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As is a site for anarchist communist news and discussion rather than for discussion of the project itself we either hide or move comments on editorial policy on most threads. This thread however is specifically created for the discussion of and editorial policy

Some ground rules

To be sure of a response you'd be better off using the Contact Us button - we answer all serious queries we recieve that way - responses here will depend on individual editors finding the time to write them.

Before posting questions here be sure to read About Us, Our Goals and Commenting Guidelines. questions that would be simply answered by having read these guidelines will probably be hidden.

- it might be fair enough to ask for clarification of a response but comments just repeating the same thing again and again will be hidden.

In general make sure you follow all the other Commenting Guidelines - the only guideline suspended in this thread is the one that forbids editorial discussion. So for instance don't be abusive and don't troll.

Pasted in editorial comments

Comments on and editorial comments left on other threads may be pasted in here if an editor feels it would be a good idea to explain why they are being removed. They will be deleted from the thread they were placed on - in nearly all cases it is too much work for us to only edit out the offending part. In such cases the author is free to add an edited version of the comment onto the original story with the offending bits removed.

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