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Statement by Hijos del Pueblo on the attempted Coup d'Etat in Ecuador

category bolivia / peru / ecuador / chile | the left | press release author Sunday October 03, 2010 18:51author by Hijos del Pueblo - HdP Report this post to the editors

This is the position that our organization is taking with regard to the events in this country on 30th September last. [Castellano]

Statement by Hijos del Pueblo on the attempted Coup d'Etat in Ecuador

This is the position that our organization is taking with regard to the events in this country on 30th September last:

1. The coup attempt (or suspected attempt; recent reflection could suggest a self-coup, given that it is a particular moment in the situation here, where the approval of certain laws has provided opponents of the Correa regime with the opportunity for social uprising) has in effect helped to strengthen the process being pursued by the PAIS Alliance [Correa's party] under the name of the "Citizens' Revolution", in line with the so-called "Socialism" of the 21st century. Why? In the absence of a mass, class-struggle revolutionary reference point, the Ecuadorian proletariat will continue to support and defend bourgeois democracy as the supposed guarantor of order. Our organization calls on the people to go beyond bourgeois democracy toward the building of Popular Power as an alternative from below, towards a complete revolutionary transformation.

2. The sector which has revolted has tried to conceal what happened by indicating that it was sparked off by alleged union unrest (protesting the Civil Service Law), when its substance and form transcend the political sphere, fitting with the opposition and the Ecuadorian Right, led by the January 21 Patriotic Society Party and other sectors that make up this camp.

3. In this scenario, the opportunist Left forces are split into two very clear camps: the first is headed by pro-Correa elements, under the slogan of "radicalizing the process"; the second has teamed up with the Right and, consequently, with the attempt to destabilize the country. Both areas represent the counter-revolution and the betrayal of the masses, as their opportunistic positions and boot-licking has only resulted in conciliation and curbing the development of the class struggle in the country.

4. After these events it is inevitable that the "Citizens' Revolution" process will become stronger. At the same time, while the co-optation, fragmentation and disintegration of the popular movement should provide the perfect combination in order to enable direct control over the exploited masses, who are without a party that they can consider theirs. Something which later would be a terrible trap to immobilize the People when faced with internal or external attacks from Imperialism or even the Right-wing opposition.

Hijos del Pueblo thus believes that this lesson must serve to enable our Anarchist Communist tendency to clarify and establish real ties with the proletariat of Ecuador, for only in this way, through the formation of a class party, which can act as a solid revolutionary spearhead and the masses' cannon with a revolutionary programme, can our chances of winning be more viable. We call on all who feel they are a part of our tendency to strengthen and swell our proposals. Today more than ever, the People need a class-struggle reference point if we are ever to see a more just and egalitarian society.

Hijos del Pueblo

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Translation by FdCA International Relations Office

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