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Editorial of Caderno Luta Social Nº5 ( Jan. 2010)

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Caderno Luta Social Nº5 ( Jan. 2010)


The Luta Social collective has live for some time (5 years already, since 2005!), finding ways for a significant and useful social militancy.

We are, during this new year, facing multiple challenges, as the systemic crisis urges us to find bridges for a renewed class struggle. For us it is clear that without a broad grass-roots unity there will be no possibility to counter capitalists ferocity, specially now that their profits are in danger. But without forgetting the other combat, to inform better, to educate ourselves workers, so that there is no maneuvre space for compromises/capitulation by the ones who pretend «to represent the worker's class» so to better play the bosses and government game.

It has been a difficult struggle but we have some victories to claim: we were able to build a broad coalition, the «Plataforma Anti-Guerra e Anti-NATO» (PAGAN), with a visbile intervention and international contacts, for which we gave our contribution, federating the most diverse energies, some distant ideollogically from our own project. But to perform a truly unity policy we have to accept to work with all those who share, even when in a small part, our concerns and paths for a solution.

The present edition was dedicated to an extended study performed by our comrade signing the «Esquerda Desalinhada» blog.

We hope this publication will help arise the debate on such issues as what is NATO's nature, it's role in this country politics and life in general, as well as the ways to fight efficiently for an emancipation from such militarist structure and the Empire that segregates it.

We are, as always, open to contributions, critiques and suggestions. Dialog is not a «luxury» or «indulgence» for us, it is really part of our militancy and behaviour, specially when we aim at a social and political front.

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