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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle intensify on the back ground of the intensifying of harassments

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | community struggles | news report author Tuesday January 29, 2013 22:31author by Ilan S. - AAtW, ainfos. Mazpenauthor email ilan at shalif dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

It was not just the coming Israeli elections that Israeli settler colonialism intensified. It is part of the trend of last years in which the efforts to expand the settler colonialist project increase - as if to exploit the last opportunity. It is done within the 1948 borders - mainly with transfer of the Bedouins of the south. It is done within the occupied east Jerusalem. It occur in the C areas mainly near colonialist settlements and more so in areas intended to be annexed to Israel. In response, the third Intifada collect momentum and the anarchists against the wall are invited more and more to locations of joint struggles. The general election revealed that a substantial section of the capitalist elite start to distance itself from the costly settler colonialist project... But, it seems more international pressure is needed for a significant change. [Italiano]

Bab Al-Karamah

Activists re-erect tents at Bab al-Karamah, Jan. 25, 2013.
Dozens of Palestinian activists entered a demolished protest village in northwest Jerusalem on Friday, starting to rebuild the al-Karamah (Dignity) encampment. The tent village was established last Friday to protest Israel's land confiscation and settlement building in the area of Beit Iksa. On Monday, Israeli troops demolished all the tents and evacuated all the activists in the camp. Activists entered the village on Friday and performed the weekly prayer, before re-erecting tents and planting olive trees, witnesses said. Beit Iksa, surrounded by Israeli settlements, is set to be entirely encircled by Israel's separation wall, cutting it off from Jerusalem. When completed, the wall will annex 96 percent of Beit Iksa's land, according to a study by the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem. The Al-Karamah village was the second protest village set up, and torn down, this month. Earlier, activists established the Bab al-Shams village near East Jerusalem, in a protest against Israel's plans to build the "E1" settlement on the land, severing the West Bank from Jerusalem.


16 Israelis, few internationals an dozens of Bil'iners participated the 414th Weekly Friday demonstration against the separation wall and occupation. This week the Israeli state forces used from the beginning lot of tear gas... but "only" the usual one - not the very strong experimental gas of the previous Friday.
avi shavit


Clashes with Israeli soldiers, Budrus, Jan. 23, 2013:
Friday Jan. 25, "....Later we went to support/protection of protest demo in Budrus in which the murder of 16 year old boy cure last week, and raids of the army of occupation into the village cure everyday. When our protest was in progress, the gate in the fence was open and the soldiers entered the village. Opposite them stood dozens of protesters, led by the brother of the murdered youth...."
Jan. 26,:


IOF dismantles protest tent


"....First Ni'lin, just before the checkpoint we encountered a promissory obstacle of spikes on the road, something we never came across it even when it was closed to bar the entry of leftists before large demonstrations in Bil'in. For a moment I feared ... At the booth was an officer, I opened the window and I turned to him impatiently as the settlers did not understand why interfere with their lives and I were doing something wrong? Why barrier down? The officer said that they only looked at the gate and immediately picked it up, I exhaled.
After the noon prayer, approximately 60 Palestinian, Israeli and internationals walked to the separation wall. First we walked and called shouting in Arabic and Hebrew against the occupation and theft of land, until we reached the gate of the separation wall, there some of us knocked on the iron gate and demanded that the soldiers open the gate so that people of Ni'lin be able to access their land. We have not received any response from the soldiers on the other side of the gate. Then we brought tires, placed them on the wall and ignited them. To this the soldiers did respond... with big quantity of tear gas. Some protesters bravely climbed the wall and tried to speak to the hearts of the soldiers. Some protesters threw Frisbees with Letter to the soldiers glued to the bottom."

Nabi Saleh

Friday, 18/12013 The weekly Friday demonstration in Nabi Saleh was held in the aftermath of an attempt by Halamish to expand the settlements earlier this week. Demonstrators march in solidarity with hunger striking political prisoners Samer 'Issawi and Ayman Sharawneh and chanted against the occupation and land theft. The Israeli occupation army responded with barrages with tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets and skunk water. Three protesters were injured, including a 16 year old boy who was hit with a canister to his head. They were all treated at the scene.

During the weekly demonstration in Nabi Saleh, the IOF attempted to suppress the protest using putrid skunk water and barrages of rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas. Seven international and Israeli solidarity activists were arrested in the pretext of entering a 'closed military zone.' A few protesters were injured by rubber bullets, one of whom sustained an injury to his face and was taken to hospital for medical treatment. Dozens suffocated from the tear gas.

"Activists on the ground in Nabi Saleh are reporting that Israeli Occupation Forces have invaded the village and are shooting plastic bullets and teargas randomly! Skunk is also being sprayed at houses. One 16/17 year old boy has been hit directly in the head with a teargas canister. no updates as yet on his condition.
Haim Schwarczenberg:
Bilal Tamimi
David Reeb


Friday 25.1.13,

"Hope very nice time for u and your families.
Today we also very strong march but I can say that our march began at
11:30 from the last night when about 30 soldiers stormed many houses
in the village asking for id and taking photos to the families they
get out from the village at 2:00am.
In returning to the march as I said it was very strong hundreds of
people share it but before it began the soldiers arrested GHALIB
HILMI SHTAIWI 21 from his house then when we reached the point you
know many soldiers and 5 JEEP began to shot hundreds of tear gas bombs
many bombs shot direct towards the people.
Police borders hit ZAHI ALI 47 in his house ,ZAHI didn’t know why but
he told me that the soldiers asked him to show his hands only then
they began to hit him.
My friends I would like to tell u that its very important for us to
see you sharing our march.
Thank u very much
Best Wishes

The village kid who was detained released after a while. The Israelis who were stopped for a while at the check point on their travel home because of two international who joined them were released too.

South West Bank Committee Protests on Friday 25.1.2013

Palestinian Protesters in the Settlers' Backyard

Today, 25.1.2013, at 10:30 AM the South West Bank Committee with international and Israeli activists and under the coverage of a large number of journalists, marched up to the gates leading to Elazar colony. Palestinians are barred from entering the illegal colony which sits on private Palestinian land. The large number of protesters, waving Palestinian flags and holding signs, stayed in front of the closed gate for about an hour. A settlers' bus and cars which attempted to enter the colony were blocked from entering by the participants and settlers found it impossible to enter the colony without having to make their way through the protesters and hear their calls. One settler shoved a protester and others attacked them verbally.
The protesters then proceeded to march along the apartheid road 60 which is under the control of the Occupation Authorities. By this time, four jeeps of the occupation army arrived, and the protesters were followed closely by occupation soldiers along the road. At several points the occupation soldiers became violent while protesters insisted that this was a peaceful march. Despite attempts by the forces to stop the march, the participants were determined to continue and marched on. Several Palestinian cars which passed by honked their horns in support while settlers who drove by cursed and verbally abused the peaceful protesters. Indeed, this was a rare moment as various settlers who drove by with cars and buses saw for the first time a Palestinian protest taking place right below their eyes.
Protesters then proceeded to march to the illegal colony of Neve Daniel. At this point a settler from the the illegal colony came out of the gated colony, took pictures of the protesters and pushed them. Protesters were then entirely surrounded by occupation soldiers who prevented further movement towards the colony. The participants remained steadfast and a after about an hour the protest ended as activists continued on to the weekly protest in al Maasara and Al Fawar refugee camp.


In al Maasara, Palestinian, Israeli and international protesters were surrounded by occupation soldiers who prevented their exit from the town to the nearby agricultural lands. Despite the occasional violence imposed by the occupation soldiers on the children who participated, the protesters continued to attempt to make their way through the many heavily armed soldiers surrounding them.

Al Fawar

In Al Fawar, protesters marched towards the block established in 2001 by the Israeli Occupation Forces at the entrance to the refugee camp. A huge number of occupation soldiers attacked the protesters physically and fired tear gas canisters on them. Despite this, protesters were determined in their efforts to open the block which restricts their movement. The protesters finally succeeded to break the gate open, but were not able to move the huge concrete blocks. The road was partially opened and the protesters made it clear that this road will be open in spite of the terror inflicted by the Israeli state.

To view the protest photos, please follow the link below:

South West Bank Committee

South Hebron Hills

Awake 06:15, on a Saturday morning, in order to go with Taayush to escort farmers in South Hebron Hills.
A police car led the way for our van for ten minutes. Then they stopped us and demanded our IDs, even though they had no ground for that. The police officer that came on the van said "Hey, I already recognize some of you." Then another officer explained that we are leftist activists so our purpose is to cause clashes. After warning some of us privately and all together, we were allowed to continue driving.
Umm-al-Arayes South Hebron Hills, West Bank, 26.1.2013 israel putermam
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textPalestine-Israel, The joined struggle in a decisive year* 23:42 Mon 09 Mar by Ilan S. 0 comments

The minimal pressure of the imperial power on Israel to soften its pressures applied to the would be transfered Palestinians of the 1967 occupied areas have its results (more in the west bank than in the Gaza Ghetto). The about 100.000 Palestinians of the occupied territories are employed by Israelis. Most of the roadblocks were removed. The rebellion of the Palestinians in the west bank is channeled mostly through a small minority of activists in the joint and separate week end activities. People are like holding their breath to see if the culminated crisis in the international arena will yield a significant break throw. Mean time, the persistent week end struggles - though in a diminished intensity in Bil'in, Ma'asara, Ni'ilin, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, South of Hebron Hills, Sheik Jarrah... with sporadic struggles in other locations. [Italiano]

textPalestine-Israel, The joint struggle and the activists of the popular committees continue to contrib... 17:00 Mon 29 Dec by Ilan S. 0 comments

The approaching victory in the struggle to block the advance of the Zionist settler colonialist project and even to force it to retreat a bit do not make the real good people to like the enrolling of history. The approaching defeat make the Israeli elite take desperate steps and do its atrocities in the open. The efforts to transfer the Bedouins within 1948 borders and villagers in 1967 occupied territories escalate. The diminishing support of Israel by the imperial power due to changes in the dynamics of the region, world public opinions and economic losses it cause gradually change the power balance within the Israeli capitalist elite that may be expressed in the coming elections. On the ground, the joint struggle in Bil'in, Ni'lin, Ma'sara, Nebi Saleh, Sheikh Jarrah, Qaddum, and South Of Hebron Hills, is gradually expanding to other locations even without the "shield" of Israeli activists. [Italiano]

Bil'in, 12.12.14. Photo: Hamza Burnat imagePalestine-Israel, The joint struggle to the backdrop of the end-of-the-world "status quo" and as cat... 16:47 Mon 15 Dec by Ilan S. 0 comments

The old world order, in which US interests in the region East of the Mediterranean let Israel - a bastion of the US - continue with its Zionist settler colonialist in the 1967 occupied Palestine, has ended. Europe has started to advance its own interests, which are not in accord with the Israeli bastion. The independent steps of Europe are enhanced by its public opinion against Israeli colonialism to which the joint struggle in the West Bank contributes a lot. It was the approach of the imminent crisis that forced the Israeli Prime minister to call for elections, to save himself from the normally-timed election when the crisis would be the main agenda. The murder of the Palestinian minister of the popular struggles has focused attention on the ferment and rising of the popular non-armed struggles of which Israel is contemplating suppression with systematic use of live ammunition. [Italiano]

Bil'in. Photo: Mohammed Yasin imagePalestine-Israel - The joint struggle contributes to the shift in domination within the Israeli capi... 15:50 Sun 30 Nov by Ilan S. 0 comments

Israel was built mainly by the national socialists who owned 75% of the economy in 1949. Due to dependence on the imperial powers the so-called socialist elite invested a lot in building the Zionist-capitalist elite to which it lost power in 1977. Conflicts of interest within the Zionist-capitalist elite started to change the balance between the small tycoons section that supported the Zionist wish to transfer the Palestinians out and the capitalist section that integrated in the neo-liberal globalization who wish to exploit the Palestinians and the workers of neighboring countries. The restructuring of power relations in global capitalism after the last crisis had its Israeli expression in the near-bankruptcy of the tycoon elite and the present collapse of the government coalition. The economic damage which has already resulted from the B.D.S. campaign which is enhanced by the joint struggle seems to be hastening a shift in the balance of powers.

textThe social revolution will sweep Turkey Kurdistan sooner or later 06:39 Sun 16 Nov by Zaher Baher 1 comments

By Zaher Baher from Haringey Solidarity Group and Kurdistan Anarchists Forum

Below is the outcome of my visit to Northern Kurdistan in Turkey between 02/11/14 to 08/11/14 as one of a delegation from United Kingdom, organised by Peace in Kurdistan Campaign (PIK), People’s Democratic Party (HDP) and Democratic Society Congress (DTK).

textPalestine-Israel - the joint struggle in turbulent times.* 02:03 Tue 11 Nov by Ilan S. 0 comments

The popular unarmed struggle of Palestinian communities joined by the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall and others is not a struggle for the "national liberation" or "self determination" of the Palestinian nation. It is the struggle of Palestinian people, of which the overwhelming majority are working people, against the threat of transfer and the suppression and exploitation by the Israeli Zionist settler colonialist project. None of those involved in the struggle who are not in the Palestinian elite have illusions about the Palestinian elite and the state they will rule and manage after the end of the occupation. None of those involved in the struggle believe that the end of the direct occupation will solve the 1948 Nakba and the refugee problems. However, they still prefer the end of the occupation and independence from Israel, over direct Israeli rule, as it will not be an agent of transfer or of such brutal suppression and exploitation. [Italiano]

textPalestine-Israel - a struggle that never ends between Zionist settler colonialism and the indigenous... 15:25 Sun 20 Jul by Ilan S. 0 comments

The war on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip continues for the 13th day. Demonstrations against Israeli warmongering continue both in Israel and throughout the world. All that Israel wants in this war that it has initiated is to thwart a Palestinian unity government and curb the peace agreements it might speed up. The danger of Hamas' surrender to the Palestinian Authority in the heels of its economic crisis has resulted from the actions of the new Egyptian government, which seriously threatens the project of splitting the Palestinians, something that Israel has invested extraordinary efforts in. Only the total collapse of Hamas rule in Gaza scares Israel more than that. However, due to internal problems among the Israel political elite and public opinion, the government refrained from revealing the true nature of the war, which is to stabilize independent Hamas rule in Gaza and prevent the need for Hamas to surrender to the Palestinian Authority of the West Bank. So, instead the Israeli government has exaggerated the reports about attacks against Hamas and is hiding the real agenda - the obstruction of Palestinian unity. [Italiano]

textPalestine-Israel, Turmoiled weeks that backfired Israeli efforts to ignite a third armed Intifada in... 01:59 Mon 07 Jul by Ilan S. 0 comments

When the European pressure on Israel to compromise with the Palestinian elite collected momentum - already diminishing exports, Israel tried to take advanced of the kidnapped three settlers youth applying "plans from the drawer" trying to ignite armed Intifada. Nearly three weeks of propaganda based on lies (as if they are searching for the already known to them to be dead three youth) was all over the media. When lastly the bodies were "found", lies were exposed, and the harassments failed to ignite Intifada. The mounted hate crimes of the Israeli extreme right and murder of a Palestinian youth of the annexed East Jerusalem ignited an extreme response there and within the Palestinian regions within the 1948 borders. Vicious harassment of US-Palestinian youth - cousin of the murdered youth which was video typed became together with the video of the kidnapped cousin became viral all over the world and ignited solidarity demos all over the world. [Italiano]

Israeli-Palestinian protest against national service. (Photo: RutySoft Galeria) imagePalestine-Israel: In the Beitunia murder, the joint struggle again highlights the most important asp... 21:47 Wed 28 May by Ilan S. 0 comments

Many objections were raised about the participation of Israelis in the non-armed struggle in the areas of Palestine occupied in the 1967 war. Some, mostly Palestinians, regarded it as a contribution to so called "normalization". Others claimed that Israeli activists should do their struggle within the Israeli population of the 1948 borders. Many anarchists raised reservations as the Palestinian popular struggle is a kind of capitalist "national independence struggle" for the self-determination of the Palestinian capitalist elite to monopolize the option for the exploitation of the Palestinian working masses - they just ignore the fact that most Palestinians wish for a bi-national democratic whole Palestine and not for a national Palestinian State. Others just do not take upon themselves the obligation to serve as a life-saving shield, as Israeli policy officially forbids the state forces to shoot to kill when Israelis are supposed to be among the demonstrators. Indigenous people struggle against settler colonialist transfer and marginalization is NOT the same as a national Bourgeoisie for "national independence" or "national self-determination". [Italiano]

textPalestine-Israel, The joint struggle activists insist in the efforts to change the world* 22:02 Mon 19 May by Ilan S. 0 comments

Week after week, on weekend and in the week-days to anarchists and other activists insist of leaning our Shoulders on the wheels of history that revolve too slow and push them as much as we can. There is not much of energy in the masses and many activists lost the urge to participate, but still many of us persist and join the meager efforts of the Palestinians who resist the advancing transfer efforts of the Israeli Zionist project and its state forces. The international solidarity activists who join us bring with them the echoes of world wide expanding support and the message that our struggle contribute a lot to it. The frustrated Israeli state forces continue their murderous efforts to extinguish the popular struggle adding live ammunition from time to time like the last week at the demo in Bitunia (near the Ofer concentration camp) but retreat under mounting international pressure. [Italiano]

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The Kobane resistance that has passed its 45th day as of now has caused the attention of revolutionaries all over the world to turn to Rojava. As a result of the work carried out by Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF), anarchist comrades from many parts of the world have sent messages of solidarity to the Kobane resistance.(1) This internationalist stance without a doubt carries great importance for the people resisting in Kobane. However if we do not analyze what is happening in all its truth and if we romanticize instead, our dreams will turn to disappointment in short order.

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The main features of the Syrian revolution are its youthful, spontaneous aspect, and the fact that it was created on the streets and is linked directly to the people. It is a revolution without centralized control, led by insurgent individuals. Consequently, no-one can claim to govern it or lead and the reason is simple: the young insurgents rose up spontaneously and there are no signs of participation by religious elements, whose ideas are extremely reactionary, or indeed by any other tendency. [العربية ]

textBlood-baath in Syria and proletarian direct action Feb 15 Class War Group 0 comments

Greetings to proletarians in struggle in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia... and all over the world!

imageItalian speaking tour of an Anarchist Against the Wall Apr 07 Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici 0 comments

From 5-15 April 2009, a member of Anarchists Against the Wall, Haggai Matar (well-known also for his anti-militarist work, since he was one of the first of the new wave of political objectors to military service), will be in Italy for a speaking tour with the dual aim of providing updates on the current situation in the struggle against the wall and the occupation, and of collecting funds for the activities of AAtW. If you can, please come to one of the events below. If you are unable to attend but you want to contribute to the work of AAtW, please log on to for details on how to do so. [Italian]

textAnarchists Against the Wall and Bil'in Popular Committee awarded Carl von Ossietzky Medal Oct 17 1 comments

Anarchists Against the Wall and the Bil'in Popular Committee exemplify the nonviolent resistance to the Israeli-built "Separation Wall" on Palestinian land, as well as steadfastness in the diverse grass-root campaigns against the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

imageIsrael-Palestine: The murder of Ahmad Husam Yousef Mousa Jul 30 0 comments

Ahmad Husam Yousef Mousa, 10 years old, was murdered yesterday as he demonstrated together with his friends against the separation wall which is being constructed on the lands of his village Ni'ilin. When Ahmad and his friends reached the construction site the soldiers shot rubber bullets at them and they began to
retreat. At that point one of the soldiers shot a live round at Ahmad's head from a distance of about 10 meters.

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