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‘Ruptures’ – Spring 2009 special edition

category north america / mexico | anarchist movement | news report author Friday July 31, 2009 00:12author by Ruptures - Union communiste libertaire (UCL) Report this post to the editors

An interesting publication from Quebec

In May 2009 a new organisation in Canada’s Francophone Quebec, the Libertarian Communist Union (UCL), published a special edition of their ‘Ruptures’ journal on the internet. Here you can read an English translation of the (French in original) editorial:

UCL: a new organisation is born…
UCL: a new organisation is born…


As you may already know, more than a year now NEFAC’s organisational members in Quebec have embarked on a project to found a new libertarian comunist organisation, with great results so far: in November 2008 more than fifty comrades from seven different cities took part in the founding assembly of UCL: Union Communiste Libertaire (Libertarian Communist Union).

The organisation’s constitution with our principles and aims has already been adopted. In this and other founding documents our organisation’s anarchocomunist and platformist ideological roots are evident. UCL’s constitution also touches the—inseparable from politics—delicate subject of the importance of maintaining a libertarian ethic in one’s private life every single day.

In the assembly meeting a long discussion was concluded with important reflections raging from a critical evaluation of our common history to questions on the revolutionary praxis.

The comrades of UCL’s first general assembly took the decision to openly publish some of these documents containing our reflections and thoughts. We hope that these will enable a more insightful understanding on our positions and the nature of our approach.

We wish that you will read our ‘Ruptures’ special edition with enthusiasm, as it comes after two full years of of relative inactivity in the publications arena. We do work on a more disciplined publications programme, though.

In this issue you can read the following articles, if you have a command of French of course (no need to say that any translations are sought after with great delight!):

* Reflections on platformism:

* From a political club to a mass organisation:

* For a mass libertarian current

* Feminism and class struggle

* 2001–2008 history of Quebec-city NEFAC:

You can read this document in the following languages as well:

* French (original):
* Italian:
* Greek:

Related Link:
author by Toddpublication date Fri Jul 31, 2009 23:37Report this post to the editors

I really want to read the article on mass organization! By the way, the translation came out wonky, libertaire was translated as liberal when it should be libertarian. Communist liberals made me giggle. Thanks for translating though!

author by Adam W.publication date Thu Aug 06, 2009 06:43Report this post to the editors

As with Todd, I'm not a French reader, but would really be interested in reading the positions of our Quebec comrades on mass organizations and a number of other topics.

Also, could the editor step in and change "liberal" to the correct translation of "libertarian"? This might confuse newer readers.

author by Phebus - 1 of Anarkismo Editorial Grouppublication date Mon Aug 31, 2009 04:42author email nicolasphebus at yahoo dot comReport this post to the editors

The article on the history of NEFAC in Quebec city was translated for a canadian blog and posted on anarkismo:

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