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Turkish anarchist on Gezi Park struggle in Istanbul - an explanation for those on the left

category greece / turkey / cyprus | the left | interview author Sunday June 02, 2013 21:18author by Andrew - WSM Report this post to the editors

The video is the Dublin Istanbul solidarity demonstration June 1 2013 - the audio track is an interview recorded with Sevinc just before the start of the demonstration. In this 45 minute interview Sevinc who recently migrated from Turkey to Ireland provides context on the Gezi park struggle and the police repression from recent regional and left politics. Touches on the Turkish left & anarchist movement, LGBT & Kurdish struggles, the role of the Ultras, the army & Police


Another anarchist in Turkey sent this comment to the WSM Facebook page

In Istanbul people are making effort for wonderful days. They are angry and frustrated at the government's decision to build a shopping centre at the expense of one of Istanbul's most famous parks. But what started as a protest against the uprooting of trees is turning into a wider platform for expressing anger against government policies, oligarchy and fascism..

Environmentalists have been joined by gay and lesbian groups, as well as socialists, anarchists and union workers, members of opposition parties from across the political landscape. The excessive use of force by the riot police and the insistence of the government to pursue their plans for the park have escalated tensions. 4 people killed and 118 injured.

Please say something to us via a social platform, we really need your help and support.

International solidarity against the system

An anarchist from Istanbul

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