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Anarchists Against The Wall, North American speaking tour

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Support the Israeli resistance movement!

Schachaf Polakow, a member of Anarchists Against the Wall, will be touring the U.S. and Canada from February 1st to March 9th. His presentation will include film and photos, and will focus both on AATW's recent work in solidarity with Gaza and our ongoing work in the West Bank.

Anarchists Against The Wall - North American speaking tour

Anarchists Against the Wall is a direct action group that fights against Israeli apartheid and oppression in all its forms, most recently also the atrocities in Gaza. For five years the group has waged a constant struggle against Israel's Wall. The work on the ground in the West Bank, alongside the Palestinian popular movement is breaking new ground in the joint struggle for Palestinian liberation. In December 2008, Anarchists Against the Wall and the Bil'in Village Committee were jointly awarded the prestigious Carl von Ossietzky Medal---an award given annually by the Berlin-based International League of Human Rights, named after German Nobel Peace Prize winner Carl von Ossietzky who died in a Nazi concentration camp.

Now more than ever, it is critical to support the Israeli resistance movement against the state's attempted repression of our work. Members of Anarchists Against the Wall continually pay the price for our activism, including being shot, beaten, arrested and indicted. We desperately need funding for legal support for both Palestinian and Israeli activists who are arrested and charged in the course of the struggle.

Schachaf Polakow, a member of Anarchists Against the Wall, will be touring the U.S. and Canada from February 1st to March 9th. His presentation will include film and photos, and will focus both on AATW's recent work in solidarity with Gaza and our ongoing work in the West Bank. Please see the tour schedule below, and help us get the word out. A highlight of the tour is bound to be a special evening with Noam Chomsky at Harvard Square, February 17th.

For more information questions about the tour, please email aatwtour ( from )

Tour dates

Feb 1st-8th
Regional coordinator: Rebecca rvilkomerson ( from )

Feb 1st - Los Angeles
An event sponsored by LA Jews for Peace and American Friends Service Committee
Levantine Cultural Center Studio
5998 W. Pico Blvd., LA (street parking available)
Time TBA
Contact: PatnJeff ( from )

Feb 4th - Davis
An event sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine
On the Quad of the UC campus
At noon.
Contact: dlmandel ( from ), jessicadgray ( from ), iahararah ( from )

Feb 4th - Sacramento
An event sponsored by Sacramento Peace Action and Sacramento Jewish Voice for Peace
will be held at the Peace Action Conference Room, 909 12th St.
7 PM
Contact: dlmandel ( from ), jessicadgray ( from ), iahararah ( from )

Feb 5th - Berkeley
An event sponsored by JVP Bay Area
Unitarian Hall, 1924 Cedar St.
JVP Bay Area
7:30-9:30 PM
Contact: bayarea ( from )

Feb 6th - UC Berkeley
An event sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine, Berkeley
Berkeley campus:
Time TBA
Contact: Yaman Salahi, ysalahi ( from )

Feb 7th - Marin
An event sponsored by 14 Friends of Palestine, and Keep Hope Alive
First Presbyterian Church of San Anselmo
72 Kensington Road, Anselmo
4 PM
Contact: 14friendsofpalestine ( from )

Feb 8th - South Bay 7-9 PM
An event sponsored by South Bay JVP, Pilgrims of Ibillin, San Jose Peace and Justice Center, South Bay Mobilization
Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church, Fellowship Hall
W. Fremont Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94087 (Exit Fremont Ave off of Hwy 85. Between Mary and Hollenbeck)
Time TBA
Contact: southbay ( from )

Feb 1st-8th
Seattle region
Regional coordinator: Judith Kolokoff jkolokoff ( from )

Feb 11th - Seattle
Details TBA

Feb 12th - Portland OR
Details TBA

Feb 13/14 - Vancouver/Bellingham
Details TBA

Feb 15th-20th
Boston and New England region
Regional coordinators: noam - Noambahat ( from ), and matan kohen - matankohen2 ( from )

Feb 15th - Boston
Details TBA

Feb 17th - Boston Feb 17
An event featuring Noam Chomsky
Unitarian Church,Church St. Harvard Square
7 PM
Contact: JeanEntinejeanentine ( from )

More Boston events TBA

Feb 21st - Montreal
Details TBA
Contact: Aaron Lakoff - info ( from )

Feb 22nd - Montreal
D.I.R.A Anarchist Library, 2035 St-Laurent (3rd floor).
1 PM
Contact: info ( from )

Feb 22nd - Ottawa
Details TBA
Contact: abla abdelhadi: abla_a76 ( from )

Feb 23rd - Kingston Ontario
AKA Autonomous Social Centre
75 Queen Street, Kingston, Ontario
Time TBA
Contact: Avi grandfunk.cfrc ( from )

Feb 24th - Toronto
Details TBA
Contact: Sue Goldstein nyinmind ( from )

Feb 25th - London Ontario
empowerment infoshop
636 Queens Ave. London
Time TBA
Contact: Darius Mirshahi, info ( from )

Feb 26th - Detroit
Barbara Harvey Jewish Voice for Peace Detroit and American Jews for Just Peace, Detroit
Details TBA

Feb 27th - Oberlin Oh
Details TBA
Contact: sam.cassanos ( from )

Feb 28th - Pittsburgh
Hosted by University of Pittsburgh Students for Justice in Palestine Endorsed by Pitt Muslim Student Association and Pittsburgh Palestine Solidarity Committee
University of Pittsburgh
David Lawrence Hall Room 121
Contact: Jonas - joeskillet ( from )

March 1st - Philadelphia
Details TBA

March 2nd - Washington, DC
Details TBA

March 3rd-5th - NYC and Hudson Valley
Details TBA
Contact: Patrick Conners, ConnersPatrick1 ( from )

March 5th - Ithaca College
Details TBA

March 6th - Cornell University
Details TBA

March 7th - Syracuse
Details TBA

March 8th - Rochester
An event sponsored by SDS
Details TBA

March 9th - Binghamton NY
An event sponsored by Binghamton Education Workers Union (I.W.W.) and Binghamton Political Initiative
Binghamton University
Time TBA
Contact Joe Golowka jgolowk1 ( from )

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