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Nestor Makhno Archive - update

category international | history of anarchism | news report author Friday October 31, 2008 22:12author by Nestor McNab - The Nestor Makhno Archiveauthor email makhno_archive at yahoo dot com Report this post to the editors

The Nestor Makhno Archive has been updated, with the addition of a large number of new documents in Arabic, Italian, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Greek, Macedonian, Indonesian and Polish.


Nestor Makhno Archive - update

The Nestor Makhno Archive has been updated, with the addition of a large number of new documents in Arabic, Italian, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Greek, Macedonian, Indonesian and Polish.

One major new addition is Makhno's second reply to Errico Malatesta, which we now publish in five languages!

Other important additions are the first translations of the Organizational Platform into Arabic, Macedonian and Indonesian. We are also including a large number of Polish and Greek translations of Makhno's articles.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to include all the documents in our possession into this update. They will be included next time round, so apologies to anyone if material they sent in is absent. As usual, all contributions of documents for inclusion, suggestions etc. are gratefully received.

In solidarity,
Nestor McNab



  • Organizational Platform of the General Union of Anarchists, Group of Russian Anarchists Abroad


  • Una seconda lettera a Malatesta, Nestor Makhno


  • Une deuxième lettre à Malatesta, Nestor Makhno


  • A Second Letter To Malatesta, Nestor Makhno
  • An Unsolved Mystery - the "Diary of Makhno's Wife", V. N. Litvinov
  • Atamansha, The life of Marusya Nikiforova, Malcolm Archibald


  • Una Segunda Carta a Malatesta, Néstor Makhnó
  • Carta a las anarquistas españoles, Néstor Makhnó
  • El Primero de Mayo: Símbolo de una nueva era en la vida y la lucha de los trabajadores, Néstor Makhnó
  • Sobre la responsabilidad colectiva, Errico Malatesta
  • Contexto de la "Plataforma", Frank Mintz


  • O velho e o novo no anarquismo, Piotr Arshinov


  • Sympliroma stin Organotiki Platforma (Erotiseis kai Apantiseis), Omada Delo Truda
  • To provlima tis organosis kai i ennoia tis synthesis, Omada Delo Truda
  • Apantisi stous sygkhusmenous tou anarkhismou, Omada Delo Truda
  • Deuteri epistoli pros ton Malatesta), Nestor Makhno
  • Gia tin epanastatiki peitharkhia, Nestor Makhno
  • To palio kai to neo ston anarkhismo, Piotr Arshinov
  • I Platforma den einai pleon mono gia tous platformistes, Jeff Shantz kai P.J. Lilley


  • Organizatsiona Platforma na Generalniot Sojuz na Anarkhisti, Delo Truda Grupa

Bahasi Indonesia:

  • Platform Organisasional Perserikatan Umum Anarkis, Kelompok "Delo Truda"


  • Nasza organizacja, Nestor Machno
  • Idea równosci a bolszewicy, Nestor Machno
  • Pamieci powstania w Kronsztadzie, Nestor Machno
  • Historia Rewolucji Hiszpanskiej [1931 r.], Nestor Machno
  • 1 Maja - symbol nowej epoki w zyciu i walce pracujacych, Nestor Machno
  • Machnowszczyzna a antysemityzm, Nestor Machno
  • Kilka slów na temat kwestii narodowej na Ukrainie, Nestor Machno
  • Wladza radziecka - jej terazniejszosc i jej przyszlosc, Nestor Machno

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