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Kropotkin: the coming revolution

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Documentary in German with English subtitles

A short documentary to introduce the concept of Anarchism Communism in Kropotkin's words, compiled from different articles.

A composition of some of the essential thoughts of Anarchist Communism in the words of the Russian anarchist Kropotkin. The movie starts with a vague feeling that every form of society must be questioned but without anybody knowing what will come afterwards. There then follows an aggregation of the basic ideas of a free reorganisation of society as developed within the anarchist mileu under the influence of the defeated Paris Commune. The movie finishes with some reflections about the problem, that such fantasies were propagated only by minorities at the moment, while the will and the strength of a vast majority of the producers/people will be needed to have such a great attempt at changing the world.

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Kropotkin: the coming revolution

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