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Succesful pickets in Dublin against Statoil in solidarity with Rossport 5

category ireland / britain | environment | news report author Saturday July 23, 2005 18:24author by Andrew - WSM Report this post to the editors

On Friday WSM members in Dublin and Cork took part in blockades of Statoil garages and the Shell deport in solidarity with the Rossport 5 - jailed for opposing a dangerous gas pipeline. Here are reports from WSM members at the various garages.

Good turnout for Cabra Statoil picket
by Joe - WSM '1st of May' (pers cap)

Just over 25 people turned out for the blockade of Statoil on the New Cabra Road this evening. Very few cars entered the station but a police car and van were sent down to keep an eye on his.

Local people from Stoneybatter and Cabra took part in the picket - they included members of at least four different political organisations. Very few cars tried to enter the station and of those that did around a third turned around after we talked to the drivers.

There was lots of support from passing motorists including a bus driver who was actually from Rossport. Although 6 Gardai turned up they mostly kept their distance.

Statoil picket Clondalkin
by Emma-WSM

About 11 or 12 people turned out for the statoil picket in Clondalkin this evening- some from Sinn Fein a couple of swp from Ballyfermot and also labour party and their counsellor for the area Robert Dowds and others there in an individual capacity.

Some motorists crossed the picket, we talked to others coming into the station and they showed support by turning back and not entering we had alot of beeps by passing cars and one taxi driver said the place was dead compared to what it is usually like in the evening so something must have been done right! The guards showed up when we were preparing to leave so no hassle from them anyway.

Statoil in Ballsbridge

Up to 20 people picketed from 5pm to 7.30pm. Huge support from passing cars and pedestrians. During the two-and-a-half hour picket, only two cars ignored us and used the pumps. For some reason, every number 7 bus that passed honked, not the other buses.


Mobile phone report - around 9 people took part, few cars crossed.

Loads of more reports on

Background on Shell and Rossport

Station before picket (all pictures Cabra)
Station before picket (all pictures Cabra)

10 mins after we started
10 mins after we started

Gardai van leaves
Gardai van leaves

Some of the picket
Some of the picket

author by .publication date Mon Jul 25, 2005 20:29Report this post to the editors

At half five there was about eight people at the Statoil Station on Northumberland road, with this swelling to fifteen by six o'clock. The blocakde was made up mostly of libertarian grassroots types with a few Shinners thrown in for good measure at the start, with loads more showing up. No real hassle here apart from one fourteen year old kid who looked like he wanted to be heir to the Freedom Institutes guff and embarked on a half hour debate with one of the protesters, accusing us of trying to drive some poor unfortunate manager out of business.

Over at Clonskeagh there was a different story. Cops had arrived early in the blockade, which was a little short on numbers. This being the first protest in the area since the late seventies, a few of the residents seemed a little taken a back that anyone would dare challenge their whole mode of life by asking them to boycott their local Shell (Spar is cheaper by the way...).

There was one or two minor altercations with cars getting caught up in banners, and then came the police. As usual they rolled out the rehearshed lines about freedom to 'protest our beliefs' and other such shite that they'd learnt in crusty scenario class in Templemore before snapping one persons camera off them and demanding they delete photos of the Gardai in question carrying out their duties. At first they tried to pocket it, warning the protester that 'we can discuss this down the station.' Realising eventually that this was illegal they demanded the photos were deleted, all the while exclaiming with horror that protesters always filmed them and the cops never filmed protesters. Then there was the repeated warnings about blocking the Station, with no legislation being qouted but threats of arrest flying around left and centre, with female bogger cop one explaining how she agreed with our beliefs but we couldn't destroy another human beings right to freedom of choice in petrol. "Dont ya agree? Da ya hear me? Dont ya agree?" Oh fuck off - Reasoning with cops is like trying to put 1 euro coins in a 50 c vending machine, an utter waste of time


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