a half. Afterwards, some soldiers raided the village a few times. In one of the raids, they carried out an aggressive search of the protest tent. After midnight, a small force entered the village and threw tear gas grenades around the village.
It should be mentioned that the village activism is strictly nonviolent, so there’s no need for the military to employ many soldiers in their raids, which have included arrests.

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