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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle of the AAtW against the wall and occupation and solidarity

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | community struggles | news report author Wednesday May 02, 2012 03:31author by Ilan S. - AAtW, ainfos, Matzpenauthor email ilan at shalif dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

Solidarity with the administrative prisoners on hunger strike

Last week there was an escalation in the pressure against the Palestinians in chosen locations that Israel wants to transfer them from - in the south and East Jerusalem neighborhoods. After the first successful hunger strike of two Palestinian administrative detainees, the hunger strike of 1,500 administrative detainees is widescale and the demonstrations of support and solidarity hunger strikes are abundant. In addition to the weekly demonstrations promoting this theme, Ramallah and the concentration camp of Ofer are the main locations, with mounting confrontations between demonstrators and Israeli State forces. In addition to the social struggle within Israel that is gaining momentum, we had actions and solidarity demos with the African refugees. A May 1st demo with a black block will start in Tel Aviv in the early evening. [Italiano]

Occupied east Jerusalem/Al-Quds

Beit Hanina

Palestinian, Israeli and foreign activists protest against illegal Israeli Jewish settlers moving into the house of Palestinian Khaled Natshe which was taken over by force by the Jewish settlers, in the Israeli annexed Arab east Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina.
Demonstration at Friday 27/4/2012. Palestinians, more than 50 Israelis and number of internationals demonstrating together in Beit Hanina against evictions of Palestinians from their houses in the neighborhood and extremist Jewish settlers moving in which started last weeks.
The demonstration was powerful, and long. The police attempts to capture a number of Palestinians who did not do anything, but failed. Eventually they settle for one Israeli detainee. She stayed a few hours in the patrol car that was prevented from leaving the area of the demonstration. Finally, after hours of demonstration full of energy the protesters decided to let the police car go and take the detainee to the police station where she was questioned and released immediately.
There were several dozen police officers, to suppress the demo. They pushed, beaten, and trampled protesters, but did not used more drastic means like tear gas or fire of live ammunition.
The neighborhood made ​​it clear this demonstration is only the first opening of the struggle to expel the occupation from Beit Hanina.
Amir Bitan

Beit Ummar

Saturday protest, 28.4.12 "Our protest was in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike and against the Israeli occupation colonial activities in the town. One Israeli peace activist (K.) was arrested. Our main demands were: to Free Palestinian prisoners from the Israeli jails, to stop colonial activities, to allow the farmers to cultivate their land freely, and of course number one demand was to end Israeli occupation."
"I was arrested in Beit Ummar yesterday for being in a closed military zone. The police decided to keep me for the night and take me to court on Sunday to ask for a 2 month restriction from the area. Thanks to the great work of Leah and the rest of the legal support the police were forced to reverse their decision and bring me to court the same night.
I finally got to see a judge at 1 am he released me without and restriction from the area." K.


About 20 Israelis with the Anarchists Against the Wall initiative and few internationals joined dozens participants from the village in the Friday weekly demonstration, Apr. 27. 2012. One activist with a tin sheet hide from military lookup another comrade while he cut the barbed wire preventing access to the separation wall.


Friday demonstrations, thirty demonstrators stood in front of about forty soldiers, and for an hour and a quarter lectured them all the reasons to refuse.

Nabi Salih

Protest, April, 20,2012
Noa Shaindlinger


Weekly demonstration, Apr. 27, 2012


Today during the weekly demonstration three Israeli activists and approximately 7-10 internationals joined a considerable amount of participants from the village.
This time the army showed its presence at the entrance of the path which crosses the village but demonstrators managed to go around it.
Even before the speeches began the firing of gas launchers started, there was a lot of tear gas in the air, that some still was left even after the end of the demonstration.
During the demonstration, about seven people were injured. One of them is 19-year-old youngster from the village that a grenades launcher wounded him in the head. Another one got injured hip also from grenade launcher. An international activist got injured elbow also from the launcher. Four others suffocated from the tear gas inhalation.
The army tried to enter with a small bulldozer to remove road blocks to enable the entrance of the car spraying the skunk water but the shabab forced it to retreat outside of the village.

Kafr Qaddum

Doctors are trying to save the life of a 19yo man from Kafr Qaddum who was shot by IOF with a canister on the head from 30m.
Haim Schwarczenberg

Salfit village Deir Istiya

"Call to come to Deir Istiya, Monday evening... As already mentioned in a previous mail, 9 farmers of the Salfit village Deir Istiya received an order to uproot 1400 trees in Wadi Qana by May 1st. We visited Wadi Qana last Friday and were invited to participate in a meeting this Monday evening, to lay out a plan of action.
People from the village together with some internationals have also established a presence in Wadi Qana and stay there the nights and would really love us to join, specifically Monday to Tuesday night, i.e. the night before the expiry date.
We will be leaving Tel Aviv Monday evening at around 6. If you are interested in coming to the meeting and/or to spend the night, please contact K."
On April 25, 2012 nine farmers of Deir Istiya, Salfit were given orders to
uproot 1400 olive trees in the Wadi Qana agricultural area by May 1, 2012.
This is the largest order for uprooting trees that the farmers of Wadi Qana
have ever been given. Most of the trees were planted approximately 5 years
ago on privately owned Palestinian property. The orders, placed on
retaining terraces, rocks and fences in the vicinity of the trees, state
that if the farmers do not uproot their trees they will face punishment
which could, according to Deir Istiya mayor Nazmi Salman include large
fines and imprisonment.
On Friday, April 27, villagers and international activists will proceed
from the village of Deir Istyia to the Wadi Qana agricultural area for
Friday prayers and an educational walk through the valley. Internationals
and Israeli activists are encouraged to show solidarity with their presence
Meet at 12:00PM in the village of Deir Istyia, Salfit, where transportation
to the agricultural area will be arranged.
"Going with a few friends. We have been active in the village for a couple of years. We're leaving from Tel Aviv"

Tel Aviv

Tonight (April 25, 2012) at 22:30 15 activists intended to get into action in Rabin Square. As we seek to leave the office of Zochrot (remember - the 1948 Nacbah) we discovered that the police are closing around the building and closes all exits (from the main path leading to the building and a courtyard that connects the buildings). Staff officers on the scene made ​​it clear that he is determined not to allow us to "violate the public order" and therefore not in and out.
Sieged near Ibn Gvirol Mane Street intersection, we were interned for almost four hours and were forbidden to go outside the building unless we agree to give the police force our materials, submit our identity documents and undergo interrogation that includes search in our personal belonging. It was made clear to the police by attorney Gaby Lasky which helped us (and a big thank you!) That they commit false imprisonment and that they have no reason to ask us to identify ourselves but they ignored her. Around 02:00 most of us were released, except three arrestees from the supporters who converged out of the sieged building and were reading the names of the demolished villages at 1948. "We work for their release" (They were supposed to be brought Thursday 20:00 before judge but released by court a bit earlier). On Sunday we will submit a complain for false imprisonment.
Silencing sailed this evening from Ibn Gvirol Mane Street intersection, towards new realms with the bitter taste of totalitarian regimes.
Israeli police blocked the exit from the event, claiming activist were planing to take part.
Arresting people for reading aloud the names of the destroyed Arab villages


Friday noon, demo of 100 activists against night attach with molotovs of doweling apartments and a kindergarten house of African refugees/
One activist is being arrested during a demonstration against racism after a string of Molotov attacks on refugees in the Shapira neighborhood in Tel Aviv, Israel, on April 27, 2012.
The previous night, at least four homes and a kindergarten were targeted with Molotov cocktails,

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textPalestine-Israel, The joint struggle really changed the world* 20:50 Sat 05 Sep by Ilan S. 0 comments

The failed arrest of 12 year old child in Nabi Saleh caused a million views storm in the media. This situation and the next Friday of the joint struggle demonstrated again how the involvement of the AATW Israeli Jews prevented in the past and prevent now the extinguishing of the non armed Palestinian struggle with rivers of blood. It was one shooting of Gil Naamati in 2003 in a joint action of the anarchists AATW that caused a real wide media scandal in Israel (which forced the higher commander of the army to visit him at hospital and apologize) that resulted in the change of shooting order about dispersing non armed demonstrations in the occupied lands when Israelis are involved. In addition to our helping to distribute the news, Our main contribution is the supply of "life insurance" to the Palestinians and even to the stone throwers in the demos.... though it is not perfect and along the years about 20 were killed and many more were injured. [Italiano]

Bil'in, 10.07.15. Photo: Mohammed Yasin Photography imagePalestine-Israel, The activists participating in the joint struggle get old... but the struggle is s... 15:10 Tue 28 Jul by Ilan S. 0 comments

It is hard for many activists when the real meaning of the struggle are not concrete achievable gains, but a global worldwide struggle. This week, the concrete and the global merged when the struggle against the destruction of Susiya village recruited international support and forced Israel to delay or even cancel the demolition of the village. Pressure from the imperial powers on Israel was joined by European warning about approaching sanctions against the Israeli banking system for its involvement in the settlers' projects in the occupied West Bank. It seems the erosion of Israeli immunity from paying for its war crimes is collecting momentum. The Israeli media is full of news about B.D.S. - the joint struggle in which thousands of international activists participate, contributing a lot. The heroic Bil'in, Ni'lin, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, Ma'sara, and Sheikh Jarrah keep the weekly flame from extinguishing. [Italiano]

textPalestine-Israel, the joint struggle which enhance the B.D.S. suffer lately more punishments then ev... 04:57 Tue 02 Jun by Ilan S. 0 comments

The non armed joint actions - mainly few Friday demos, do not cause the Israeli armed forces much load. However, the focusing of the media on these, and more so the international activist participating in them who enhance the international struggle when they return home, really worry the Israeli authorities. Their borders screening which succeed to prevent the entry of activists is not much effective. The Israeli ruling elite is not in panic yet, but lately they worry a lot. The president of Israel warn that the development of the B.D.S. must cause a real concern. The threat of the expulsion from the FIFA cause Israel to make concession to prevent the voting and even agreed to a special monitoring comity. The subject of the B.D.S. is more and more in the media and many of the speaker admit their fear from its intensifying. [Italiano]

textPalestine-Israel, As the split in the elite, a part of which is already suffering, threatens Prime m... 23:57 Fri 22 May by Ilan S. 0 comments

The election which was a response to rebellion in the elite - threatening to restrict his daily newspaper - resulted in a partial defeat. He is dependant now on the support of the center-right party and the orthodox parties,and now he is trying desperately to regain control. The mounting pressure on Israel threatens to take a fast escalation. It is already expressed in the threat to expel Israel from FIFA and of intervention of the Hague Court. The French initiative in the UN security council is approaching. The escalation in transfer actions - both within Israel and the West Bank is an effort to recruit at least the support of orthodox parties and the extreme right. In spite of harsher efforts to repress the Palestinian struggle - both in occupied east Jerusalem and the popular non-armed struggle the struggle continues. The very optimistic activists already feel the approaching victory. [Italiano]

textPalestine-Israel, The joint struggle enhance the B.D.S. which intensify the international pressure w... 00:20 Fri 08 May by Ilan S. 0 comments

The B.D.S. which intensify the pressure not only worry the Israeli elite - it already caused a split in it. The split expressed in the initiation of law against the Netaniahu daily caused him to dismantle his coalition and call for election. The result was even worse for him. He lost the majority of the hard core right. The 61 (versus 59) coalition was achieved only with Kakhlon center-right that already blocked the main rightist moves and some of the extreme neoliberal tendency. A new power balance in the Israeli elite may result with a near future coalition with the pseudo left party Zionist List or even entirely different coalition without Netaniahu or even without the Licud party. With this back ground, transfer of Palestinians intensify - both citizens of Israel and in the occupy west bank... And the repression and struggle continue in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Nebi Saleh, Qadoom, Ma'asarah, Sheikh Jarrah, South Hebron Hills and sporadicly in other places. [Italiano]

textPalestine-Israel, The joint struggle continues with fresh conviction that it is a fulcrum of the int... 18:56 Sat 18 Apr by Ilan S. 0 comments

With the conviction that our main contribution is not so much in changes on the ground but in the spirit of the struggle of the participants and the fulcrum we provide to the international lever. The gradual increase in international pressure which the Israeli high court verdict is that is a criminal act for Israeli to promote causing already much of damages in the economy of occupation and concern of the Zionist-colonialist Israeli ruling Elite. We see here again how small number of activists can initiate a turn in the course of history when it is applied in the ripe cross-road. It started in a small joint camp in Masha 2003 for struggle against the separation fence, after the idea raised half a year earlier in the European People Global Action conference in Leiden - in which activists from the East of the Mediterranean region participated too. The camp initiated struggles in various villages that riped at 2005 in the Bil'in struggle... which expanded and expanded...

textPalestine-Israel, The collapse of the deterrent ability of Israel in the last Gaza war is expressed ... 04:37 Wed 08 Apr by Ilan S. 0 comments

The frustrated Israeli state force who do not dare to prevent the weekly non armed popular demonstrations - Joined and purely of Palestinians, resort to shooting on demonstrators with frequent use of live fire by snippers. In the annexed regions of Jerusalem they no more pretend it is not an occupied area and apply there the occupation procedures - both in treatment of detaining children and houses demolition. The "hot" areas of the popular non armed struggle gradually expand but still far away from a general uprising. The international popular struggle worry the Israeli elite but the damages to the Israeli economy is still in the margins. It seems the Zionist settler colonialist elite which bribed the tycoons section of the capitalist elite with extreme neo liberal measures cannot do it any more as other sections of the capitalist elite (backers of Cakhlon) rebelled.

textPalestine-Israel, the joint struggle in turbulent times of the fragmentation in the Zionist rilling ... 15:22 Sun 22 Mar by Ilan S. 0 comments

The merger between the Zionist leadership and the capitalist elite which started 1948 picked in the Tycoons dominance, at 20010. The "too successful" neo-liberalism was challenged by the social struggle, conflicts within the capitalist elite and threatened by international pressure yielded the diminishing power of the old order when the right lost its absolute power in the parliament depending now on the opponent of the milder Zionist right (Kachlon). It is not sure how fast the retreat in the neo-liberal trend and the defeat of the Tycoons combined with the international pressure will yield also retreat in the advance of the Zionist settler and transfer effort. Mean time the joint struggle continue in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Nebi Saleh, Kadum, Ma'asarah, Southern Hebron Hills, Sheikh Jarrah, the Bedouins of the south, Dahamsh... with additional locations from time to time. [Italiano]

textPalestine-Israel, The joined struggle in a decisive year* 23:42 Mon 09 Mar by Ilan S. 0 comments

The minimal pressure of the imperial power on Israel to soften its pressures applied to the would be transfered Palestinians of the 1967 occupied areas have its results (more in the west bank than in the Gaza Ghetto). The about 100.000 Palestinians of the occupied territories are employed by Israelis. Most of the roadblocks were removed. The rebellion of the Palestinians in the west bank is channeled mostly through a small minority of activists in the joint and separate week end activities. People are like holding their breath to see if the culminated crisis in the international arena will yield a significant break throw. Mean time, the persistent week end struggles - though in a diminished intensity in Bil'in, Ma'asara, Ni'ilin, Nabi Saleh, Qaddum, South of Hebron Hills, Sheik Jarrah... with sporadic struggles in other locations. [Italiano]

textPalestine-Israel, The joint struggle and the activists of the popular committees continue to contrib... 17:00 Mon 29 Dec by Ilan S. 0 comments

The approaching victory in the struggle to block the advance of the Zionist settler colonialist project and even to force it to retreat a bit do not make the real good people to like the enrolling of history. The approaching defeat make the Israeli elite take desperate steps and do its atrocities in the open. The efforts to transfer the Bedouins within 1948 borders and villagers in 1967 occupied territories escalate. The diminishing support of Israel by the imperial power due to changes in the dynamics of the region, world public opinions and economic losses it cause gradually change the power balance within the Israeli capitalist elite that may be expressed in the coming elections. On the ground, the joint struggle in Bil'in, Ni'lin, Ma'sara, Nebi Saleh, Sheikh Jarrah, Qaddum, and South Of Hebron Hills, is gradually expanding to other locations even without the "shield" of Israeli activists. [Italiano]

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textOn the current protests in Lebanon : When spring comes late , would it achieve more ? Sep 20 by mazen kamalmaz 0 comments

On the current protests in Lebanon : When spring comes late , would it achieve more ?

imageRojava: Fantasies and Realities Nov 08 by Zafer Onat 1 comments

The Kobane resistance that has passed its 45th day as of now has caused the attention of revolutionaries all over the world to turn to Rojava. As a result of the work carried out by Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF), anarchist comrades from many parts of the world have sent messages of solidarity to the Kobane resistance.(1) This internationalist stance without a doubt carries great importance for the people resisting in Kobane. However if we do not analyze what is happening in all its truth and if we romanticize instead, our dreams will turn to disappointment in short order.

imageHorizons for the Syrian revolution May 23 by Mazen Kalmamaz 0 comments

The main features of the Syrian revolution are its youthful, spontaneous aspect, and the fact that it was created on the streets and is linked directly to the people. It is a revolution without centralized control, led by insurgent individuals. Consequently, no-one can claim to govern it or lead and the reason is simple: the young insurgents rose up spontaneously and there are no signs of participation by religious elements, whose ideas are extremely reactionary, or indeed by any other tendency. [العربية ]

textBlood-baath in Syria and proletarian direct action Feb 15 Class War Group 0 comments

Greetings to proletarians in struggle in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia... and all over the world!

imageItalian speaking tour of an Anarchist Against the Wall Apr 07 Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici 0 comments

From 5-15 April 2009, a member of Anarchists Against the Wall, Haggai Matar (well-known also for his anti-militarist work, since he was one of the first of the new wave of political objectors to military service), will be in Italy for a speaking tour with the dual aim of providing updates on the current situation in the struggle against the wall and the occupation, and of collecting funds for the activities of AAtW. If you can, please come to one of the events below. If you are unable to attend but you want to contribute to the work of AAtW, please log on to for details on how to do so. [Italian]

textAnarchists Against the Wall and Bil'in Popular Committee awarded Carl von Ossietzky Medal Oct 17 1 comments

Anarchists Against the Wall and the Bil'in Popular Committee exemplify the nonviolent resistance to the Israeli-built "Separation Wall" on Palestinian land, as well as steadfastness in the diverse grass-root campaigns against the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

imageIsrael-Palestine: The murder of Ahmad Husam Yousef Mousa Jul 30 0 comments

Ahmad Husam Yousef Mousa, 10 years old, was murdered yesterday as he demonstrated together with his friends against the separation wall which is being constructed on the lands of his village Ni'ilin. When Ahmad and his friends reached the construction site the soldiers shot rubber bullets at them and they began to
retreat. At that point one of the soldiers shot a live round at Ahmad's head from a distance of about 10 meters.

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