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CGT, CNT and SO call for participation in the 29 March general strike

category iberia | workplace struggles | press release author Tuesday March 27, 2012 19:12author by Organizaciones sindicales combativas Report this post to the editors

Joint statement by the Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT), Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT) and Solidaridad Obrera (SO) trade unions, appealing to the working class in Spain to join the day of strike action called for 29 March 2012. [Castellano] [Italiano]


CGT, CNT and SO call for participation in the 29 March general strike

The trade union organizations Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT), Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT) and Solidaridad Obrera (SO), organizers of the general strike on 29 March next, appeal for active participation on the occasion of this strike on the part of all those who live and work here in Spain, of the working class whether employed or not, of the social movements, collectives of unemployed and precarious workers, popular neighbourhopod assemblies, the young, students, pensioners, the sick, migrants, the deprived... an appeal to the whole population for this strike and the mobilizations to be a success, an appeal so that we can bring production and consumption to a complete halt, to demonstrate in favour of a radical change in the economic and social policies being followed by the various governments, an appeal to defend our dignity and our union rights which are being taken away from us by means of the Labour Reform law, the Social Pact and the other anti-social laws that the government and the bosses are planning.

The aim of the CGT, CNT and SO in calling this general strike is not to renegotiate the Labour Reform law, but to repeal it together with all the other anti-social economic measures that are a direct attack on the working class.

We demand the withdrawal of political, legislative and applicative measures introduced by capital which only go to increase unemployment, the loss of collective and individual rights, the casualization and exploitation of the working class, and impede a fair redistribution of labour, wealth and well-being.

We demand the immediate application of measures which can effectively deal with the drama of unemployment, casualization, uncertainty and insecurity in the workplace.

The strike of 29 March is a very important date, but if necessary there will be future mobilizations and another general strike until such times as our objectives are reached.

The CGT, CNT and SO will continue to seek the greatest possible unity and cooperation with all those trade unions and social movements who seek to defend the rights of the working class, social justice and freedom.

The struggle is on the streets and in the workplace!

29 M - General Strike against the Labour Reform and the Social Pact!

Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT)
Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT)
Confederación Sindical Solidaridad Obrera (SO)

Translation by FdCA - International Relations Office

author by Pablo Heraklio - LA Tarcotecapublication date Thu Oct 25, 2012 22:36author email tarcoteca at gmail dot comReport this post to the editors

14-N Towards World Permanent General Strike.

In the current context is meaningless stop working a single day. State and companies are capable to absorb its efects and make it harmful to workers that support the strike. The only solution in sight is a permanent and active general strike. But in this globalized world the response must be gobal. Single acts in a country don't have effects in the market economy. Similar situations in hundred of countries allow the coordination. As simple as stablish a common date, 14-N.

Translation from the Article of La rebelion de las palabras: About the 14-N next General Strike

We have no magic bullet (or want). What we know is that something goes wrong here. When you wake up every morning before sunrise to let life go on a low-paying gigs, bound to rush, schedule and boredom. When you see on TV professionals of lying talk about violence but shut its origin, because they give more importance to a few broken windows of establishments owned by multinational killer, that the life of hard workers who falls from scaffolds because the employer has decided to speculate with the money that could have been serve to implement safety measures in the work. When you go to the supermarket and remind that prices have gone up VAT again. When TV advertising makes you empty desires and whispers in your ear that you are nothing by not having the latest model of mobile phone, or larger TV with 3-D ultra-realistic surround sound system. When politics do not accomplish his campaign promises and you, quietly, saying also "bastards, you should explode". When you are so sick as we are. Sick to swallow, to silence, to continue to forward as if nothing is happening.

We are not that anti-system that everyone speaks but very few knows. We are your sons, your brothers, your classmate or work partner, your neighborg. We are so fuck as you, and understand everything you feel, because we also suffer it, but we have disenchanted with the false promises of capitalism, because one thing is clear: With this system there is no possible dawn. The class counterattack requires generalized and transform once and for all the fear in anger, desires in actions and words in facts.

- Becouse one-day strikes and demostrations moving flags will not change anything (and it is time to understand).

- Becouse, whatever its conditions, wage labor disgusts us by its nature and definition.

- Because domesticated labor unions are not the solution but part of the problem, and do not represent us.

- Because banking strangles us with the complicity of political parties who claim to speak in our name and on are only dedicated to deal with our future impoverishing our lives.

- Because we do not care if police are also upset. They are not in our side and will ever be. They are the enemy of working class to beat, and work to keep the panopticon that locks and choking us, and of course, not deserve to give them flowers.

- Because this is not only going to change by itself. Social-domocratics illusions do not convince us.

- Because we do not need anyone to tell us what we must do. We will build by ourselves the alternatives that we need and want, not the imposed. Asamblearism, horizontality and direct action against delegationism, bureaucracy and hierarchy.

On November 14, all the comrades meet in the street, to remind to real guilty of this crisis (banks polítics, not immigrants or unemployed crowd) who holds to whom. Let barricades and fires sabotage bourgeois illusions of reformism and collaborationist syndicalism and let flames light up the feeling of revolt we all carry in our hearts for our dreams to travel to the existing fires in Greece, Chile, Portugal or Italy, whose smoke signals communicate our desires and can become the third (and final) assault of proletarians to class society.

We have lost patience, time, and future. Only fear last.
Do by yourself and organize as you see fit. While misery remains there will be rebellion.

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author by a libertarian communistpublication date Thu Oct 25, 2012 23:20Report this post to the editors

The declaration posted by Heraklio around the 14-N is an example of the delirium of the left communism and its derivates (as the anarco-insurrectionalism), they are outside of the reality, living only in theories...

Spanish comrades were talking here in Anarkismo about how difficult is to convoke a strike in the nowadays conditions of the working class (increasing unemployment and the consequent fear; little rate of unionization; small grade of political conciousness; weakness of the left, specially of the revolutionary one...) and you are talking about permanent strike, trying to replace political analysis and absence of mass influence with poetry.


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