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For the love of Limerick and Feta...

category ireland / britain | miscellaneous | opinion / analysis author Sunday May 20, 2012 17:41author by Costas A. - 1 of Anarkismo Editorial Group Report this post to the editors

Standing with one foot in Ireland and the other foot in Greece and having an interest and a natural curiosity for all "things", I listen, watch and follow events that take place in both countries regarding all aspects of human life, social-political-economical and not only.

I'm not much of a patriot if not at all and very proud not to be one but at the same time i do not take racist, populist attacks lightly and especially when they come from politicians, bankers and front line of the establishment.
The comment of the irish minister of economy michael noonan for Greece
(“apart from holidaying in the greek islands, i think most irish people don’t have a lot (of connections with greece),” he said.
“if you go into the shops here, apart from feta cheese, how many greek items do you put in your basket?”) and his piss taking attitude does not help people either here in ireland or in Greece.
People in both countries are suffering the consequences of the policies M. Noonan and his predecessors are implementing in both countries in favour of capital- banks and business etc- with no sympathy or mercy from their behalf.
when he and the rest of his government mates cutting benefits, salaries, pensions, seeing people migrating left right and centre, queueing to get the unemployment benefit ( 450.000 People here in eire) queueing for a bowl of soup and a sandwich on soup kitchens, sleeping rough, begging for a few coins, waiting on the back of super market alleys to empty bins with out of date food... When all these are taking place here in ireland how dare he, laughing at others peoples misfortune that he and his colleagues caused...none Of us laughed when he lost his wife recently....none


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