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Palestine-Israel, Efforts of the secret services to suppression of resistance in Bil'in continue

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During the week the AAtW activists were involved in the resistance to the Israeli secret services persecution of the members of the Bil'in popular comity for the struggle against the separation fence. Comrades continue the involvement in the struggle Against the
transfer in Jerusalem, and the struggle against the persecution of African refugees, and Guest workers families with children. On Friday we mobilized to the three regular demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation: In Bil'in, Ni'ilin, and Um Salmuna (Muasara).


Beit Umar is village in the south of the occupied west bank, we joined its struggle frequently the last few years...

Note from the AAtW mailing list: "We are were invited to go to a meeting in beit ummar this coming Sunday regarding future activities . If you want to go, please call me.

Beit Umar - 20-8-09 - link to video


Bil'in Friday demo 21.08.09 About 20 activists with the AAtW, and international activists accompanied people of the village:

"Today's demo did not evoke the usual aggressive response from the occupation forces. As the demonstrators arrived at the Apartheid Wall, the only visible two soldiers behind the Apartheid Wall remained in their shelter. One Jeep was parked far to the left of the door in the Wall and one to the right. It was eerily quiet for quite some time. There was no reaction to the Palestinian chanting until suddenly a multiple of tear gas was fired into the crowd from an additional Jeep that had just arrived. This caused the usual discomfort to the protesters, but most of them remained in the front lines.

A few single tear gas canisters were being fired here and there while the protesters remained gathered for awhile. Some activists tried to open the gate which had been firmly locked by the occupation forces. Then, earlier than in previous weeks, the demonstration was called to an end and everyone returned to the village without incident."

Monday Demo

"This coming Monday, August the 24th, at 9:30am, a protest will be held outside Ofer prison in the West Bank, in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and detainees. Ofer is where many Palestinian prisoners are detained, interrogated and tried.
For details and to arrange transportation: A"

The demo

About 20 of the Bil'in people arrested when the Israeli state forces invaded the village at night the last few weeks are still in the concentration camp. Others were released on bail charged with absurd "crimes". In addition the help in the arranges of bail and court solidarity, activists of the AAtW Joined Monday 24-8-09 morning, people of Bil'in demonstration in front of the Ofer concentration camp and military "court" while one of the Bil'iners was on "trail".


Years ago these villages - in the extended Jerusalem region, were involved in a fierce struggle against the separation fence. From time to time we joined their sporadic demonstrations.

A post in the AAtW list:

Coming Sunday [23.08.09] a joint demonstration of the two villages (which have a place of honer in the struggle against the separation fence), in protest of the new policy of permits [to access their lands on the other side of the fence]. According to this policy the villagers cannot access their lands on the "Israeli" side of the fence if they do not hold special permits. These permits are given in restricted number, prevent needed cultivation and even endanger the ownership right of these lands.

The demonstration will be at half past eight in the morning - traveling from Tel Aviv at 07:00. We like comrades from Jerusalem to join.

For details A.

The demo

Sunday 09:00 about 40 villagers of Bidu, Beit-Doku, and Beit-Suric converged for a demo against the restricting passing permits policy that prevent their free access to their lands located on the other side of the separation fence. Most of them were farmers above the age of 50. About 15 Israelis of the AAtW and few internationals joined them, together with sizable number of kids from the Neighboring Israeli (not colonial settlement) Mevaseret Zion.

Few soldiers and border gendarmes approached the demo and people talk with them about the injustice of preventing the access of farmers to their lands.

After about half an hour, the state forces put end to the dialog and crossed to the "Israeli" side of the fence.

The demonstrators responded with forcing the gate and entered between the fences of the route. The state forces started to photograph the "offenders" and tried to force them back - surprisingly with nearly no physical violence.

When all demonstrators were forced back, the demo ended.

In discussion after the demo it was decided to demonstrate again the next Sunday with a parallel one in the settlement Har Adar located on the other side of the fence.

"After the very quite demo today in Biddu/ Beit Surik, when 3 Jerusalemites who stayed in the village for another hour after the demo, went out of the village, they were arrested by the border police in the check point on the fence on the way to Jerusalem, and accused with sabotaging the fence. they are still in custody in the Atarot Border Police Station, and are being interrogated right now (16:00).... Y."

They were accused with damage to the fence, and not obeying "order of regional general" [that the area is temporarily a restricted military zone].... They were released on bail 18:00 but with no restrictions attached.


This week, the demonstration was longer than usual - in order to do as much as possible before the beginning of the Ramadan and the low energy which will result from the day hours fasting.

About 100 participated in the march towards the route of the separation fence, and observed there the 8 meter high concrete wall which is built to protect the electronic fence. The route of the fence was built as far as ("justice" high court allowed) possible from the near by colonialist settlement Hashmonaim to enable its expansion on more of Ni'ilin lands. The route is thus in inferior topographic position and enable the village youth to throw on it big stones from above and inflict on it serious damages.

Failing to deter the youth with other means, the state forces started the building of the high wall.

On the first wave, the village youth confronted with tear gas grenades, rubber coated steel bullets, the spray of skunk smelling water, and live ammunition shot in the air.

At the evening, after the Israelis returned to Tel Aviv, a good resting and the feast breaking meal came the second wave. In it, the youth succeeded to pass the gate to the route of the electronic fence. This time, the soldiers added to their shooting the high velocity tear gas canisters of the kind murdered Bassem in Bil'in and near fatal injured Tristan Anderson in Ni'ilin.

Ni'ilin Friday 21.8.2008 video at:

UM SALMUNA - Muasara

The regular Friday demonstration in Um-Salmuna - the Muasara region was the last for a while.

A message from the popular commity of Ma'asara was that the demonstrations will be postponed for the time being due to the holy month of Ramadan.

The struggle will continue once the month is over.

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