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Mashriq / Arabia / Iraq

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Palestine-Israel, the joint struggle continue on the verge of the third Intifada

category mashriq / arabia / iraq | community struggles | news report author Wednesday March 28, 2012 05:08author by Ilan S. - AAtW, ainfos, Matzpenauthor email ilan at shalif dot comauthor address Tel Aviv Report this post to the editors

It is not an easy thing to continue the grass root non armed popular struggle week after week, year after year... But, nothing keep the back more straight and the spirits higher than the tsumud (persistence) in the struggle against the suppression and the persecution of the Israeli state forces. They regarding the popular struggle even as more potent than us, but are often vacillating between a ferocious steps of repression, and retreat from them due to wider political considerations. It is still vivid with me the memory of one of the intense confrontations. It was in the first year of the struggle in Bil'in. The state forces tried to impose a strict curfew and prevent about 450 Israelis fro joining the villagers in a demo against the building of the separation fence. After a siege around the village and tens of armed cars in it with tear gas shooting and arrests, they fought us viciously from down till afternoon... when they gave up and went away... and we marched undisturbed to the separation fence and along it - the first time after more than half a year of preventing us from doing it. [Italiano]

Beit Iksa

"There will be a demonstration at beit Iksa this Thursday. if you can make it please let me know (by email) - K."
In the demo, Abdallah Abu Rahme from the popular comity of Bil'in was detained by the Israeli state forces for few hours.

Beit Ummar

A Palestinian protester confronts an Israeli soldier during a protest after Palestinians and other activists were prevented by Israeli troops from reaching the lands in Beit Omar near the Jewish settlement of Karmei Tzur on March 24, 2012. AFP PHOTO / HAZEM BADER


Friday of pride and dignity, 23.3.2012. Over 30 internationals and 15 Israelis joined the local Palestinian demo in Bil'in against Zionist oppression. In accordance with the recent trend the demo included a relatively small amount of gas, a few rubber bullets, and quite a bit of barbed wire cutting. A new feature was the egging of soldiers that preceded the relatively moderate stone throwing.
The march began after Friday prayers from the center of the village heading to the land which was liberated a few months ago.

Occupied Jerusalem

Issawiah Friday, March at 11:45 – Continuing the struggle to stop the Mount Scopus national park. The Jerusalem municipality has announced the allocation of additional lands for the development of Issawiya and A-Tour, at the expense of the intended national park. In the upcoming months the struggle to determine the size of land allocated to the neighborhoods will continue, and will determine the fate of thousands of families living in the area.

Al Ma'asara

Ahmad Mezher, activestills

Nabi Saleh

weekly demonstration, "I just broadcasted Nabi Saleh (tamimi press) live on #Ustream! Check it out! 23 Mar 2012 13:00 "
David Reeb


Friday, large number of soldiers invading the village hunting the demonstrators immediately after the demonstrators arrived at the separation wall located on the west side of the village. They surprised the demonstrators and surrounding them from the eastern side of the village.
One demonstrator was injured with rubber bullet as the soldiers were hunting the people all the way toward the village

There will be an organized event of planting trees in Ni'lin this Saturday. We are organizing a car with Israelis to participate. If you want to join let me know off-list - T.

Ni'lin village 24/3/2012.
Palestinian women take care of her land in the day of Planting olive trees in Ni'lin village near the lands near the Apartheid wall.
March 25, 2012 IOF uproots, we plant! planting day at ni'lin


Some 300 residents of Kufr Qaddum gathered Friday noon in the village center for the weekly demonstration against Israeli land grabs. They were joined by several dozens of Israeli and international activists. Amongst the demonstrators were also a member of the PA's legislative council, and diplomats from South Africa and Portugal, who came to witness the army's treatment of the demonstration, following last week's incident in which soldiers unleashed an attack dog at protestors. Demonstrators held posters comparing soldiers to dogs, and once the noon prayer was over – started marching together.
The goal of the demonstration was to reach agricultural lands adjacent to the illegal settlement of Qdumim, but army and boarder police forces prevented the march to proceed beyond the edge of the residential part of the village. After a ten minute of stand off soldiers began shooting tear gas grenades into the crowd, causing many to suffer from gas inhalation – including the two diplomats. For the next hour or so soldiers kept using tear gas and skunk water against people and houses alike, while the village youth tried to disperse the occupying forces with stones thrown at them.
Eventually the army withdrew, demonstrators reached "the promised land" as was their goal, and returned home happy and content.

Demonstrators take cover as the Israeli army shoots tear gas to disperse the weekly demo: Photo by: Oren Ziv/
Dima Dany Zarkh

Tel Aviv

Demo against Israeli attack on Iran
We were a lively crowd of approximately 1000 to 2000 people, according to estimates by the Israeli media. We gathered at Habima Square in Tel Aviv to voice our opposition to a war between Israel and Iran. Although hoping to capitalize on the energy of a surprisingly successful grassroots internet campaign that seemed ...
The spectrum was wide - between the anarchists against the wall and other anti authoritarians of the left and the crowd of the social justice.



Don't say we did not know #304

The IDF continues its efforts to expel the Palestinians of Fasayil El-Wasta from their village, in the Jordan Valley .

On Tuesday, 13th March, 2012, IDF forces came to the village, and demolished three homes and five animal sheds. Thirty souls were made homeless. It's the third time this past year that the IDF has carried out demolitions in the village.

Questions & queries: amosg@shefayim.
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