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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle in the middle of the hot summer and Ramadan*

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | community struggles | news report author Monday July 30, 2012 17:11author by Ilan S. - AAtW, ainfos, Matzpenauthor email ilan at shalif dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

On the background of the Israeli warmongering focused on the Iranian nuclear initiative, Israel intensifies its steps for house demolition and transfer of Palestinians from area C, which is 60% of the occupied West Bank. The Palestinians persist in the Tsumud mode of resistance. Israeli and international activists join whenever they can - mainly in the region of the hills south of Hebron and the Jordan river. Israeli state forces increase their efforts to exclude the internationals but limited by world PR. In spite of the warmongering, the world economic recession, and the hot weather, the social struggle continues in the main cities. The focus of repression of the joint struggle against the occupation and settler colonialist encroaching lands near settlements was a day after day invasion and harassment in the heroic village of Nabi Saleh. [Italiano]


Friday early afternoon, the persistent joint struggle demonstration, western lands of the village, we marched and chanted. 10 Israelis, about 20 internationals and about two dozen Bil'iners participated on a hot summer day, protesting the robbery of the lands of the village for the building of the settler colonialist town Modi'in Illit. When we approached the separation wall the Israeli state forces started their usual shooting of tear gas canisters reinforced with noise and tear gas grenades and spray of stinking water.
As the wind was friendly the more experienced participants and the more daring newcomers succeeded in evading the tear gas again and again and we continued the confrontation for about an hour. Part of the local shabab retaliated against the state forces with stones and forced them to hide behind the wall
Another take:
In the early afternoon hours of the second Friday of the Ramadan, some several dozen protesters gathered in Bil'in for the weekly demonstration against the Wall and settlements. The protesters – Bil'iners, Israeli activists and international supporters - made their way towards the separation wall where the army was already based. Upon reaching Abu Lamon grove near the Western stretch of the Wall, protesters were met by volleys of tear-gas canisters, as well as shock grenades and the "skunk" – a water cannon spraying foul-smelling liquid. Since the wind was blowing in the direction of the soldiers, protesters were able to make their way to the Wall and cross the first fence surrounding it. After some clashes the demonstration dispersed. No arrests or injuries were reported.

Hamde Abu Rahma
Rani Abdel Fatah

Al Ma’sara

Meanwhile on Friday, in southern West Bank, several residents were also treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation when Israeli soldiers attacked the villagers of Al Ma’sara as they organized their weekly anti wall and settlements protest which called this week for boycotting Israeli products.
Residents and international supporters marched near the construction site of the wall and were faced with tear gas fired by Israeli troops operating in the area.

An-Nabi Saleh

Thursday Live bullets and a lot of tear gas shot now in the village during a clashes between al shabab and IOF
Friday, Israeli soldiers attacked the weekly protest at An-Nabi Saleh village near Ramallah wounding four people including a 9-year old child.
The villagers marched after the midday prayers towards the confiscated lands, however, Israeli troops stopped them by firing several rounds of rubber-coated steel bullets and a number of tear gas canisters. Nine-year old Mohammad Tamimi was hit in his arm with a tear gas canister and was moved to the hospital for treatment.
Three others were wounded with rubber-coated steel bullets however, their wounds were described as minor.
Army Raids Nabi Saleh in the Aftermath of Friday Demo . See
israel putermam
Saturday, Army raiding #NabiSaleh now, as they've done every day in past week. Soldiers are shooting live ammo at local youth who throw stones at them


Despite the hot weather, demonstration took place in the neighboring village of Ni'lin, where a few dozen protesters marched towards the concrete Wall built on the village's olive groves. The army shot tear-gas and used the skunk to disperse the crowd. A young man wounded by a bullet. Picture of confrontations today:

Kafr Qaddum

"The legend of the village Qaddum. It is an open secret that I love the village. So what did we have?
Seven Israelis and a number of international joined two hundred Palestinians in the demonstration.
This week we demonstrated in a scorching sun and terrible heat, against the closing of the road and land theft.
The demonstration started in a procession accompanied by music as the inhabitants refuse to be suppressed and depressed.
The army in its turn shot a really huge amount of tear gas. And the Shabab that do not give in responded in intense fight beck: burning tires and slingshots were there aplenty.
Unfortunately spray of skunk water was aplenty too.
The army moved slowly into the village and in the surrounding mountains on the left and continued to shoot more and more tear gas.
They filled the village with clouds of smoke and tear gas.
Some who suffocated by tear gas inhalation received treatment there.
After the demonstration were invited to personally visit the mourners of 14 year-old boy who was killed in a car accident.
Of course we attended it as our presence was important to them.
On a personal note, even if it took time till us Israelis we were admitted as partners, today is not the case and we are already welcome and blessed.
And no one should be mistaken about it."

Palestinian protesters run for cover from tear gas fired by Israeli soldiers during a demonstration against the illegal expropriation of Palestinian land by Israel in the village of Kafr Qaddum, near the West Bank city of Nablus on July 27, 2012. AFP PHOTO/JAAFAR ASHTIYEH

Social Struggle

Wednesday, Tel Aviv, Vigil of the anarcho-communist front Ahdut (unity) near the Spanish embassy in solidarity with the struggle of Spanish miners. http://unityispa.wordpress.

Today (Saturday) hundreds converged and marched in Tel Aviv, in protest against the deportation and imprisonment of refugees. Together with Holocaust survivors and second and third generation
israel putermam

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