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Tea Baggers: White Supremacists by any Other Name are Still White Supremacists

category north america / mexico | anti-fascism | other libertarian press author Friday March 26, 2010 06:27author by Reg - Oread Daily Report this post to the editors

Is there anyone out there who can argue that the tea party movement is nothing more than the latest edition of white supremacist gang politics of the worst order?

Isn't it getting to be close to the moment when we treat them the way we treat more blatant white supremacists, and nazis when they decide to march in our communities? Isn't it about time we confront them head on? Tea scumbaggers aren't the only angry militants in this country. Buy yourself and your friends some black hoodies and start thinking about about what's next.

Oread Daily

Is there anyone out there who can argue that the tea party movement is nothing more than the latest edition of white supremacist gang politics of the worst order? It's time to quit treating these folks as simply misled or even as a bunch of right wing libertarian populists. They are clearly the same people we've seen throughout history in this country spewing their racist hate, often masked just a wee bit behind some grievance or other. Well, the tea baggers latest bit of disgusting trash aimed at African-American representatives John Lewis and Emanuel Cleaver, as well as their homophobic screeching at Rep. Barney Frank clearly exposes these racists as the scumbags they've always been. As such it's time we on the left treat them as such. Isn't it getting to be close to the moment when we treat them the way we treat more blatant white supremacists, and nazis when they decide to march in our communities? Isn't it about time we confront them head on? Tea scumbaggers aren't the only angry militants in this country. Buy yourself and your friends some black hoodies and start thinking about about what's next.

The following is from the Black Commentator.

By Bill Fletcher Jr.

It was just a matter of time, and most Black people knew just that.
At an anti-healthcare rally in Washington, DC, right-wing demonstrators associated with the so-called "Tea Party" movement verbally assaulted Congressman John Lewis. Calling upon him to vote against the healthcare legislation, they chose to use the "N" word in describing the Congressman.

So, now the gloves are off and the sheets are on. The entire pretense regarding an alleged non-racial movement of angry (white) people is gone. What most Black people knew all along has been confirmed. Lying only slightly beneath the surface was and is a toxin that has almost nothing to do with healthcare. One finds one's self reminded of the words of the Rev. Jesse Jackson from more than thirty-five years ago when he was commenting on white opposition to school busing for desegregation: "It's not the bus; it's us." Well, team, the Tea Party opposition, and more particularly the vehemence of it, has more to do with their perception that the USA is no longer in the control of whites, and more specifically, that it does not pay to be white any more.

White anger about their collapsing lives in the midst of a declining living standard spanning more than thirty years compounded by the immediate crisis of our current Great Recession, has bubbled into all sorts of irrationalist thoughts and behavior, a point I have made in countless columns. Until now, the right-wing Tea Party crowd has attempted to be coy in its crypto-racist attacks on the Obama administration particularly. The use of the so-called Birther Movement (those who argue that President Obama was not actually born in the United States and, therefore, is ineligible to be President of the United States) by the Right is just one example. The allegations by these lunatics have nothing to do with the facts. It has been demonstrated time and again that Obama was born in the USA. Yet, for the angry, white political Right all that matters is that in their minds it is inconceivable that a Black person was elected President. Their only answer is that it must have been fraudulent.

Now, however, the Tea Party crowd, in all of their anger and frustration, has let a few things slip. If their opposition to healthcare had nothing to do with race, then why the use of the "N" word? Was it some deep, irresistible impulse that was beyond their control?

Since the gloves are off, progressives, Black and non-black, need to face facts. We cannot treat the Tea Party crowd as simply a set of angry and misled, but otherwise good natured people. This crowd, as a crowd, constitutes a right-wing, racist movement that must be opposed; in fact, it must be disrupted. Their version of populism may, at times, speak to a legitimate anger felt by many people in the USA as wealth polarizes, and as the Obama administration makes unacceptable compromises with corporate America. But what is really at stake is not that at all. It goes back to the country that they believe that they lost.

Here can be found the irony of this situation. We, on the left side of the aisle, recognize that the Obama administration and the majority of the Democratic Congress have been half-stepping in addressing the current economic and environmental crises. In some cases, they have been worse than half-stepping (such as through the escalation of US involvement in Afghanistan). Yet the Tea Party crowd is actually angry about any tendency toward redistribution of wealth in favor of people at the bottom, even when those people at the bottom are themselves or their loved ones. To the extent to which the Tea Party crowd has bought into the notion that healthcare reform (in whatever form) is for someone else, specifically, is for the so-called undeserving poor, blacks, immigrants, etc., they line up for war against it. This, it should be noted, is a recurring pattern in US history where large sections of the white population regularly act against their own interests to the extent to which they perceive those interests as being the interests of people of color.

For progressives, the irony increases when we recognize that many of the reforms that the Tea Party crowd opposes are, at best, minimal efforts towards any sort of redistribution, environmental defense, or rule of law. Right-wing populists wish to paint those who have no healthcare as both undeserving and black or brown despite the reality of how diverse the healthcare-less or those with minimal healthcare may be. Right-wing populists, in general, are not particularly concerned about the deficit either, except and insofar as the deficit is aimed at addressing any of the gross wealth disparities in US society. Their hypocrisy stands tall for all to see whenever there is a war and they are prepared to uncritically support or directly advance the plunging of this country into greater and greater debt, all in the name of patriotism.

What became clear this weekend with the racial epithets as well as the gay baiting against Congressman Barney Frank by the anti-healthcare reform crowd is that for the right-wing populists the healthcare debate was really about the 'other America,' the one that they believe has come to eclipse them and their dreams. Editorial Board member, Bill Fletcher, Jr., is a Senior Scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies, the immediate past president of TransAfrica Forum and co-author of, Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path toward Social Justice (University of California Press), which examines the crisis of organized labor in the USA. Click here to contact Mr. Fletcher."

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author by ncgmapublication date Wed Mar 31, 2010 20:35Report this post to the editors

I refute that “Tea Partiers” are a bunch of angry white mobs. My family is bi-racial, just like President Obama’s. Some of us voted for Mr. Obama, and some voted otherwise. The ones who voted for him are now unfortunately suffering buyer’s remorse. We support the Tea Party Movement as a way to call attention to the way our government is steam rolling over our country. Yes, we need reforms and progression, but it needs to be done in the correct manner. Please do not generalize about “groups” of people, it says a lot indeed about you. I would suggest you reexamine your feelings about this matter.

author by Miguel Angel Tinoco Rodriguezpublication date Wed Mar 31, 2010 23:50author email malkiyahu at yahoo dot comauthor address 923 Corvina Drive, Davenport, FL 33897author phone 407-715-0042Report this post to the editors

The TEA party people or the patriot movement may not have momentum or a defined direction yet, for now they are as a child learning to walk in the mist of political darkness. However, that they will vanish or assimilate into a conventional party is yet to be seen.

"I therefore prophesy what will shortly come to pass in the name of Jesus Christ; that there would be many dissenters of the conventional parties that will form a strong Independent American Party to which every lover of freedom and the constitution will adhere to."

Then, we will see who will have true leverage to get things done or undone for that matter. Both conventional parties may be combined in failure. What great odds we have. All good things come with great opposition. Let them come on and try to debunk us. Two against one rising power is as good odds as a true fighter of freedom can wish to have. History has proven, and of this I solemnly testify, that those that fight for their religion, their freedom and liberty, their lands, their wives and their children have better chance of succeeding than those that only seek for gain and power. Judge ye which cause is noble and which cause is not. There will be a revolution as the world has never seen, for they will not divide in parties or factions as we now have, but Nation will raise against nation, state against state, city against city, church against church and family against family; even inasmuch that the enemies of one person will be those of hid own kindred. Father will rise the sword against son and son against father and vise verse.

IF we do not live by the law we shall die by the law. IF you will not believe me see for yourselves a vague and shallow preview and ponder. Search your heart and chose this day whom you will serve, as for me and my house we shall serve the LORD. The sword of justice already hangs upon our heads and unless we fully repent we will fall, be snared and taken to fall and to raise no more. And these things I say in his holy name, event he name of Jesus Christ, amen and amen.

Miguel Angel Tinoco Rodriguez

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author by glpagepublication date Thu Apr 01, 2010 02:04Report this post to the editors

The account of the tea party folks using the 'n' word is unsubstaniated and probably never happened. Andrew Breitbart has posted a $10,000 reward for video of the supposed incident. Considering there were quite a few video cams, cell phones, etc. recording at the time, I would think that anyone who had a video would have claimed the 10K. Especially if that someone were a leftist; there would be no better way to shut down the teat party than to produce that video.

author by Ramon F Herrerapublication date Thu Apr 01, 2010 02:38Report this post to the editors

Something funny happened to the Tea Party...

... they were thrilled and celebrating when they heard about "The Browning of America".

But alas, they just found out that it has nothing to do with the Massachusetts Election.


author by Jiapublication date Thu Apr 01, 2010 09:02Report this post to the editors

I agree with ncgma. This is a gross over statement, calling a concerned group of people “White Supremacists” just because they are speaking out for what they believe is over generalizing. For a very long time many have stood up and shouted for what they believe. Look at this piece to remind you…
America is very absent minded.

Many of my friends, as well, have “buyers remorse” at this point in time. They are realizing that they didn’t look before they leaped and now we’re in the fire. Ops. There are no take backs.

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author by sallytavpublication date Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:42author email sallykt4d at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors

As a mom, I am a member of the teaparty movement and I have attended several teaparties, and I have never heard or seen any name calling, spitting or any violence at any of them. There have always been different nationalities at all the teaparties I have attended! I believe as most Americans that attend these teaparties that we need to abide by the Constitution when passing laws, minimal taxes, less government interference. free enterprise, God and Country! We do not like Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Leninism, Progressives. We believe in our Founding Fathers and the Constitution they created with God and his principles to guide them and our country. That is why our country is so much better and freer than any in this world! People fight to come and some even die trying to get here! That says a lot for our country and we do not want that changed now or ever! So don't try to put us down, we are just American citizens fighting for our country and or freedoms!!

author by adpublication date Thu Apr 01, 2010 14:27Report this post to the editors

Show me the evidence! Where is Jesse Jackson Jr.'s video of the whole walk up the steps with that big gavel.

The video I saw sure looked like the congressmen walking up those steps with Pelosi wanted to start something. I guess that's why Jackson grabbed one of the protesters handmade sign. And passed on a few derogatory remarks.

I guess pelosi wanted to walk slowly up those steps to make sure everyone got her message "Tough" -

Well, the Tea Party Patriots didn't bite; cause they are onto you anarchists. We are taping every move you make.

author by Really? lmaopublication date Thu Apr 01, 2010 14:52Report this post to the editors

"Buy yourself and your friends some black hoodies and start thinking about about what's next" ?????

Who's the racists? This may be one of the most ignorant blogs I've come across yet. But I'm sure there are many more just as ridiculous. You epidomize EXACTLY what the Teapartiers are against. Racist, incitefull and just plain dumb. Do some research before you bump your gums.

author by Nestor - Anarkismo Editorial Collectivepublication date Thu Apr 01, 2010 21:56Report this post to the editors

Can posters please familiarize themselves with the posting regulations for comments before contributing?

You can find them here:

author by laurynpublication date Fri Apr 02, 2010 01:00Report this post to the editors

half of my family is african american and the other half is latino majority of them go to the local rallies. I do see on some news channels that are trying to make the movement look racist, unmannered, and only whites are in the movement. I have only been dragged to two so far, I heard no racial slurs and majority of the speakers were not white so i guess it differs in some places.

author by Virginia guypublication date Fri Apr 02, 2010 08:02Report this post to the editors

That was exactly what I would expect from you. I have seen it before the name calling. You folks always preach to be respectfull and diversity,to be more tollerant of others. Well thats ok as long as everyone agrees with you. The moment someone has a different opinion you liberals always and I mean always resort to name calling and labeling others with racist remarks. We are not racist we are the people of this country who are concerned with the direction it has taken and if you are not then you are the one who is blinded. I guess it's time to call me racist,go ahead I really don't care.

author by NWGuitarGuypublication date Fri Apr 02, 2010 18:03Report this post to the editors

Obama didn't write the bill, nor does he dictate the actions of the Democrats and each house - or does he? Anarchists were supposed to be against that kind of power if it does exist. Didn't they fear that under the previous guy? What color was that guy? So, the fear is driven by the existing comparison of color? That is deeply racist.
Also, who wrote the Health Care bill that no one read? In other words, who passed it? Were they all one color? What if they were (though they weren't). Why didn't they know what was in the bill? Do you sign into contracts without reading them? Never before in our history did legislators en masse vote for a bill they never read or understood. Never before would they have passed a bill without knowing the contents in specifics.

But who said "we need to pass the bill so we know what's in it?". Again, what color was that person. The Tea Partiers oppsed that person for such stupid logic. The Tea Party opposed any who would support such logic. What color was that? Oh, that's right - that's conveniently left out of the discussion.

It's ironic that something that is clearly not about race get's the race card attached to it by the very group that demands cattle counts of race by numbers. That isn't the Tea Party. No, it's the same group that insists on punishing one "race" to help another. For what? For being born, without choice, of a skin tone/color? That is deeply racist.

It's equally ironic that protests against large and growing government and the same types of strategies that the left used to claim they were against are now loved by the same party of no that would not allow any to attempt to save Social Security, Medicare or even consider Tort reform. The same party that accused (and still does) the Bush Administration of spying and catering to big business (which is even more legal today than it was under Bush).

So aside from the nonsensical accusation of racism against the "white racists", It's clear that it wasn't really about corporate nepotism, payolla and many other forms of marriage between government and business. It wasn't really the complaint, because the left seems to ardently defend it now. So wiretapping and government intrusion wasn't the real problem, as the left again adores the notion, and in this health care, you can count on even greater intrusion to your life for participation (the same voluntary participation as required by the IRS), while they snoop your health records, your legal records, and your bank accounts. Nothing the government does is for free.
So, it wasn't about who might get that kind of power (claims of fears of a government that interferes and dictates), but rather it was a desire for a specific party to have that power.

And, this is supposedly accepted by anarchists? Really? Now that's ironic. Everyone knows that. It costs someone at some point, and anarchists prefer stealing that from others for their own benefit? How cheap. How low to stoop.

I guess it is true. All it takes to win people over is dangling the carrot of promise that government will take care of them, thought they always forget that "giving" comes at a cost of their freedoms as they exchange it for so-called security. Oh, that's not all. Pitchforks and torches for those painted as the enemy too. Even if it takes false exaggerations to defend someone and the perspective of the halo on the leader.

Funny. Not even the so-called idiots followed after the guy of the previous eight years like that. But stereotypes do help to make certain people to believe that, doesn't it.

Freedom doesn't improve with more oversight and more regulation, It falls in the face of imposing power.

author by Native Hawaiianpublication date Sun Apr 04, 2010 02:28Report this post to the editors

I can't believe the ignorance and hate of this website!

First, give me a break. You cannot claim to be an "anarchist" (one who believes in a society devoid of a State...), while at the same time calling your goons to "action" in the name of protecting very "statist" (State, or government, oriented..) programs such as Medicare, Social Security, Universal Health Care, etc. Thinking you're an "anarchist" while trying to preserve "statism" makes one completely self-contradictory. Much like Progressives who thinks they can believe in "freedom" and "organization" simultaneously.

Again....give me a break. Read up and understand what you believe in before you forcibly start challenging others with incitements of violence.

So you are angry at Tea Partiers - people who speaks up for the fundamental human rights to self-ownership, self-determination, and self-defense (the exclusive rights of ownership to, and the right to defend, the fruits, or "property", of one's self-determination? Furthermore, your website champions the violation of basic human rights. Get real.

Also, I'm not white, nor am I a victim. Get over yourselves you hate-filled, ignorant cowards.

author by mjz4043publication date Sun Apr 04, 2010 03:52Report this post to the editors

I grew up in California and never even realized much about different races. We all had to listen to our parents, go to church on Sunday, do our chores and homework and keep our noses clean or face father's strap. This is not the country I grew up in...not at all. I cannot believe the editorial on this site. You are truly trying to whip up a frenzy of hate, aren't you?

I take people at face value...everyone is my friend UNTIL they do something underhanded and then I ignore them, but the changes in this government just in one year are terrifying.

I worry for my little grandchildren growing up and hearing all this and being exposed to some of the outrageous things being said.

The very foundation of our Consitituion is being eroded grain by grain and in 20 years, this country will be unrecognizable.

My family was made up of pioneers who worked hard to settle this country and who went off to foreign countries to keep it free and we are being overrun by people who want to bring us down.

One of the greatest people I know is a strong Tea Party member and she is working night and day to protect what we have and this woman was born in Japan although raised here. She loves this country as much as I do and I know how wonderful this country is because I once lived in a third-world country for four years and I saw for myselfl what life is like when your freedoms are abridged. We had to be careful what we said, observe their holy days, etc. It was all run by an absolute monarchy.If this country leans much more to the left, I will be happy to go live in that other country again.

The most violent thing my Tea Party friend has ever done was shoot a coyote for trying to steal her chickens. She would never, ever spit on anyone or call anyone an unacceptable name and you people who say the Tea Party members are like that are lying and you know you are lying.

Happy Easter, everyone. Let's put a little love in our hearts now.

author by Rol66 - N/Apublication date Sun Apr 11, 2010 19:23author email RDOVER274 at AOL dot COMReport this post to the editors

"It was just a matter of time, and most Black people knew just that.
At an anti-healthcare rally in Washington, DC, right-wing demonstrators associated with the so-called "Tea Party" movement verbally assaulted Congressman John Lewis. Calling upon him to vote against the healthcare legislation, they chose to use the "N" word in describing the Congressman." Editorial Board member, Bill Fletcher, Jr., is a Senior Scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies, the immediate past president of TransAfrica Forum and co-author of, Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path toward Social Justice (University of California Press), which examines the crisis of organized labor in the USA. Click here to contact Mr. Fletcher."

Really? with the distinguishing credentials above? Mr. Fletcher must return to step 1. of reporting assertions of the "N" word allegation.
As well as any other assertions.

Please Mr. Fletcher, post video with sound, post anything that supports your allegations. Ah, did'nt think so! To be believable and clearly understood, Crystal clear, come forth with the PROOF!

No further diatribe needed here.

Mr. Fletcher? You sir; have got the floor!

author by Wordwaryorpublication date Tue Apr 13, 2010 01:14Report this post to the editors

I have attended four Tea Party events so far. There have been multi-racial attendees at all four of these events.
All attendees regardless of color, race or nationality were welcomed at these events. None were shunned, or made to feel unwelcome. Quite the contrary. I witnessed a number of persons actually welcoming them to the event.

There have been African American Tea party patriots SPEAKING at the tea party rallies. There have been African American Tea Party patriots performing and singing at the rallies.

I stood next to a young African American woman at the Sept. 12 March on Washington rally, among the 1.7 million people to attended.
She was not alone, there were many African Americans there, with signs and banners. I asked her where she was from, she said Ohio. I said "This is a great event, isn't it ?" And she replied "Oh Yes. She was enjoying it".

We shouted together with the crowd at various points.

My experience at all of these events says that African American patriots are welcomed, respected, and from what I can tell are there for the same reason that I am. They want a return to our Constitution, to limited government and away from Socialism in our country.

They want to preserve the classic opportunity that is American for raising yourself up to be whatever you can become in America.
This is being taken away by Obama and Pelosi and Reid, and the Democrat controlled Congress.

And we are ready to stand up against it. All of us. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian Americans.

But the point is we are all........ Americans....... who love our country........ and want to see it preserved.

I would like to see more Black and Hispanic Americans at the Tea Party rallies.
They are welcome there.

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