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Announcing "The Value of Radical Theory"

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The Value of Radical Theory: An Anarchist Introduction to Marx's Critique of Political Economy

Annnouncemt of a new book by Wayne Price which is an introduction for anarchists and other libertarian socialists to Karl Marx's crtique of political economy. In what ways can Marx's economic critique be of assistance to anarchists? What are anarchists' critique of Marx's economic theories, goals, and method?


New book: The Value of Radical Theory: An Anarchist Introduction to Marx's Critique of Political Economy

by Wayne Price (AK Press)

This is a revised and expanded version of material which appeared on Anarchism is essential for determining the goal of a free, cooperative, post-capitalist economy -- but Marx's economic critique is important for analyzing how capitalism works today. It is necessary for understanding the current crisis.


Part I: Basics
  • Chap. 1: The Labor Theory of Value
  • Chap. 2: Cycles, Recessions, and the Falling Rate of Profit

Part II: Epochs of Capitalism
  • Chap. 3: Capitalism's Dramatic Entrance: Primative Accumulation
  • Chap. 4: The Epoch of Capitalist Decline and Social Revolution
  • Chap. 5: The Post-War Boom and Fictitious Capital
  • Chap. 6: State Capitalism

Part III: The Socialist Goal
  • Chap. 7: Socialism or Barbarism?
  • Chap. 8: What Marx Meant by Socialism and Communism

Conclusion: An Anarchist Critique of Marx's Political Economy

Appendix: Malatesta's Method for an Anarchist Economy

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