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General strike for ALL on Wednesday 26 September!

category greece / turkey / cyprus | community struggles | press release author Wednesday September 26, 2012 21:48author by Ε.Σ.Ε. Αθήνας - ESE - Athensauthor email info at ese-gr dot org Report this post to the editors

Our world is in conflict with those who benefit from our work, with those who expect to be able to decide how we should live. [ελληνικά]

General strike for ALL on Wednesday 26 September

Troika and bosses
one voice and one fist

Few words are needed to describe the situation that we are experiencing daily, both for those who work and for those seeking work. We all know how much exploitation has grown and how much they have cut our our incomes.

But greed knows no bounds. Now they are talking of free economic zones. They want to turn Greece into a free economic zone, there will be no labour rights. They are talking about increasing retirement age, about an increase in working hours and about more layoffs and the full liberalization of opening hours for shops and banks. All this and much more make up the "necessary sacrifices" that must be made (as they say) for development. They are nothing but gifts to the bosses.

The problem is not only the Troika, the government, etc. It is above all those who have taken advantage of ​​the crisis, those who have closed their businesses or are seeking to create more favourable conditions to be able to exploit and to enrich themselves even more. And these are things that can be done easily unless we organize our resistance for ourselves - unless we question their supposed power, unless we believe in ourselves. If we do not establish a line of defence whose objective is not only to put an end to this situation, but also to create new conditions, with the self-organization of society as a basis, according to our own values ​​based on solidarity, dignity and equality.

In the struggles that we take part in day after day, struggles that we need to take part in, we cannot expect anything from the leaders of the GSEE (General Confederation of Greek Workers), the ADEDY (Civil Servants' Confederation), the party transmission belt that is the PAME (All-Workers Militant Front), or those who want to manipulate the labour movement, whatever colours they wear.

Enough of words and living in misery! The time for patience (as we are persistently asked) has passed.

Regarding the new measures, we know perfectly well that these will not be the last - they are simply one more stone in the wall that is growing in front of us and keeps us away from the fruits of our labour.

Our world is in conflict with those who benefit from our work, with those who expect to be able to decide how we should live.

In the face of these new measures...
we need self-organized militant unionism.

General strike for ALL on Wednesday 26 September!

Libertarian Trade Union (ESE) - Athens

Translation by FdCA International Relations Office.

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