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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle gets people used to acts no-one should be used to*

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | community struggles | news report author Wednesday April 24, 2013 04:58author by Ilan S. - AAtW, A-Infos. Matzpenauthor email ilan at shalif dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

Last Friday in Bil'in - the 426th demo of which I have participated in more than 400. As usual we were shot at with tear gas grenades and canisters, part of which I had to evade as they were shot in my direction. Part of the tear gas of the others I mostly evaded too. Now, on my chair in front of the computer I am taunted with the thought that I and scores of Israeli activists of the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative and others who participate in the joint struggle just got used to being shot at week after week. Some who are less lucky or less agile have taken more punishment than me... The Israeli media is used to it too, reporting on the shooting and us and the Palestinian partners as if it is just the weather. The banality of evil is the prevailing character of Israel these days, reminding more and more people of places and occurrences of other countries in other times. [Italiano]
Nabi Saleh. Photo: Haim Schwarczenberg
Nabi Saleh. Photo: Haim Schwarczenberg


49 times the village was already destroyed but the symbol of the struggle against the transfer of the Israeli Bedouins is still kicking.


Wednesday 17-5-2013
Bil'in villagers, internationals and ISM activists marked the 4th anniversary of the murder of Bil'in villager; Bassem Abu Rahmah by Tearing Down a Section of the Apartheid Fence:
Part I.
Part II.
Burning a tractor load of tires at the gate in the nearby Apartheid-Annexation Wall where occupation soldiers regularly exit to attack protesters at the Friday demonstrations, harass farmers and youths and mount terror raids on the long suffering village. Sky lanterns were also released at the spot where he was mercilessly cut down by a occupation soldier who deliberately shot a high velocity tear gas projectile into his chest and also at his grave in the center of the village. Afterwards his mother was visited to commiserate and to honor Bassem and his sister Jawaher who died from the effects of toxic tear gas at a Friday demonstration.

Friday. 426th Weekly demonstration, Apr. 19, 2013

Watch: Israeli soldier ordered to fire tear gas canisters directly at a protester in Bil'in, which is against regulations. Soldier followed the order.

Al Ma'sara protest 19.4

Nabi Saleh

Friday - 19/04/2013 - During the weekly demonstration against the occupation and in support of political prisoners, Palestinian, Israeli and international activists marched down the main road connecting Nabi Saleh with its neighboring villages and with Ramallah. Among the participants were a visiting group from Brazil as well as Judy Montell, the mother of Betselem director, who came to interview volunteers in the documentation project. The IOF attacked the march with tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets, as well as putrid skunk water. Moreover, the skunk truck then chased protesters into the village, spraying fowl smelling liquid all over residential homes. Soldiers physically assaulted two of the villagers as well we one Israeli activists, while many suffocated because of the tear gas.
Haim Schwarczenberg


Thursday weekly joint vigil

Tel Aviv

We went to celebrate the "festival of ethnic cleansing" or "Israeli Independence Day" .
we distributed maps showing the destroyed villages from the beginning of Zionism to 67 by

Israeli activists launched a public hunger strike in solidarity with Samer 'Issawi. Today, Thursday, was day 1.

0Q7A0Symbolic hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners, Tel Aviv, 17.04.2013506
Israeli activist hold a symbolic hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners in front of h "kyria" military base on April 18, 2013. the activist intent to hold the strike a week long.
Yotam Ronen/

Celebrating Ethnic Cleansing. We went on "Israeli Independence Day" Rabin Square Tel -Aviv to celebrate the "ethnic cleansing" along with the people of Israel. We Distributed maps prepare...
Haim Schwarczenberg
We went on "Israeli Independence Day" Rabin Square Tel -Aviv to celebrate the "ethnic cleansing" along with the people of Israel. We Distributed maps prepare...
Obama thank you for supporting our Apartheid state

Saturday demo in the affluent neighborhood of the new treasury minister
Michael and Yigal


"Do not say we did not know", no. 358

15-4-13 - removal of Baatof Bedouins
Since November, 2012, the IDF demanded several times, the Bedouin villagers of All Aatof (near Amakim settlement in the Jordan Valley), numbering about 170 people, leave their village from morning to evening. For example, in 9.4.2013 the IDF ordered All Aatof residents and their animals to get out for a whole day, and exercised in the vicinity of the village. Shooting and explosions were heard.

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