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Colombian Political Prisoners sent greetings of solidarity to anarchist prisoners in Belarus

category venezuela / colombia | repression / prisoners | news report author Thursday June 28, 2012 18:50author by Grupo Bifurcación - Cruz Negra Anarquista Report this post to the editors

Note by Bifurcación: This letter is written by two Colombian political prisoners who for some time have become closer to the anarchist struggle. [Castellano]


Bogotá D.C. Colombia. June 2012

Solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners

From the Colombian prison of La Picota in our condition of political prisoners, of insurgent fighters who took up arms against state terrorism at the service of a criminal and disgraceful oligarchy that rules our country; we sympathize with all those anywhere in the world who rise up against all forms of oppression and domination over human beings and over the people.

Specifically, we support the day of action in solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners from June 30 to July 2, most notably with fellow anarchists who were arrested in the fall of 2010 and sentenced to spend 3 to 8 years in prison in May 2011, by a series of attacks on symbols of state and capital. In October 2011, it was recognized their status as political prisoners thanks to the support of civil rights organizations, but even when in August 2011the penalties were remitted to 30 political prisoners, this didn't happen with any of the anarchist political prisoners, because of their refusal to accept their guilt and apologize to President Alexander Lukashenko, who in retaliation refused the amnesty to them.

We support this decent attitude, this moral firmness, this integrity, ethics and political loyalty to the rebel and revolutionary cause; and we demand to the Belarusian government their immediate release. We support as well the demand to cease the repression of the prison administration against political prisoners including the fellow anarchists.

Rebellion and resistance are not crimes, but peoples’ rights against all forms of oppression and domination,and is a duty for all who embrace the commitments of the revolutionary struggle against the total extension of capitalism, its system of international oligopoly and the global monopolistic concentration with its consequences in terms of environmental depredations, the growth of inequality, the exponential growth of poverty,insecurity, poverty and the needs of millions and millions of human beings,while 2% of the world’s richest men hold more than half of global wealth.

Freedom for political prisoners in Belarus and for our fellow anarchists!

Cesar and Enrique*

Colombian political prisoners

La Picota, Prison, Bogota.

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In October 2010 two girls were raped. One of them was killed along with her two little brothers, allegedly by a Colombian soldier in the countryside of a town called Tame, Northeastern Colombia. A prosecutor of the Attorney General's office charged Second Lieutenant Raul Muñoz Linares with the rape and murders.

The judicial process against Muñoz was delayed yet again one more week as Muñoz's new lawyer asked for more time to prepare his clients defense.

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Bogotá -- As usual, this May Day there was a massive demonstration in Bogotá, Colombia. Hundreds of people from a diverse range of social movements took the streets to fight against capitalism. Walking along with the workers, there were a lot of young anarchists that agitated their black flags and shouted for freedom while hearing rock bands in a non-violent attitude.

imageThe murder of a peasant leader who had opposed the mining project of La Colosa (Cajamarca, Tolima) Nov 07 by José Antonio Gutiérrez D. 0 comments

In the afternoon of the 2 November, the peasant leader César García, president of the community association (Junta de Acción Comunal) of Cajon La Leona, was killed in cold blood by a shot to the head as he returned to his homestead with his wife and son. García had become visible through his participation in the Environmental and Rural Committee of Cajamarca for the defence of life, water and food (Comité Ambiental y Campesino de Cajamarca por la Defensa de la Vida, el Agua y el Alimento), an organisation which has been leading the community´s struggle against the large-scale extractive project La Colosa. It is key to ask ourselves, who benefits from this crime? Unfortunately we are all too familiar with this situation, where the interests of powerful people are threatened, then “dark forces” arise which plant the seeds of destabilisation, terror, death…after which, in the midst of the onslaught of repression to guarantee “investor security”, the “peacemakers” make their triumphant entry with portfolios brimming with business contracts.

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As examples of the unprecedented criminal violence with which the social protest has been repressed here are the cases of two localities in the department of Tolima: the municipality of Cajamarca and the community of Castilla in the municipality of Coyaima. It must be stressed that these are not exceptional cases, rather two more cases of the officially-endorsed violence against the people that has assailed the whole country.

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imageUribe's other war: students and public universities under siege in the Colombian conflict Oct 08 by CILEP & José Antonio Gutiérrez D, 0 comments

For years, the dirty war raging in Colombia has been moving onto the university campuses; students, workers and professors have suffered threats, persecution and murder. Persecution from state agencies has been combined with an orchestrated media campaign to create an atmosphere of hysteria, which reached its climax in the famous videos shown by Gina Parody, an Uribe supporter and senator, and accusations from the director of the Department of Administrative Security (DAS), that accused the organised student movement of being a mere façade of the insurgency. It is not necessary to insist that this atmosphere of collective hysteria is what the state was looking for in order to justify the use of brutal force, that under president Uribe Vélez’s so-called policy of Democratic Security means nothing but the militarisation of all spheres of social life. This is a multifaceted strategy - and has been the typical response of the dominant classes to social protest - in which the repressive actions by both the official institutions and unofficial institutions (ie. Paramilitary gangs) have combined.The collective nature of this document is both a denunciation and a reflection that aims at strengthening the resistance they are trying to suppress, by revealing the mechanisms which are used to advance the institutional and paramilitary intervention in the public universities, and thus to help to advance towards the defeat of this authoritarian project being imposed in Colombia.

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As repression assumes fearful proportions in Colombia, sheer violence is the mechanism to impose a terrorist mafia regime, an enclave subservient to US imperialist interests in the region. The current regime represents the political expression of the harshest class violence against workers in the region. This is not shameful for the Colombian people but it represents a menace to all of the Latin American people. Those libertarian organisations who have signed this statement do so in order to show solidarity with the libertarian movement in Colombia which, along with the rest of the people’s movement, knows no quarter in its struggle against State Terrorism and Imperialism.

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We, Grupo Raíces/Grúpa Fréamhacha, condemn the extra-judicial execution of 46 Colombian young men between January and August this year, as emerged on the news two weeks ago.

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The latest victims of the paramilitary violence are Leonidas Gómez, from a bank employee's trade union; Carmen Cecilla Carvajal, affiliated member of ASINORT trade union; Gildardo Antonio Gómez, affiliated member of ADIDA; Carlos Burbano, affiliated member of the trade union of hospital workers

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