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Elsewhere - Anarchist Communist Event
Friday October 07 2005
08:00 AM

Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference

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October 7-9, 2005

Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference in Houston, Texas USA Announcement

Following up a successful 2003 Anarchist People of Color conference in Detroit, Michigan, the next Anarchist People of Color conference is tentatively slated for October in Houston, Texas.

Since the 2003 event, there have been APOC regional gatherings new collectives and many projects, and we’re still going strong. Where are we as a unified movement? Come discuss Community Action, Theory, Internal Struggles, External Struggles, with the larger theme of “We are one, we are many, and we are a part of something bigger…”

Where: Houston, Texas
Dates: October 7-9, 2005
And stay to march against 500+ Years of Colonization on October 10th in Houston!

Houston is one of the Southwest's most diverse cities, with a majority Black and Latino population and robust Spanish-language media and resources. It also has a rich oppressed people's history, including the Camp Logan Rebellion (where Black soldiers clashed with police in 1917) and Moody Park Riot (the 1979 uprising in response to the murder of Jose Campos Torres).

As with the 2003 conference, the Houston event is only open to people of color. Those sympathetic to the conference are encouraged to offer political support, solidarity and deep and honest understanding while we hold this conference and build our movement. People of color who are already self-identified as Anarchist POC, members of Anarchist and anti-authoritarian organizations, young people interested in meeting APOC movement veterans, community activists interested in anti-authoritarian methods of organizing, and others in the communities of color who would like to know more about Anarchism and autonomous movements of color are encouraged to attend. People of color interested in what we have to say is welcome, whether they agree with us or not (although, obviously, wishing to disrupt the conference are not welcome).

Anarchism offers a dynamic ideology and methods of struggle against racism, poverty, police brutality, and other issues affecting peoples of color. We add ideals about building movements based on the masses of people rather than charismatic leaders, and building a new kind of radicalism recognizing that the political government is not our friend, nor is electoral activity a way to obtain our freedom. We will get our freedom and justice in the streets when we stand up and take back our communities from the white power structure. Finally, we present a new method of uniting all peoples of color against the common enemy, not just capitalism and the state, but white supremacy/European domination in all its forms.

Your conference fee will cover food, materials, and other expenses to put on the conference. If you do not have any money, but arrive at the door, no one will be turned away because they do not have resources to pay. We only ask that you honestly tell us your situation. At this point, there is a small amount for helping attendees defray costs, but it is limited; if you can donate to it, see below.

We expect to provide housing for attendees in Houston's communities of color. Housing will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Although organizers will do everything possible to provide housing for all attendees, pre-registration for the conference is necessary, and housing for those who don't pre-register is not promised.

This conference will provide childcare. You are also welcome to take your little one along with you to sessions.

Facilities will be equipped for those with different needs. If you have particular needs that go above and beyond things like wheelchairs and visual aids, please note it in your comments on the registration form.

For conference materials, downloadable flyers, or anything else, visit You can also visit the site to donate money. There is a list set up through the APOC site for us to organize on; to participate, just send your name, level of interest, commitment and what skills/committee you would like to contribute to, just write to

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hey y'all
I hope everyone is well and not as anxious as i am about NOLA (N-ew O-rleans, L-A.) The coordinators of the conference need some idea of the numbers involved...people planning to come.The proposed conference site isn't running but the conference is. There is information going out on the APOC listserve that isn't appearing on this site. Its a little complicated to find here. A few instructions: go to the community section on the left then click on the line that says : APOC Communications (5 Items). then click on APOC email lists and go from there

Or here is the link:

I noticed that when I click onto the forum on the left side of the screen a window comes up and says 'it can't be connected" or some such shit. But i've just been clicking the same tab again and getting in to post things on the second try.

There are a lot of people that hit this site everyday and I know a lot of y'all want to head to Houston but ya need to communicate this! We really need to hear from folks so please post here and on the list. We need you to respond!

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author by friend of APOCpublication date Fri Sep 16, 2005 10:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

APOC Conference Scheduled for October 7-9, 2005 Postponed till March 2006.

The Anarchist People of Color Conference scheduled for October 7-9, 2005 in Houston, Texas has been postponed due to a myriad of urgent circumstances and the need for local organizers to turn their attention to community efforts in this demanding time in our region. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the addition of over 100, 000 new and temporary residents from the Gulf coast, Houston is short on help from the radical community.

We need to focus priorities on helping grassroots efforts for hurricane survivors who have been intentionally left behind and set-up by an arrogant capitalist state. It is easy to say that we should continue with the conference as scheduled, but our reality is the reality of most radical communities in this country. We are in the process of building strength as the world around us falls apart.

Houston is the epicenter of many struggles right now and it needs its own community members to figure out what is needed here before we move forward with a national conference within a month. There are many community efforts going on in Houston and not enough being done by the larger radical community in terms of support. We need educators, food, supplies and especially money for community organizations that are supporting Katrina evacuees. A clearinghouse is in the works of community centers, churches and shelters that are housing people.

Additionally, Houston is preparing itself for the coming of the racist border vigilante group, the Minutemen. Various community organizers have been readying themselves for direct actions, community patrols, and poster campaigns. Not to mention the impending state lynching of Frances Newton this Wednesday September 14th. While our hearts are heavy and the mind overburdened-we must ready the fight. Houston’s gonna pop. With all of this going on in our community, we realize that having additional people is not conducive to the needs that we have of building our foundations and preparing ourselves adequately for what’s to come. We need some extra time, we need to prioritize and focus. With the date postponed, this conference can only be bigger and stronger than our last.

Concessions for the APOC 2005 conference have been put into place. Space is confirmed, we have the fundraising in motion, we have the schedules, we have the vision and ultimately we have the will and the strength to put it together. We are simply asking for solidarity and support in our decision to move it back to March. As we move forward, we ask for more input and debate, for more voices to be involved in the planning of the event. We have a great need for discussions to happen at our event. What is our direction? We have a need to figure out how to build solid networks, foundations and goals; engage in a critical analysis, create strategies and define common visions, goals. In the coming weeks, we will be setting up a conference specific website with discussion forums, room for debate, and more information about what is going on in the Belly of the Beast.

New and established community organizations are creating mechanisms for support where people can plug in. Right now, give your support in various ways. If you had in your plans to come to Houston already, come. There will be ways to plug in and be a resource. Let us talk about the format of the conference and how we can use the coming months to have a solid foundation.

There is also work at home, now. Build parallel institutions that foster self-determination, self-definition, unity, courage and hope. People in our communities know what is going on, now more than ever. How do we serve their needs and unite them across cultural and economic lines to take this system down by creating the alternative? Get together with other people of color in your cities, communities and regions. Build for March. If you can come help before, let us know and we will set you up. We look forward to seeing you in March!

In Struggle, from the Heart of the Beast, Karla Aguilar and Heather Ajani-Villalobos .

You can make cash donations or send supplies from the list below to the following address and they will be distributed directly to people of color grassroots community centers in Houston:

APOC-Houston PO Box 667110 Houston, TX 77266-7110

Items you can donate: Cash, Non-perishable food items, Personal Hygiene, Diapers, Blankets; Women and Men’s clothing (all sizes), Large/X-Large Women’s Underclothes (bras and underwear), Gas cards, phone cards, grocery cards (Randall’s, HEB, Kroger, etc.)

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To be part of the dialogue about the upcoming planning of the conference in March and other APOC discussions, subscribe to the APOC listserve by sending an e-mail to

About the APOC Discussion List:

The Anarchist People of Color list is a discussion group by and for people of color interested in developing new tendencies and presence in the anarchist and anti-authoritarian movement among people of color. Organizing and personal experiences, methods being used to build those new ideas, how we relate our ideas to our communities, how to reach out creatively to people, how anarchism and various beliefs relate to our public and private lives and more are up for discussion. This is intended as a place for anarchist and anti-authoritarian people of color, who might often feel isolated and without support, to come and speak their minds and hearts. Our sisters are especially encouraged to dialogue. A lot of net discussion tends to exclude women, and we'll do our best to be open. Also, we ask you to just be respectful of one another; we might not always agree on tactics or approaches, but for every difference, there's a basis of unity.

Please note the discussion herein is "by and for" people of color. While support is welcome, we ask white people to please respect the request for autonomy of having a people of color-oriented space for discussion and support. It should also be noted that it is important that supportive people create spaces/lists where white activists who are genuinely concerned about supporting the growth of tendencies of people of color can go, talk about confronting these issues to their peers, deconstruct internalized racism, etc. Gracias.

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Site Volunteers List

The illegalvoices site has been one of the major resources for information about Anarchist People of Color efforts and ideas. Thousands come by the site each month for the daily updates, articles, links and forum. The site is handled by less than half a dozen people, and, though good, more folks can only make it better.

A new Site Volunteers email list has been created to allow those of you interested in helping with the website. All technical levels welcome. We need everything from people to find new articles and links to tech work to promotional things and more. If you are interested in participating in the site and helping to make it better, become a volunteer!

To become a volunteer for the site, please visit:

New members should post a brief intro, with ideas and how you can participate. People of color only, please.

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