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Palestine-Israel struggle continue with escalation of tensions waiting for the after election shift

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | community struggles | news report author Tuesday March 05, 2013 19:02author by Ilan S. - AAtW, ainfos. Mazpenauthor email ilan at shalif dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

Maan News: "West Bank boiling as popular resistance grows - round up of demonstrations in Nabi Saleh, Bilin, Nilin, Hebron, Qaddum, Qalandia, Bethlehem, Anata, Salfit, Abu Dis, Nablus, South west..." Meanwhile the escalation of the transfer efforts and terror of settlers continue. The third Intifada collect momentum focused around the hunger striking Palestinian prisoners. The joint daily vigils at the Jaffa clock tower continue as well as the week end joint struggles in the occupied Palestinian west bank and the within 1948 borders Bedouins of the south. The focus of this weekend was Bil'in were about 100 Israelis with the anarchists against the wall and about 100 Palestinians from the region joined village activists to mark the 8th yearly anniversary of the persistent joint struggle that initiated the popular unarmed struggle in western Palestine. [Italiano]


419th Friday demonstration in Bil'in marking 8 years of struggle (since 22/2/05) against the separation fence/wall, settlements, and occupation. At least seven people were hit by tear gas canisters and suffered minor injuries.
"About 100 Israelis were mobilized by the anarchists against the wall initiative to the 8th anniversary for the persistent joint struggle against the separation fence/wall and occupation, and in Solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on their hunger strike.P Palestinians activists from Bil'in and the region out numbered the Israelis and the international activists."
Mario Savio
Ami Kaufman
Operation Palestine
Mohammed Basman
Israeli soldiers fleeing from the stones
Yossi Gurvitz
David Reeb

Hebron - AlHalil

Protest against occupation and for prisoners, Hebron, Mar. 1
Another demonstration met by violent repression by the Israeli army. This was not a huge demonstration but still as soon as we reach the middle of the old city, the Israeli soldiers attacked us with teargas and sound grenades thrown directly at people. After that the demonstration dispersed; some youth started to throw stones. One of the Palestinian was violently arrested after having been beaten by Israeli soldiers who dragged him, still bleeding in the face. His sweatshirt was put on his face to hide it from photographers and journalists.
The demonstration was against the occupation and in support of the prisoners.
There were clashes and demonstrations in different locations in the West bank and Jerusalem. Again a Palestinian was shot in the head (2 days again Odai Sahran from Bethlehem was shot in the head and is still between life and death) near Qalandiya and is reported being in a critical condition. - Anne Paq
Picture: Palestinian and Israeli activists sit in front of Israeli soldiers

Jerusalem - AlKuds

Beit Safafa - Struggle against highway in service of colonialist settlers cutting the village.
Beit Safafa protest in front of Israeli PM residency, Feb. 28, 2013:
Family erects protest tent against eviction, Sheikh Jarrah, Mar. 1, 2013:

Al-Ma'sara weekly demonstration, Mar. 1, 2013:

Nabi Saleh

The weekly Friday Mar. 01 Weekly demonstration started. The demonstration carried banners calling for the boycotting of the Jerusalem marathon. In Nabi Saleh called on the world to condemn Israel for the mistreatment of Palestinian detainees, one of them, Arafat Jaradat, died in prison during an interrogation. Marchers also chanted in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners. The IOF invaded the village in large forces, shooting tear gas canisters and rubber-coated steel bullets at people and into residential homes. One man who suffocated and fainted was taken to a Ramallah hospital. The IOF also detained a villager, finally releasing him after a few hours.
Activists are reporting that today's demonstration in Nabi Saleh is now over. As reported earlier, one 26 year old man was evacuated to hospital suffering gas inhalation after IOF fired tear gas directly into his home.
Haim Schwarczenberg


Weekly demonstration and in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners , Mar. 1, 2013
Ahmad Mesleh

Kufr Qaddum

Two Palestinians and an international activist arrested at Kufr Qaddum demonstration
Israeli forces violently suppressed today's demonstration in Kufr Qaddum. Large quantities of stun grenades were thrown at protesters. In addition, three people were arrested.
Around 150 Palestinians, together with Israeli and international activists, participated in Kufr Qaddoum’s weekly demonstration against the closure of the road leading to Nablus.
After midday prayers, protesters marched from the center of the village up the main road, but they were soon blocked by Israeli border police who threw stun grenades at the crowd. Clashes ensued for half an hour, after which Israeli forces retreated. Soon after, border police agents suddenly reappeared at the scene and, whilst throwing stun grenades, arrested two Palestinians and one international activist. The Palestinians were beaten up causing nose bleeding, whilst the international activist was hit on the head with a rifle butt as well as being pepper-sprayed. The three of them are currently being held at Ariel Police Station.
The demonstration ended at around 14:30h when protesters marched down back to the village.

Since 2011, residents of Kufr Qaddum have been resisting the land grab and the road closure by holding weekly demonstrations. The Israeli army often violently suppresses the protests shooting tear gas canisters and stun grenades.
Odai Qaddomi

South West Bank Committee

Protest, Mar. 1, 2013: Today protest was organized to protest in solidarity with Prisoners in the Israeli occupation jails and to open the blocked road connecting Hebron city with south Hebron villages and town which was blocked 10 years ago by the Israeli occupation forces. The protest was held next to Hagai colony. Protesters waved Palestinian flags and chanted for Palestine and prisoners. Once the protesters arrived to the protest location, Israeli occupation soldiers suppressed the protest immediately. No injuries and arrests were reported
South West Bank Committee protest, Mar. 1, 2013:

Beit Ommar: Weekly demonstration, Mar. 1, 2013 By South West Bank Committee: "Organized by Beit Ommar popular movement.
Beit Ommar protest today was in solidarity with Palestinian prisoner in the Israeli occupation jails and aimed to save Beit Ommar land from colonial confiscation. Trees were planted and named after hunger striking prisoners. 10s of land owners, Palestinian activists and international solidarity activists gathered today in Beit Ommar and went all together to threatened Beit Ommar land adjacent to Mijdal Oz colony. Once we reached the targeted land, about 20 or more heavily armed Israeli occupation forces tried to prevent us from entering the land claiming that its a closed military zone, but we insisted to stay and plant the whole area with olive saplings. The trees were all planted, and the land was happy to receive the new baby olive trees that will live here for long years to come. This activity was in cooperation with the YMCA."


There is a daily demonstration at 6pm at Jaffa at the clock in support of the strikers; it is already going on for 3 weeks
Haim Schwarczenberg

Like every day at the foot of the clock tower of Jaffa, starting 18:00 we converged for a 90 minutes of chanting, doing noise, and holding Posters. We were this evening few dozens with significant part of local Palestinians.
After the demo many of the participants continued to the demo against hate crimes and lynches in front of the national theater.
At the demo against hate crimes and lynches:
Amnon Lotan
Anarchist group "Ahdut" (unity) participated. Distributed their bulletin "Alternative" and held a banner and a redNblack flag.
israel putermam
Protest in support of Samer Issawi, Jaffa, Feb. 25, 2013:
Protest in support of Samer Issawi, Jaffa, Feb. 26, 2013:
Protest in support of prisoners, "Tel Aviv uni", Feb. 27, 2013:
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