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Police and State terror continues in Istanbul - the struggle is growing

category greece / turkey / cyprus | repression / prisoners | news report author Tuesday June 11, 2013 18:30author by Devrimci Anarsist Faaliyet - DAF - Revolutionary Anarchist Action Report this post to the editors

The State and police terror continues in Istanbul.
The police have attacked the people in Taksim Square and in Gezi Park. The resisters keep on fighting in Istanbul, our struggle goes on. [Italiano]

Police and State terror continues in Istanbul - the struggle is growing

The ongoing occupation of the Taksim Square and Gezi Park was attacked by police this morning. After the meeting of the Council of Ministers yesterday, the police came to the square early in the morning at about 7 o'clock; while shooting tear gas, the police made announcements that they were not going to attack the park. Hundreds of police entered Taksim Square pleading that there would be no attack on the park and saying that only the placards would be removed. While the placards on AKM were being moved away another group of police wanted to remove the tents on the square. The people tried to stop the police and police attacked them with tear gas.

While the attack of the police was taking place, many people started to come to the square to protest against this fascist attack. To stop more people coming, the police shot tear gas into the metro station and Taksim Metro station is now closed for transport.

The police are using heavy tear gas, sound bombs and plastic bullets while spraying pressurized water with water cannons. A group of resisters made a human chain standing arm-in-arm and the police shot tear gas canisters from a short distance. Many people were injured with canisters but after the effect of the tear gas wore off many people came together and made the chain again.

Although the police announced that there would be "no intervention" in the park, they made heavy use of tear gas in the park, even at the infirmary in the park - the injured ones had to be carried away from there.

Many people are injured with tear gas canisters and plastic bullets. Alp Altınörs, who is a member of Taksim Solidarity Initiative was injured with a plastic bullet to his forehead, and was hospitalised. It is known that the police are targetting people while shooting.

On the other hand, the police have started to raid political places and ofices. The bureau of the SDP (Socialist Democracy Party) was raided and many people were taken into custody by force. The police handcuffed the resisters and brutally beat them while they were being taken away.

Despite the harsh attack, the people on Taksim Square and in Gezi Park go on resisting. The fascist State, oppression and police terror cannot discourage us, our struggle goes on, our rage is growing and so is our struggle.


Devrimci Anarsist Faaliyet

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