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Against repression in Brazil Solidarity with the Federação anarquista gaùcha

category brazil/guyana/suriname/fguiana | anarchist movement | appeal / petition author Sunday June 30, 2013 05:34author by Cuervo - Alternative libertaire Report this post to the editors

Repression in Brazil

On the afternoon of the 21st of June ; some 12 to 15 agents, presenting themselves as federal police went through the libertarian athenaeum of the Federação anarquista gaùcha (FAG) in Porto Alegre (State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) and seized some of the material necessary to carry out the centre’s cultural and political activities.
These include a public library, holding debates and the organization of numerous struggles and actions. [Ελληνικά]

First it was the regional government, and now it is the federal government that is molesting an organization that will not sit still, and try to discredit it by making it pass off for a terrorist group.

This operation, in all ways comparable to those of most any authoritarian regime, takes place at a time where the Brazilian State faces an ever growing and radicalizing contestation, intent on protesting against prices skyrocketing, ruinous spending to set up the World Football Championship, the Olympic games and the expulsion of tens of thousands of people, all for the greater glory of State and Capital.

They also protest against the lack of public services, a state of corruption like a second nature for State and capital, but also homophobia, while right-wing deputies push for a law that would identify homosexuality with disease.

The Brazilian State and the Worker’s Party in office, along with all the political class have their legitimacy and power contested more and more. Militants of the FAG, together with the Brazilian Anarchist Coordination are playing an active role by being strongly active in the popular movement, among young people and in corporations.
So it is no chance if they are a target for Brazilian capitalism and its minions.

But repression is precisely what brought up a massification and radicalization of the movement of protest. By acting this way, the Brazilian State is only showing its real face, that of regime that leads on the one hand an ever more conservative and capitalistic policy, and on the other, sacrifices forests and agriculture to agribusiness and industrial companies, all in the name of profit.

We assure our comrades from the FAG of our Solidarity, and denounce the Brazilian State for what it stands: a reactionary oligarchy intent on weakening the Brazilian popular movement in every way. We call upon all popular, ant capitalist and libertarian forces to join in solidarity.

Social Front Against Fascism, State and Capital
Libertarian and egalitarian, a revolution must be led.

Alternative libertaire

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