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Greece: Something is happening in Egaleo

category greece / turkey / cyprus | anarchist movement | opinion / analysis author mercoledì dicembre 17, 2008 22:30author by epoliticusauthor email epoliticus at gmail dot com Segnalare questo messaggio alla redazione

The following entry was published on the blog of the Initiative of the Anarchists of Egaleo [1] on Tuesday (16 December 2008).

Democracy Murders ...

... a 15 year-old on Saturday December 6th in the center of Athens because some asshole pulled the trigger

... two words, like UNREST and ORGY, when the media transmits its truth by converting the enraged thousands into fifty hooded ones, the fascists into concerned citizens, etc. [2]

... the three "bodyguards" of our humanity: solidarity-dignity-resistance when arm-chair leftists speak of foreign businesses and secret service agents [3]

... Dozens of workers on the docks, in the factories, at construction sites, and all the employments of wage slavery

... Hundreds of workers at the borders, on the oceans, the basements of the shops, while prisoners suffer in the cages of democracy

... Thousands of different possible lives that could be realized without loans, anxiety, depression, continuous running around, social imperatives

... Millions of dreams from those of all ages for a world without victimization and exploitation


Heaps of rubbish burned at the barricades of the students.

Thousands of rocks were launched.

Hundreds of students blockaded the central streets and so far refuse to return to a bland reality.

Dozens of slogans disrupted the deathly calm in our neighborhoods.

Two out of the FIVE police stations were attacks by "the known unknown hooded" students.

ONE message is spreading everywhere:



Translator's notes:
[1] Egaleo is a working class area to the west of Athens.
[2] Several Greek stations are mentioned in the original text. Since they are probably unfamiliar to English-speakers, I have edited this line and refer only to "the media".
[3] The comrades are mocking the view of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE).

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