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Greece: 50 Ways to Kill your people...

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Greece: 50 Ways to Kill your people...


The results of the austerity policies implemented by the three party coalition government in Greece are devastating for the vast majority of the Greek people.
It's extremely hard to follow events that unfold there, the vast majority of news surfacing are quiet disturbing most of the time.Optimism is a currency very hard to come by and solutions to problems people are facing are far from easy.
One of the latest incidence that hit the Greek society hard, took place in the city of Larissa* in centre-north of Greece, two students died and three are being hospitalised in a life threatening condition caused by monoxide poisoning.
The students that could not afford to warm their rented accommodation by purchasing heating oil in order to operate the central heating system, had to improvise by lighting a makeshift heater in an effort to stay warm.
The state pathologist that announced the cause of death i,e monoxide poisoning, also stated speaking in a journalist on a morning TV show, (MEGA channel) that according to medical records from the doctors and hospitals from all over the country, there is a dramatic increase of the so called "third world" diseases that have sky rocketed in the last 3 years. Lots of them are caused by the inability of the residents of the country to see a doctor or purchase even the most basic medicine and he continued by highlighting the vast increase of respiratory diseases that they would have had easily managed by the National Health system a few years back.
After the incident occurred people from all over Greece and abroad ( in social media) start pointing the finger at the government, as they see it, they are the ones directly responsible for the deaths of the students.
Greek government officials, ministers and MP's defended themselves saying that the deaths of the students were an accident and has nothing to do with the austerity imposed by them.
Last night a demonstration took place in Larissa with the participation of political parties/organisations and ordinary people to commiserate the loss of the 2 students. The two students that lost their lives were a 21 year old from Chania,small city in the island of Crete and a 22 year old from Chalkida, capital of Evia island. The other three are still hospitalised in the General Hospital of Larissa, are from Athens, Ioannina and Chania, they still remain in quiet a serious condition but have escaped the worst.

*Larissa has a reputation of having an extreme climate, with very warm summers and extremely cold winters, it is located a stone through away from the highest mountain of Greece i.e Mt Olympus.
In addition to this, according to stats given by the Greek Met office, this winter in Greece has been one of the harshest in recent record.

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