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Randy "Prole Cat" Lowens Obituary

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Southern Anarchist Passes

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Don Jennings (1960-2012)

The Editors Group wishes to express its deep sadness on the passing of our comrade Don Jennings. Don, or Randy as he was better known to us, was a member of our Editorial Group for a number of years, when this site was still in its infancy. He was also a regular contributor of reviews and articles.

We will always remember him as a deeply human person with a great sense of humour, calm and reflective, though passionate in his refusal to accept the injustices of this world. He will be missed by everyone who knew him. We take this opportunity to extend our solidarity and sympathy to his family and friends.


Don Hamilton Jennings

Randy Lowens
"Prole Cat"

May 2, 1960 - March 8, 2012

Don Jennings passed away March 8, 2012, in Richmond, Kentucky. He is best known to many of us by his pen name, Randy "Prole Cat" Lowens. In lieu of flowers the Family request contributions to any public library in Don’s memory.

Don was a former Workers Solidarity Alliance member, a founding member of Atlanta's Capital Terminus Collective and a supporter of Common Struggle Libertarian Communist Federation.

From our mutual friend and comrade Shafik: "Very sad to hear the news of our comrade Don Jennings recent death. Don was a steadfast fighter for justice, a prolific writer, a founding member of Atlanta's Capital Terminus Collective, a student of life, adventurer, philosopher, loyal friend and companion to many and a true mensch. May his memory remain to encourage us in our struggles to create a better, more beautiful world. RIP dear comrade."

North Eastern Anarchist #15 2011 published his interview with bell hooks: "How Do You Practice Intersectionalism?"

For he wrote this manifesto for his homeland about opposing Mountain Top Removal coal mining. : "An Anarchist Communist Strategy for Rural, Southern Appalachia"

He also wrote:
"Postmodernism in Literature and Politics: Experimental Fiction and Post-Left Anarchy"

"Noble Gestures and Effective Boycotts: Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and the Struggles Ahead"

"The Bogeyman Under Bush's Bed: Islamic Extremists or Organized Workers?"

The Mortgage Crisis in the USA

"The Periodic Crises of Market Economies"

"Connecting the Privatized Dots: a review of Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine"

As "prole cat" he wrote:

"Anarchism and Confederate Flag Culture"

"Hurricane Katrina, and the Good Churchgoers of the U.S. South"

"Ruminating On the Likelihood of Conscription in the USA"

"Making the World Safe for Fascism: Free Speech and the Worship of Civil Liberties"

"Towards More Effective Political Organizations"

"The Million Workers March in Washington DC, October 17, 2004"

"FLOC and the Mt Olive Campaign: an Anarchist Perspective"

"What does it mean to be an anarchist communist?"

"Honkie America Redux: The Plight of the Latino Immigrant"

His sto­ries have been fea­tured in "Wrong Tree Review", "A-Minor", "Dew on the Kudzu" and else­where. More of Randy's writing can also be found at

Randy was reared in the north Georgia hills where he worked as welder, machinist and air conditioning repairman. Enraged by the abuses of employers, he began writing for leftist journals. He resided in eastern Kentucky, home schooled his daughter, cooked gourmet meals and composed fiction informed by all these experiences.

Randy received the Tacenda Literary Award for the Best Short Story of 2007, illuminating social injustice. His writing has been featured in JMWW (literary fiction); Fifth Estate (a counter cultural/anarchist journal); Clockwise Cat, Wanderings and Blue Collar Review (poetry); Cherry Bleeds (transgressive fiction); Thieves Jargon (drug lit); Pemmican (working class fiction); Unlikely Stories 2.0 (an insider's look at The Left); Dogmatica (Small Town Taboos Flagrantly Flouted); Word Riot and elsewhere. Most recently excerpts from a novel-in-progress appeared on Fried Chicken and Coffee and Dew on the Kudzu.

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Randy and the Farm Labor Organizing Committee
Randy and the Farm Labor Organizing Committee

author by Nestor McNab - FdCApublication date Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:26author email nestor_mcnab at yahoo dot co dot ukReport this post to the editors

I am so saddened by this news. Although I never met him in person, I did know him through internet and over the years had many occasions to talk and discuss ideas. Randy always struck me as being a gentle person, a man very much at peace with himself who was able to transmit that to others. I could always imagine him somewhere in the middle of Georgia, walking through the woods, maybe fishing, enjoying the good things this world gives us. We will all miss him.


author by José Antonio Gutiérrez D.publication date Fri Mar 16, 2012 18:06Report this post to the editors

The North American and international anarchist movement have just lost a committed militant, a brilliant thinker and a good person altogether. As part of the anarkismo editorial committee in its early stages, he played a part in developing this site. I will remember him for his critical contributions, for his wit and fine sense of humour. Solidarity and love to his relatives, comrades and beloved ones.

author by Iggy - ex-CTC, ex-IWW publication date Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:03author email xmohicanx at gmail dot comReport this post to the editors

Don was a great friend and comrade. I enjoyed many long conversations with him and spent time in meetings, study groups. protests and marches. He will be missed but he will be with us always. as the article Flint posted showed Don was an avid writer and members of the now defunct Capital Terminus Collective are compiling his works for publication, so that those new to the movement might be exposed to his unique voice.

author by mitchpublication date Wed Apr 04, 2012 20:59Report this post to the editors

Sad indeed. Randy and I had the opportunity to hang out at the Washington, DC "Million Worker March" when he was starting to get out and about in the broader milieu.

Randy was a regular comrade, what you saw is what you got. he was a thinking person and much more capable with the pen then many of his more educated comrades.

Although I am not always sure I understood (my bad) what he was driving at, he did so with convixtion, with passion and always in a spirit of comradeship.

Being a father, I feel for the youngish children he leaves behind. For a void in their young lives is much greater then the void left in our plotical ones.

Randy, you'll be missed for all the good you've done, for the prole souls that you have enlightened and for the personal bonds which you established.

"Prole Cat", Presente!


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