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International | History of anarchism

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International - Anarchist Communist Event
lunedì febbraio 20 2012

Re-imagining Anarchism in America: A Critical Perspective

category international | history of anarchism | anarchist communist event author lunedì febbraio 20, 2012 22:02author by Jorell Meléndezauthor email nopasaranjamas at gmail dot comauthor address San Juan, Puerto Rico Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

Call for Papers

Call for Papers for the Anarchist Studies Network 2.0 Conference "Making Connections"

Call for papers for the ASN 2.0 Conference 'Making Connections'
Loughborough University, England
3-5 September, 2012.

Panel Stream:
Re-imagining Anarchism in America: A Critical Perspective

This panel intends to analyze the historical roots of anarchism in
America from a critical perspective. We encourage papers that
question accepted notions in anarchist history, and those contributing
methodological perspectives that will allow us re-evaluate histories
of American anarchism. By analyzing the various intellectual
traditions of American anarchism, and events in anarchist history, we
hope to reach fresh perspectives on what might seem like an
established field.

We want to create a necessary dialogue between critical analyses of
the canon of anarchist history, and new radical ideas and
perspectives. We are looking for papers that, departing from a
historical point of view, will try to open new historiographical
spaces in relation to particular topics or individuals inside the
American continent. The size of the stream of panels will depend on
the number of applicants, but the intention is to foster mutual
engagement and collaboration. Some possible topics include – but are
by no means limited to:

- Anarchist historiography
- Radical methodology
- Gender issues
- Regional history
- History of ideas
- Cultural analysis
- Queer studies
- Race issues
- Subversive politics
- Art & Literature
- Feminism
- Anti-Racism Struggles
- Anarchist aesthetics
- Transatlantic networks

Please send abstracts of up to 300 words (along with name and eventual
institutional affiliation, if any) to Jorell Meléndez on by March 15, 2012 at the very latest. Any
questions should also be sent to that address

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