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Palestine-Israel, The joint struggle with the Palestinians in the west Bank and occupied Jerusalem,

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as well as with the refugees and guest workers in Tel Aviv

In occupied East Jerusalem - the Sheikh Jarakh neighborhood, in Bil'in during the week, in Tel Aviv in protecting the refugees and "illegal guest workers", and in the Friday demonstrations against the separation fence and occupation: Bil'in, Ni'ilin, Um Salmuna... and Azun.


A new wave of Friday demonstration may have started in the Azun region with participation of the villagers, internationals, AAtW initiative and activists from the near by town of Qualquilia.


In addition to staying nights to help in the confronting of the invading Israeli state forces we held this week too a Wednesday night demonstration along the separation fence, in protest of the continuous night harassments.

"The popular comity of Bil'in invited us again to the night demo on the 29.7. Lately the wave of night invasions into Bil'in and arrests increase. The aim of the occupation forces is obvious - suppression of the popular struggle using collective punishment and scaring the whole village. Wednesday midnight we will support by our participation the popular struggle against the fence, the colonial settlements, and the suppression."

"Bil’in Demonstrates Against the IDF’s Nightly Raids – At Night! – Again

On Wednesday night, July 29, one hundred villagers of Bil’in along with their International and Israeli supporters conducted a Protest March against the IDF’s nightly raids and detaining of Palestinian villagers.

The protest march began in the village of Bil’in, buoyed by peace songs, chants, and flashlight-lit containers with peace messages written on them in over a dozen languages. The enthusiastic marchers walked down to the Separation Fence - where a 15-minute rally was held.

The lights and chanting attracted several Israeli military vehicles who launched several night flares (inducing exuberant cheering and vigorous waving of the Palestinian flags carried by several members) as the landscape brightened. It was reported that one tear gas canister was fired in the vicinity of the demonstrators, but no one was injured, fortunately.....

For more information, please contact:

Abdullah Abu Rahama- the popular committee against the wall coordinator\ Bil’in

0547258210 e-mail –


"Bad smell" water is back at Bil'in demo 31.07.09
Today's weekly demonstration proceeded non-violently toward the Apartheid Wall. About 50 meters from the Wall everyone gathered and several people — Palestinians, Israeli activists, and an international activist -- addressed the Army condemning the military occupation and demanding peace. Then, the protesters proceeded toward the Wall, opening the barbed-wire inner gate a short distance from the Wall as a symbolic live ammunition was used today, and no further arrests were made.

After throwing tear gas into the crowd, about a dozen soldiers came through the door of the Wall. They arrested an international activist with his camera in hand, who had his face covered with a kaffiya and was standing closest to the Wall. The occupation forces then fired a smoke bomb followed by a first round of "bad smell' water which dispersed the demonstrators somewhat. Tear gas followed but demonstrators kept returning to the front lines chanting peace slogans.

In response, the Army came through the gate a second time and threw tear gas and sound bombs at the Press people who had remained in the front lines while filming. "Bad smell" water was fired again drenching everyone in its range. No rubber coated steel bullets or
live ammunition was used this Friday."

Friday 31.7.09 Bil'in video at

Latest news: Monday 06:30

Army invaded Bilin at 04:00
they arrested at least 8 people including Muhammad Khatib of the popular comity
As of now they still haven't left the village

Major night invasion in Bil'in 03.08.2009
At 3am, the occupation forces invaded the village of Bil'in. A total of some 200* soldiers with combat paint in their faces and masks entered the village on foot at several points of entry. 5 homes were raided and a total of 8 people were arrested, 7 Palestinians and one international activist from the United States.


The occupation forces threw sound bombs to disperse the villagers who were coming into the streets at day-break throwing rocks at the arriving Jeeps and the soldiers that were still partly disguised from the night. The Jeeps then parked at various locations with their engines running until the end of the operation at 6:45am.

* The Israeli state forces use the Bil'in village for testing experimental weapons and tactics to disperse demonstrations as well as for training special units. Th use of 200 soldiers for a ride on a village with less than two thousand inhabitants was just such training.


"This afternoon, there was a high police presence in Sheikh Jarrah. There were 2 Palestinians, 7 internationals, and 1 Israeli arrested. 4 of the internationals and the 1 Israeli were released with conditions. We are not certain about the others as of right now. The press release explaining the situation is below. If you can come to support the families in Sheikh Jarrah tonight, please call Sharon. Due to the high police presence in the area, the families are worried that evictions may happen tonight."

"For Immediate Release:

3:30pm, 26 July 2009: Israeli forces arrest 3 solidarity activists in Sheikh Jarrah.

Israeli police arrested 2 American nationals and 1 British national in
Sheikh Jarrah as they were trying to enter the Darwish Hijazi home
that settlers had occupied.

Police had also earlier arrested 3 international activists and 1
Israeli as they were trying to prevent settlers from occupying the
Darwish Hijazi home in Sheikh Jarrah.

Around 12 border policemen violently arrested the 3 internationals,
breaking one of their glasses. The internationals had tried to enter
the home from the backyard to prevent settlers from destroying the
Palestinian home.

All of the arrested were taken to the police station on Salah al-Din
street in occupied East Jerusalem.

At the moment, parts of the house are being demolished from the
outside by a digger truck. Around ten settlers are still inside of the
house and several police, border police and soldiers are present in
the area."

"... hey, looks like all of the 7 internationals and 1 Israeli that were arrested yesterday in Sheikh Jarrah will be released with a condition of not being in East Jerusalem for 3 weeks.

Since those activists cannot stay in Sheikh Jarrah, more people are needed to come to the homes under threat of eviction. the families feel that the high presence of police in the area might mean that evictions will happen soon.

If you can come and stay the night, please call Sharon

There will also be a demonstration outside of the demolished home in Sheikh Jarrah today at 4pm

Please call Eva if you are interested in going.

For Immediate Release:

2 August 2009: Israeli forces have evicted the Hanoun and al-Ghawe
families from their Sheikh Jarrah homes.

At around 5:30 in the morning, Israeli police arrived at the Hannoun
family home and broke into the house through the windows. They
forcefully removed Maher Hanoun, his wife Nadia and their 3 children.
The police violently separated the family from the international and
Israeli solidarity activists that were staying in the home. Police
then arrested the international and Israeli solidarity activists that
were staying with the family. Similarly, Israeli police came into the
al-Ghawe family home at 5:30am and removed the family and
internationals staying in the home.

Settlers arrived with a truck and began to move the al-Gwahe Hannoun
family possessions out of their home. Everyone outside of the house
was forced across the street, away from the house.

According to eyewitnesses, Israeli forces beat a Palestinian male who
was trying to intervene when police were yelling at an elderly
Palestinian woman. Additionally, media personnel were pushed around by
police when they were trying to get close to the evicted Sheikh Jarrah

Amongst those arrested are at least 7 international activists and 1
Israeli activist. They are scheduled to be brought to court in
Jerusalem at 11am.


In Ni'ilin, the deescalation of the confrontation during the demonstrations against the separation fence continues. Here too there was a wedding this week end and thus the Friday demonstration was shorter and calmer than usual. The demonstration consisted with a march in which participants chanted slogans derogating the occupation and the Roberto of lands. Afterwards there were some confrontation between border police gendarmes and soldiers who threw tear gas grenades and demonstrators who used means to defy the ban on demonstrations. No one was injured or arrested.

Ni'ilin 31-7-09 - link to video


Invitation was issued for AAtW activists to participate in a training session for prevention of arrests and expulsion of African refugees and work-immigrants... and afterwards to a happening in the anarchist vegan pub Rogatka, which was in the focus of the media and attacks for ban on entry of soldiers wearing uniform.

During the week there was lot of activity in response to increase harassment of the refugees and intended expulsion from Israel of children born here for illegal work immigrants.

The campaign during the week included hanging of posters against detentions and expulsion immigrant workers and refugees sicking asylum.

Wider circle of people joined the protests this week and the new measures were frozen.


"Thursday evening there will be a big celebration in the village. The wedding of a cousin of two members of the village popular comity incarcerated in jail. We received a warm invitation to the beginning of the wedding party Thursday and the continuation of it in the Friday demonstration."

"Some 100 Palestinians, 50 internationals and ten Israelis gathered this Friday in the village of Um Salmuna - the Ma'asara region, for a wedding march, which was combined with the weekly anti-wall demonstration in order to highlight the severe personal and social implications of the occupation, the oppression and the wall. Demonstrators accompanied a couple that got married just the night before and two other couples disguised as newlyweds all the way across the village, with marriage songs and protest slogans interchanging and completing each other. Coming close to the end of the built area of the village the couples left to prepare themselves for the next part of the wedding-protest.

The rest of the demonstration proceeded, and was met with soldiers and barbed wire, stopping the demonstration from reaching the village's agricultural lands. They then gave speeches in Arabic, English and Hebrew, at the end of which the newlyweds appeared right behind the soldiers' line – marching from the lands towards the village.

The soldiers, now trapped between the marriage procession and the couples, stormed and attacked the demonstrators, hitting them with rifles. Three Israeli activists were arrested, and one of them was beaten badly. All three were charged with assault of the Major who was commanding the soldiers, and with violation of a closed military zone. All three were later released, but are now banned to return to the area for two weeks. The activist who was beaten required medical attention and was taken to a hospital.

Meanwhile the demonstration concluded with no further arrests or wounded. However, the so-called "assaulted" Major pronounced that next week a curfew will be enforced in the village on Friday at 5AM, to prevent any more demonstrations. We will, of course, be there."

During the week, the state settled with the equivalent of 900,000 US dollars the demand for compensation of Limor Goldstein whose head was illegally shot at during a joint demonstration of AAtW and the village comity in Bil'in at the end of the Lebanon war.

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