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Wildcat Strike in Stockholm

category scandinavia / denmark / iceland | workplace struggles | news report author Wednesday June 17, 2009 06:02author by ronan Report this post to the editors

Workers in the warehouse for the Swedish state’s alcohol monopoly have started a wildcat strike in response to management attempts to replace the workforce with short term workers.

Management has been trying for a long time to replace the workers with casualised workers on short term contracts, but now they are using the recession as an excuse for laying off workers, while they continue to hire agency staff. The workers have received little help or interest from their trade union; after a demonstration outside the LO (mainstream trade union federation) headquarters they were promised a meeting with LO representatives, but this was never fulfilled. The workers have refused to return to work and have been joined in their strike by supporters from the local branch of the SAC and individuals from the extra-parliamentary left.

A blockade of the warehouse was successful between five yesterday morning until two in the afternoon when police helped the management to sneak scabs in the back door. Police have taken the unusually hostile step of classifying the action as a demonstration rather than a workplace conflict, which gives them increased powers to harass the strikers. This is a tactic that is often used against strikers from the syndicalist union SAC but is not typically used against workers from the LO (mainstream) trade unions. The strike continues tomorrow when there will be a national day of action. The strikers are expected to be supported by SAC members working in the stores of the state’s alcohol monopoly.

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Employees at the Zarfati Garage in Mishur Adumim vote to strike on July 22, 2014. (Photo courtesy of Ma’an workers union)

Scandinavia / Denmark / Iceland | Workplace struggles | News Report | en

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textTurkey: Solidarity march in Istanbul with Swedish workers 22:42 Fri 17 Nov by via A-Infos 0 comments

On Wednesday, 15th of November revolutionary anarchists marched in Istanbul to salute the Swedish strikers and to act in solidarity with the anarcho-syndicalist SAC union (Central Organisation of the Workers of Sweden).

textPolice Attack Malmo-Syndicalists 07:36 Sun 23 Jul by Syndicalist 2 comments

The police brutally dispersed a legal and peaceful blockade by the Malmo, Sweden, syndicalist Local Union of the SAC on Friday, July 21st.

textConnex Stockholm metro sack union chairman 07:04 Fri 04 Nov by Yiannis Konstantis 0 comments

Connex Employees plan for a new strike. November 18th has been declared a day of protest against the anti-union policy of Connex in general and against the sacking of Per Johansson in particular. We are appealing for your solidarity.

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textSolidarity with the SAC Nov 15 Anarkismo 0 comments

OAE stands in solidarity with our anarchosyndicalist comrades of the SAC.

textTurkey: 15th Nov, Solidarity with Swedish strikers! Nov 13 Anarşist Komünist İnisiyatif 0 comments

Anarchist Communist Initiative is calling all anarchist and libertarian communists to solidarity with the strike in Sweden and the anarcho-syndicalist union, SAC.

textSweden: Solidarity with the SAC - general strike 15th November Nov 13 Associação de Classe Interprofissional 0 comments

International statement signed by labour organizations from Spain, France, Greece, Poland and Portugal

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