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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle expand to the Sheikh Jarrah and Gaza cases

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Bil'in, Gaza, Jaffa, Kifel Hareth, Ma'asara, Ni'lin, Sheikh Jarrah, Shukba,

This week the focus was on the straggle against transfer in Seikh Jarrah, and a one year "aniversory" to the Israeli war crime onslout on the Gaza strip - the world largest concentration camp. In Sheikh Jarrah activists tried to help during the week - in addition to the Friday demonstration. For gaza, we both participated in the joint demonstration on Saturday evening in Jaffa and in Sunday walking on the Zikim beach towards Gaza. The usual Friday demonstrations in Bil'in and Ma'asera were adhered to. The Ni'ilin Friday demonstration was preceded with a second demo in Shukba.
Ryan Olander arrested in Sheikh Jarrah
Ryan Olander arrested in Sheikh Jarrah


Some 30 Israelis and 15 internationals celebrated Xmas (and the 42nd anniversary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) in Bilin today. They joined the weekly local demonstrations against the wall with St. Nick and Mrs. Claus (how come she hasn't got her own name?) costumes and toys for the kids. The soldiers were offered a Xmas tree decorated with used gas canister baubles, and reciprocated with brand new gas canisters for the demonstrators and village youth. But since collecting and displaying used army projectiles is grounds for arrest and indictment (as shown by the case of Abdullah Abu Rahme), the good boys of the local shabab politely returned the army's spent (and some unspent ammo... Representatives of the the Fatah Party, including central committee member Abass Zaki, joined the march joint the demonstration to congratulate and show solidarity.... and inhaled tear gas like many of the other demonstrators. The demonstration ended with no casualties, and most Israelis continued to Sheikh Jarrah.

Haethm Alkateeb video
Christmas in Bil'in:
Israel Puterman video:

On Tuesday, 29 /12/2009 at ten in the morning, a demonstration in solidarity with Abdullah Abu Rahme will be held outside Ofer Military Base and prison. Abdullah Abu Rahme is the imprisoned coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements. The demonstrators will demand the release of all political prisoners.

GAZA - Media

Police detain 16 leftists on Gaza border

Activists marking one year since launch of IDF offensive protest Israeli blockade, prevented from entering Strip. Israel continues to perpetuate destruction, suffering,' one of them says

Police detained 16 left-wing activists as they were trying to cross into Gaza on Sunday to mark the one year anniversary of Operation Cast Lead.

Chief Superintendent Simon Nahmani, commander of the Sderot police station, said the leftists held a rally without prior authorization.

"We detained them and had to employ a reasonable amount of force, but we didn’t beat anyone," he said. "They are currently being interrogated at the station, and may be charged with entering a closed military zone without a permit and holding an illegal demonstration."

Several dozen left-wing activists took part in the protest against the Israeli blockade on the Hamas-ruled territory, claiming it was hindering Gaza's rehabilitation.

Adar Grievsky of the "Anarchist against the Wall" group said, "We began walking southward on the beach towards Gaza, but near Zikim large police and IDF forces prevented us from crossing (into Gaza).

"A year after Israel killed 1,400 people during the Cast Lead war, Israel continues to perpetuate destruction and suffering by preventing rehabilitation and denying the transfer of construction materials to Gaza," said the activist.

According to Grievsky, the purpose of the march was to "convey the message that as citizens living in this country, we find the situation intolerable and we must resist it."

One of the protestors claimed that one of the leftists was beaten by police.

Afternoon, all 16 were released.

David Reeb: Demonstration against Gaza siege at


The (Palestinian) popular comity of Jaffa called for a demonstration on Saturday evening 26.12 to commemorate the Israeli war crime assault a year ago and the on going siege that keep Gaza as a huge jail. About 500 people participated including a big anarchist block. We marched through the main Palestinian neighborhood and at its end we held a meeting and both speeches and political cultural happening.


The people of Kifel Hareth near Ariel, where the grave of Yehoshua Ben Nun is considered to be, will be put under curfew tomorrow night so that settlers can hold a ceremony there.
A request has been made for people to stay there for that time, with a video camera, and document.


Some 80 demonstrators marched in this Friday's Christmas demonstration in Ma'asara, which focused on solidarity with Bil'in's arrested popular committee member Abdallah Abu-Rahma. Kids, adults and Santa Clauses were handed out used tear-gas and stun grenades, and hung them as decoration on the holiday tree.

The tree-carrying procession reached the regular military road block, where some of the children choose to decorate even the soldiers' barbed wired fence with some grenades. Santa Clauses were waving flags, slogans where chanted, and speeches were carried in Arabic, English and Hebrew. One of the prominent speakers was Palestinians MP Dr. Mustapha Barghouti.

The demonstration's jolly Christmas spirit did not catch the soldiers and border policemen, who jumped nervously at any sight of someone touching their fence. At some point five policemen crossed the fence and tried to arrest one of the village youth, but failed and had to face some heavy mocking while returning to their unlawful place behind the fence.

The demonstration ended peacefully and with season's greetings to all present.


Danger: Popular struggle:
Haaretz editorial: (against state forces harassments in Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Sheikh Jarrah),7340,L-3825182,00.html (About this Friday Sheikh Jarrah)


Tomorrow, Friday, December 24 - another demonstration will be held in Shuqba.

In the village of Shukba, close to Ni'lin, several Israelis joined tens of Palestinians in their second Friday demonstration. The villagers are protesting against a local illegal Israeli settler-quarry, using local natural resources in contrast to international law (see more here).

The procession was met by a group of soldiers, who after short negotiations allowed it to proceed towards the quarry, by a road surrounded with barbed wired fence and a deep valley that would not allow access to the quarry itself. A second group of soldiers, waiting at the quarry, saw the marching demonstrators and violated the agreement by shooting tear gas at them. As a response parts of the barbed wire were dismantled and some stones were thrown.


Sheikh Jarrah. Dec. 18 - 2009 Nisim's movie of the latest protest

There were repeated attack against a Palestinian families at Sheikh Jarah during the week, and some activist try to help them.
One of the invitations to the previous Saturday solidarity "street party" at the Saturday late evening hearing at court of the previous Friday demo:

let's meet today at 19:00 in levinsky garden - bring a car if you can.
if there won't be room for all, the rest will take a service taxi.

We were about 200 participant in the happening from 20:00 till 24:00 - when the last of the Israeli detainees were released (many of them were of the AAtW initiative residents of Tel Aviv region and Jerusalem. One international activist was taken by the immigration police.

Stop the deportation of Ryan Olander; USA citizen arrested in Sheikh Jarrah
There were repeated attack against a Palestinian families at Sheikh Jarah during the week, and some Israeli and international activists try to help them.

Invitations for this Friday demo:

Every Friday for the past few weeks, there has been a march to Sheikh Jarrah to protest the eviction of Palestinian residents from their homes. During the last two weeks, the police attempted to violently disperse the demonstrations and arrested 50. The protest is growing and every week many more join the march and demonstration in the neighborhood. The settler attacks in the neighborhood are continuing and are becoming common occurrences. We must not remain silent in the face of settler violence and the suppression of the Palestinian protest!

Friday demonstration:

More than 400 Israelis and Palestinians converged Friday afternoon in Sheikh Jarrah - near the entrance to the street the settlers are trying to take over. Most of them marched in a demonstration along the streets from the Israeli part of Jerusalem, many came directly to the neighborhood from Tel Aviv region. So did Anarchists Against the Wall activists who came after the end of Bil'in and Ma'asara Friday demos against the separation fence and occupation.

Five People were arrested in this weekly Demo for violating bogus charge of not complying with bail conditions not to come for a period to Sheikh Jarrah - after arrested two weeks before in the Friday Sheikh Jarrah demo. Four were released at the police station with "apology" as the district court had already removed the said restriction, one stayed in jail for attempting to de-arrest them... to be brought before judge Saturday evening.
Alas, after second thoughts the police expected embarrassment in court and released him Saturday evening without bringing him before a judge.

"Some were released after a couple of hours, since the police were unaware of the appeal decision of Wednesday, allowing all those arrested in SJ in the past to come back.
The police used violence and undercover cops to made the arrests. The police who did allow anyone from the demo to actually enter the street of the stolen houses allowed settlers to do their usual "prayer" (aka intimidation and abuse). There was a fight in the Al-Kurd family house. Once again the police is using illegal tactics to end and discourage those who want to protest."

Israel Puterman video of this Friday demo in Sheikh Jarrah - Some 500 demonstrators gathered at the top of the street that Jewish settlers are taking over in Sheikh Jarakh in East Jerusalem. The demonstrators organized march from West Jerusalem, sang songs:
Following the stone throwing and violence on Friday night by settlers- which was "punishment" for the afternoon demo, the settlers attacked the families in Sheikh Jarrah on Saturday again.
About 50 settlers entered the neighborhood during the day and threw stones at Palestinians. 2 children were injured and sent to the hospital, and several adults were lightly injured. The police that were summoned to the area detained several settlers. As a continuation of the persecution of internationals in the neighborhood, the police also detained an international activist for no reason.

"...As the violence is becoming more severe we could use reinforcements for day and night shifts. We will be happy if you sign up for a shift- Maya"

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